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Petition to Latta Public School District

A fair & equal enforcement of the dress code at Latta

Students are missing classes and losing out on valuable learning time during school because the school teachers, faculty, and principals cannot agree on how the dress code is interpreted. The school handbook clearly states shorts must have a 6” inch inseam but the school doesn’t want to go by it. The manner in which students clothing is being measured, either by staff or the student themselves also needs to be stopped. It is a very invasive and embarrassing procedure for school staff and students alike. The principal and some teachers are not only allowing but promoting particular students to wear clothing that absolutely does not meet dress code during school hours (for example cheer uniforms) while sending other students who are clearly within the dress code to the office. We are petitioning for students to be allowed to wear clothes the way it currently reads in the handbook without being harassed and distracted from their school work or the handbook be rewritten to clearly specify what the administration “considers” is a 6” inseam. The dress code needs to be enforced properly by all of Latta’s staff based on the facts in the handbook and not “personal opinion”. Parents have had to leave work due to this, and students are being singled out and being disrupted in the middle of classes to go change when they are clearly within the code stated in the handbook. A change needs to be made to insure teachers, principals and other staff are focused on educating students and not monitoring what they “feel” doesn’t meet the dress code. Latta students deserve a harassment free, no stress education.  Please sign now to help stop and solve this problem. 

Concerned Citizen
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Petition to CMHS School District

Change the CMHS Dress Code Policy

Crete-Monee High school has a pretty strict dress code. Skirts and dresses have to be finger length and tank tops need to be 3 finger width. Jeans can’t have rips above your fingertips. These are some of the rules they have set up in place however it isn’t fair. The dress code is targeted to those who are mainly  on the “thicker” size or those who wouldn’t be considered as skinny. Also the dress code doesn’t work for every body type. There are individuals who have longer arms therefore causing them to have to wear longer skirts or dresses. There are people who are shorter and may have shorter arms which gives them more lead way on what they can and can’t wear. This again is not fair.  The clothes we wear at school is a form of expression, and it’s being taken away. The staff at school seem to be more focused on what females or those assigned female at birth are wearing. If we are not abiding by their dress code we get sent to ISS or home to change, taking time out of our day that is used for learning. We as a school want to come together and fight the dress code. It takes away our freedom to express ourselves and the treatment isn’t equal for each individual. It takes time out of our day that could be spent learning because staff are so focused on what we wear. Dress code stemmed from the rape culture saying that women were raped because of what they wore. So now when something like that happens the first question that is asked is what were you wearing. This ideology does more damage than good. Guys at this school walk around all the time sagging yet the main focus seems to be on the females. There is never a time where you hear a student complain about what someone else is wearing and claiming it to be distracting, so why do the administrators find it so distracting? 

Gabby Nelson
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