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Petition to Eric Runez

DASD Winter Recess Weather Requirements

To the board of education and superintendent of the DeForest Area School District, we are bringing this petition to you to try and solve a concern that I feel is aligned with myself and others within the school district. Recently I have spoken with several parents and staff members here in the district and we have shared similar emotions on the current weather guidelines for outdoor recess and activities during the winter season. I reached out to Jan Berg to see if there were set guidelines for recess across the district, however it sounds like the decision has been left at the buildings themselves. There doesn't seem to be a set regulation at the top level (I did attempt to find such information on both the student handbook and the DASD website for winter guidelines). The only guidelines I found pertain to school closings and/or delays. For Eagle Point Elementary, currently the rule is based on "feel like" temperature being zero degrees or above. There is also a rule in place which the children are not allowed to re-enter the building once they are outside if they have forgotten their coat, gloves, and/or hat. We do understand that this was put forth to instill children not to forget their clothing items the next recess (and avoid students from roaming the halls), we feel that these two regulations contradict with one another in the best interest to provide physical and mental support for our children as a whole across the entire district. During recess, we've seen numerous students crying because of the cold climates. Some students with certain health concerns have also expressed a lack of comfort. Not that I am seeking pity, my son and I have exercise induced asthma which most days is not a concern, however extreme temperatures can cause undesirable results. We also understand that such a change in the district would mean possible restructuring of the schedule (Dec-Feb), but feel if gym activities did not overlap with recess/lunch hours that it would be possible to find a solution so that children can exhaust indoors on very cold days, be it in common/family areas of the buildings and/or gyms (wherever possible). With respect and sincerity to a district which I have loved to work with and continue to enjoy every minute of activities with the children, we would like to bring forth the following petition to find a solution to this concern for all buildings of the district. Upon speaking with others, it was discussed that a "feel like" temperature of ten degrees and above would be more in line with reasonable winter weather for outdoor play and activities (a rule which I utilize for my children at home for outdoor play). This change would allow for compensation due to unexpected differences of the wind chill factor while outdoors as well. I would like to thank each and every one of you who signs this petition, as well as the counsel and/or board for considering the thoughts we have been expressed in this petition. Best wishes on behalf of all and myself, Jennifer Vergara 

Jennifer Vergara
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Mandatory Recess Law for NJ

NJ students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are not being provided appropriate recess. We would like to see more outdoor recess, and on days when it is not feasible to go outside, we would like accommodations for indoor recess instead of just watching a movie. If a school can provide for the mandatory physical education classes, then it can certainly provide for a 20 minute recess, even when indoors. As it stands now, our children are being forced to sit on a gym floor, in a cafeteria, in classrooms, etc., on days when it is not feasible to go outside for recess, and watch movies or be quiet. They are not allowed to socialize with their peers or move around. By the end of the day, these same students are wound-up, found to be "disruptive", and acting out. We are told by the CDC and AAP that we should be limiting screen time for our children, yet they are being forced to watch non-educational movies instead of being allowed to play. The CDC and AAP also say that recess should be used to complement physical education, that physical education classes should not replace recess and that children should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Children are losing the ability to socialize and make friends, and yet we are shocked that bullying and isolation are rising. We would like to see things change for our children in NJ, and ensuring that each child gets recess is a good first step. We are pleased that the Senate has re-introduced the mandatory recess bill, #S847, but we would like to see it amended to 1) define recess to ensure that school districts do not try to use the bill to say that watching a movie is recess, and 2) mandate recess for grades 6-8 as well. We hope that this bill will pass in the Assembly and the Senate and that Governor Phil Murphy will sign it into law, as every child in the state has the right to recess; it should not be viewed as a privilege.

Jacqueline Gorges
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Petition to Steven Loe

We Need AP Physics 2

Physics 2 is an important class for the future of many students who have an interest in an engineering career. The class allows the students to be better prepared for their career of choice and save money as they would avoid having to pay thousands for the class in college. We have at least 12 students interested in this class as well as a teacher who is perfectly qualified to teach it. The minimum required students of the class was set at 20, which is extremely large requirement for an elective AP class, such classes as AP computer science have a mere 3 students. This unbalanced requirement for students seems heavily unfavorable for students planning on engineering careers, effectively crippling their chances at a career they enjoy. The proposed solution to this dilemma is the specialized engineering programs offer at the C.A.A., the main issue with this proposal is the extreme demand that courses at the C.A.A. have on a students' schedule, requiring 2-3 blocks just for a single class, this is unfeasible for many students who either have a schedule that is too full to give up 2 extra blocks, or are taking classes that are only offered certain hours such as "Choir" and and "Calc BC". This lack of access prevents the C.A.A. from being an effective solution to this issue. For these reasons it is imperative that AP Physics 2 be available to the students of Shawnee Mission West to ensure a helpful and beneficial learning environment.

SMWest Student Union for the Betterment of Engineering Programs
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