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Petition to Mr Khan

Let Mrs Sabouni Stay!

Mrs Rhonda Sabouni is the teacher who has changed Al-Faisal-College of Campbelltown the most. The school had no proper sporting equipment or activities but she, an experienced health teacher, has allowed the students to engage in sports not only because of the curriculum but by inspiring the students for the future and teaching them life lessons. She sacrificed her own time and money so that she could build a better future for the students. She’s also a woman of great moral and ethics and she shares her wisdom with everyone. On Friday, 6th December 2019, she had been fired from the school with no explanation or proper justification. She was informed suddenly with no direct contact or face-to-face meeting which left no time for a proper goodbye with the students. This injustice has upset the entire student body of Al-Faisal-College Campbelltown. She always gives advice to students like they’re her own and she always remains positive and energetic despite the amount of workload she endures. Many primary students looked forward to entering high school because they hear about how great she is. Mrs Sabouni has taught the students that even though they are a small school they should always be connected like a family. So we, students of Al-Faisal-College have made this petition to ask the board to reconsider their decision. We would like to make it clear that this is not an attack but simply an approach to the Head Of Colleges and the respected directors of Al-Faisal-College to review their decision because we truly believe Mrs Sabouni can make a positive change to the school as she has many bright and innovative ideas yet to bring into the school. We all just want what is best for the school. We need your help to achieve this and get this noticed. Please help us solve this problem. Sign the petition now! #SaveSabouni Also please leave a respectful comment (anonymously preferred) on why you support this cause.

8 Girls AFC Campbelltown
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Petition to Mark McGowan MP, Sue Ellery MP, WA Government

Stop the WA Government from banning mobile phones in schools

What is the ban? The WA Government has recently announced a complete ban on personal electronic devices in public schools. This includes mobile phones, smart watches, earbuds and tablets.  The ban promises to punish those who decide to break the rule, saying that all devices must be “off and away” on school grounds. More information about the ban is available on the WA Government Media Statement website.  Why does it matter? The government has backed up the ban, saying that it will help thwart the threat of cyber bullying, while increasing student engagement and grades.  Banning personal devices, particularly mobile phones, should not be the solution to stopping cyber bullying and increasing student engagement. What is? Education.  Unsurprisingly, education is the answer. We live in a world that thrives through technology, and outright removing it from schools should not be an option. Students going through school now are going to have a job that has the constant distraction that technology can provide, and they are going to have to learn to manage this. Banning technology outright is setting an unrealistic example. In the 21st century, technology is, and always will be, all around us, and students need to learn to manage their use of it, something that could be provided by schools and educational institutions.  While it is true that a small minority of students choose to ruin it for everyone else by abusing the right to use their phone during school time, these people are just a minority. The majority of people, myself included, who use a phone during school use it productively - I use mine to access my calendar, to-do list and school email, things I won’t be able to do next year if the ban is implemented.  While, the ban might reduce cyber bullying and increase engagement, at what cost? Students of the future, and current students, are going to live in world where technology is all around them, and they need to know how to use it properly to their advantage. Taking it out of the place where they do the majority of their learning is not the solution.  How can I take further action?  While signing this petition is a great start, more needs to be done to reverse the ban. If you can, please get in touch with your local member of parliament. Attach a copy of this petition to show that you have other people supporting you.  On top of this, please share this petition on all your social media channels and encourage your friends to sign it. Thank you! 

Jeffery H
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