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FINAL EXAMS FOR GRADES K-12: Students with straight A’s OR a 3.4GPA or higher should be exempt from final exams. They only should take finals if they choose to do so. Students can choose to include their final exam into their grade, or have the final in a separate column of the report cards, or not take the final at all. At the end of the year, most schools have final exams. In which the student is expected to study and memorize eveything from all of their 7 classes from the past year. THIS IS NOT EASY!   For students who do not meet the requirements: Final exams should be in its own separate column on their report cards. Unless their exam grade benefits them, then it will get averaged into their grade if they choose to do so. Final exams should ONLY be used to track how much information the student has retained from the past year.  

Dior Whitfield
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Bring Back Perk Valley's Homeroom

As of June 11th, 2018, PVHS has decided to get rid of morning homeroom and possibly replace it with a "homeroom" later in the day.  To our knowledge, the rationale of this decision was along the lines of: AM Senior Privilege and dual enrollment students do not get to participate in homeroom or see morning announcements.  Some students skip homeroom and even part of the first period, thus making the morning attendance rate low. Moving "homeroom" to the middle of the day would hypothetically increase attendance. There are a few issues that have arisen from this: We were not included in the decision. An email regarding homeroom (with a survey) was sent out on June 8th. As of today, June 11th, the survey is closed. The entire student body was given less than three (weekend) days to fill out the survey. No emails were sent to parents. No teachers informed their students. Nothing was on the announcements about it. Therefore, no one checked their school email. We would have liked to have approached this in a more democratic manner.  The new plan provides no solvency. It is completely possible that kids will miss much of the first period instead of just missing homeroom-- the board provides no guarantee that their plan will work. This could only make the attendance issue worse.  How much of the student body actually entirely skips homeroom on a regular basis? If it isn't the majority of students, it is unfair that we are then forced to carry the weight of their irresponsibility. The same goes for AM privilege and AM tech students. Perhaps, instead of getting rid of morning homeroom, the 6 flatscreen TVs outside the cafeteria could be put to use and broadcast announcements for students coming in.  Homeroom has value to most PV students. Morning homeroom is important to many-- it provides a time to meet teachers about tests, homework, missing assignments or the like, they can print materials needed for later classes, and get organized. Because homeroom serves as a "home base" for the entire school day, uprooting it will undoubtedly have negative effects.  PV STUDENTS: please sign this petition to make your voice heard! PV ADMINISTRATION: Judging from the general discontent, we hope you can take the time to reevaluate your decision. Thank you for taking the time to consider the opinions of your student body.

Taja Mazaj
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