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Petition to Martha Deutsch, Terry Ragins, Michael Wermers, Don Lee, Mark Steffen

Coalition to Change the TUSD Calendar

TUSD's current September to June calendar does not align with the TUSD mission to support student academic achievement and maximize individual student potential. Indeed, as currently constructed, it negatively impacts our High School and Middle school students in several ways putting them at a disadvantage with students in other districts. 1. Students involved in band, sports, Junior Lifeguards and more lose opportunities to participate in athletic/college recruiting tournaments and camps, internships and many other activities that begin in the third week in June, which is TUSD’s finals week. 2. Since all AP curriculum is covered prior to AP tests in May, our late start date forces our AP students to learn the material with nearly a month less of class time than other districts and without credentialed instruction in completing vast amounts of summer homework in the attempt to make up this month. Families who can afford to hire a private tutor can attempt to bridge this gap, but that sets up an unequal education experience within our district--financially disadvantaged students fall further and unnecessarily behind. For science APs this also translates into far less laboratory and "hands-on" time. Additionally, with the demanding curriculum ending in May, the last month of school following APs often results in a significant drop in the educational focus by both students and teachers. 3. Torrance Unified high school students who need or wish to enroll in college summer sessions have far fewer options because these sessions begin prior to our school year ending and thus they can only enroll in night classes. Many of these students have been struggling and NEED a make-up summer course in order to graduate. 4. TUSD students are less competitive for summer internships and jobs due to their unavailability until the end of June. 5. Many universities and colleges (all the UC’s) require final high school transcripts by July 1. TUSD students have difficulty getting their final transcripts in time to meet this deadline and risk having their admission rescinded. We need an August start date to eliminate the challenges caused by our current calendar for ALL of our students. We ask that you change the calendar now!

Coalition to Change the Calendar
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Petition to M'Lissa chumbley

Say no to school district corruption that hurts kids with Olympic dreams!

We need your help.  Please sign this petition and share this with all of San Antonio, Texas and everywhere as this affects every taxpayer and the future of our kids!   In a nutshell Northside ISD, the largest school district in the San Antonio area and the fourth largest in the State of Texas, has allowed taxpayers to be fleeced by a corrupt employee--she operated a FOR PROFIT diving team and used TAX PAYER FUNDED facilities to earn money for herself, strictly against school policy!  Her team, which she finally severed from December 28, 2017 (after the district knew about it since August 2016), also continued to break rules by not having paid the FOR PROFIT rate.  They fraudulently held themselves out as a non profit. The employee was discovered and not only was she not fired, she and other corrupt employees have retaliated against other diving teams that have divers with dreams of making the Olympics.  After 18 months of asking for the district to intervene as we advocate for the kids they are meant to serve, she continues to make decisions to the great detriment of dedicated and hard working district diving athletes. We say no to corruption! We say yes to having San Antonio produce Olympic level diving athletes! The right thing to do The district must remove all corrupt employees.  As parents and community, we cannot allow these employees to bully or to make decisions that negatively affect kids.  As taxpayers, we cannot have employees who have egregiously broken public trust.  The district must also request all employees and teams that have broken district policy to pay the taxpayers back the correct amount due.  Any leadership who knew about this employee and did nothing must go!   Because they make up the largest portion of district divers versus other "programming" the district should make the Hellene Clavadistas diving team, which meets all the school board requirements, part of district programming.  Details and background A 501(c)(3) non profit diving team, the Hellene Clavadistas, has been the target of retaliation by a district employee and the Aquatics Department at Northside Independent School District (NISD) because they discovered egregious wrongdoing and reported it (whistleblowers) after being denied  access (in spite of being the only dive team meeting specific board requirements to practice at the facilities).  The employee was using the $15 million aquatics facility and other NISD resources (email, her office, classrooms) for two years to run her for profit diving team without paying any rent. In other words, she personally profited from this Bexar County and NISD funded taxpayer facility. Board Policy specifically prohibits this along with many other acts the employee and the aquatics department have done (fraudulently representing themselves as a non profit, conflict of interest, misuse of public facilities, bullying kids)..  We were made aware that the Aquatics and Athletics Department leadership knew about this occurring and did nothing to stop it.  Once we brought it to an even higher level of District Leadership, instead of doing something about it they remained complicit in the retaliation against our kids and found excuses to continue the cover up. Responses to media coverage of the issue indicate they investigated and found no wrongdoing, in spite of legal documents that say otherwise.  Hellene Clavadistas team is made up of 28 divers ages 6 years and up.  Our divers are over 80% district kids. The retaliation, which includes drastically reduced time for the kids to practice, new rules not communicated so the team could break them, increase facility fees, keeping our kids in the cold, taking away equipment,  has occurred since the team administrator brought the inappropriate behavior to the district's attention.  They create programs with little interest and keep our kids out of an empty diving well.  The for profit team, when owned by the employee enjoyed 20+ hours per week at the diving facilities.  At this point we are down to 4 hours per week and our athletes were diving outdoors in the dark and in 30 degree weather over the winter because we were denied access to indoor facilities.  These time limitations and safety issues inhibit our dedicated athletes greatly. We have been trying for 18 months with all levels up to the superintendent to get the situation resolved properly and they have continued the cover up and denied wrongdoing.  The corrupt employees and all teams that do not meet district requirements must go! The Hellene Clavadistas kids must stay as district programming! Please sign this petition and share this with your San Antonio, Texas and all friends as this affects every taxpayer and the future of our kids!  

