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Petition to Prince William County Public Schools

Fix The Sexist Dress Code Of Prince William County

There are so many restrictions against clothing in the school systems, not only that, but for women we can’t wear a lot of things. The dress codes are also more en-forced for people with different body types. My shoulders are distracting give me a break. My chest isn’t out on purpose, it’s just my body. I’m not showing too much leg, my legs are just longer/shorter than others. My stomach isn’t showing to much, no one cares. The fact that They’re are so many things women are degraded about by our own TEACHERS Is insane. Just because you wouldn’t wear this when you were my age doesn’t mean I can’t. Times are changing and so should the dress code. But one thing about the Men dress code that makes me mad is the fact that they can’t wear headbands? Men can have longer hair too what if they want it pushed back? Men could like wearing headbands, so why can’t they? I would like to point out that men aren’t supposed to wear tank tops either but the teachers just don’t care. Not only have I seen multiple men walk around school and campus with a tank top on, I’ve seen them wearing the ones that go very low on the sides. So for a women to wear a tank top or even a SHIRT and show a small amount of their chest they’re shamed by ADULTS. As a girl with a bigger chest it is very hard to find clothes that are “in style” that don’t show at least a small amount of chest. If a girl wears a tank top and shorts on a hot day she’s told that it’s “too revealing” but we seen guys walk around in see through jerseys all the time. Why is it so hard for a teacher to understand that OUR bodies don’t affect them. I’ve been told that male teachers don’t like dress coded because the female would say “It was weird for you to look there in the first place.” BECAUSE THEY ARE RIGHT! If you don’t want me to act out against the dress code then change it, because i’m not changing the way I feel comfortable for you. Also can we talk about how I’ve also had males sign this petition, they boys aren’t distracted, so stop using that excuse.

Ayla anne06
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Petition to females, dress code, Sexist , OCPS

Sexist School Dress Codes

Schools in OCPS county Florida have made many sexist dress codes, the schools dress code targets females. Many schools claim it's to keep the girls safe but it's not, if they need to keep females safe then they would talk to the males and tell them to not look at the females instead of telling the girls to cover up. As a female who's been dress coded for wearing leggings I can say that this is not fair and shouldn't continue. Many of my friends have been dress coded for wearing normal things like ripped jeans bellow the knees, tight shirts, and even things like a shirt that says "she/her", boys however wear pants exposing there undergarments even though it says in the dress code that revealing undergarments are not allowed, but if a female has their undergarments showing they will first be shamed then get dress coded. Boys I know some of you guys have been dress coded too so please vote her to make both males and females have the same rights. Boys who have not been dress coded, I know you see how unfairly females are getting treated with dress code so vote here to fix the dress code rules for OCPS. Fellow females please you know how it feels and I need to help fix this even a vote is better than nothing. Take action now and help prevent OCPS dress code from being sexist and let's gain our rights back! Share this as much as you can and let's get our rights back today!

Stop Schools Sexist Dress Code
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Petition to Students , Teachers, People of Palm Beach County, Parents, family, anyone

Change Palm Beach County's School dress code

I am starting a petition to change the sexist school dress code in palm beach county. I am hoping that the great people of Florida will help me by signing it the link is below The last update made to our dress code was in 2013. The obviously outdated dresscode, with offenses like "sexually suggestive" clothing includes midriff (stomachs), muscle tops (tank tops), low cut tops, etc. Especially in Florida, where weather is especially hot, we should not have to cover up just because the school says so.We demand midriff, muscle tops, backless tops, and low cut tops to be allowed. Stop sexualizing the students for what they wear. I am Lauren Belt I recently had scoliosis surgery in May. I can't wear t shirts due to the complications I had while recovering, making my scar very hypersensitive, also due to the same reason I can't open doors without help. Recently I was at school and I went up to a teacher and asked if she could open the door for me and I got yelled at because my shirt was out of dress code, even though I had told her many times I had the doctors note in my bag. Then it went to the rips in my jeans, I guess according to the school they were ripped up to high. So I had to wait in the office for an hour so my mom could bring me different jeans and talk to the vice principal. I missed my first hour class (which is one of my favorites) because of the rips in my jeans. Now does that seem fair to you?  This generation of dress codes incriminates progressing clothing items like, sleeveless and backless shirts, different necklines, shorts, and fit types.  We have the right to wear these types of clothing and I have started this petition to do just that.

Lauren belt
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