Juanita Salinas
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Petition to JCPS Board of Education

Remove Donna Hargens as JCPS Superintendent

Dr. Donna Hargens has failed to execute her duties as Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools in good faith and with good result: Whereas Dr. Hargens has devalued our teachers, among the most valuable resources of our community, by her actions and statements, criticizing them as overpaid while protecting the salaries of Stephanie Malone, et. al.; and encouraging a bloated administrative staff in her own office and at the highest levels of JCPS, and done this despite her own statement that JCPS is not facing a budgetary crisis that would indicate a need for teacher salary reductions. Whereas Dr. Hargens has demonstrated a lack of concern for school discipline in her actions to support the weakening of the Student Code of Conduct, and in personnel and facility decisions concerning alternative schools in our district.Whereas Dr. Hargens has taken action to cause JCPS to extend her personal autonomy into the hiring of administrators, including principals of schools, removing authority from Site-Based Decision Making committees and placing that authority in her own hands.Whereas Dr. Hargens has created an atmosphere of no accountability through cronyism via personnel assignments of failed administrators to positions not subject to SBDM review, to wit, Jerry Keepers, Joey Riddle, Ken Moeller, Donald Dillard, DeLena Alexander and Stacie Gamble. Whereas a trend of improvement in JCPS performance metrics under Dr. Hargens has reversed itself dramatically in terms of school performance goals, graduation rates and individual student test scores, most pointedly the regression of 23 JCPS schools from meeting statewide standards to operations below-standard.As Dr. Hargens consolidates authority over JCPS in her office, the performance of our school system continues to drop.  Our children are less safe than ever before and Dr. Hargens proposes to weaken discipline standards, presumably to reduce student suspension numbers and give the appearance of effective leadership.  Our teachers are under attack at a time when we face a teacher shortage and should be working to attract the best and brightest to JCPS.  And in the face of declining academic performance, weakening discipline, and a lack of accountability, Dr. Hargens is asking for more authority to perpetuate her practices of cronyism in hiring and the manipulation of circumstances that reflect her own job performance.We, the undersigned concerned citizens of Jefferson County, hold that Dr. Donna Hargens is failing our community as the leader of our education system.   We demand that the Jefferson County Board of Education review Dr. Hargens' employment status with regards to the termination of her contract.  Immediately.

Tim Druck
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