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Petition to Dr William Hite

Demand 3 Key Positions for All Public Schools

The School District of Philadelphia has warned that we will face a “grim” 2021-2022 budget season due to the economic impact of COVID-19. Despite likely cuts, none of our public elementary or K-8 schools can afford to go without three critical staff members: a Lead Literacy Teacher, a Lead Math Teacher and a Climate Manager. Lead Literacy and Math Teachers provide modeling and ongoing coaching support to classroom teachers, and assess the areas of strength and areas for growth to ensure that children receive quality instruction.  Climate Managers coordinate all programs and services to ensure that students receive quality prevention and intervention supports, and that school  environments are conducive to learning. We will not be able to close the learning gaps created by more than a year of virtual schooling or reestablish safe and nurturing school cultures without these critical staff members.  We are a group of school parents, school staff and community members who care deeply about public education. Many of us recall how massive school funding cuts in 2015 harmed our children and the adults who serve them. Poorer schools have struggled for resources to pay for basic services while more affluent schools have grants and other types of soft money to pay for these kinds of essential positions. This is urgent since budgets are expected to be released in the next month.  These three positions must be included in the budget guidelines. Please sign this petition so we can add your voice to this important cause. Thank you, Campaign for Equitable School Resources

Equitable Resources for All Schools Core Team Philadelphia
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Petition to ABC Unified School District, Gavin Newsom, California State Senate, California State House

Keep ABCUSD virtual until the 2021-22 school year

On March 13, 2020, all Artesia-Bellflower-Cerritos (ABC) Unified School District schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, virtual learning has been how students have received instruction. While virtual learning has not been perfect for all students, as it causes a major change in teaching style, it has worked for many students, and has kept them safe from this worldwide pandemic.Recently, Gavin Newsom collaborated with the California State Legislature to bring lower elementary grades back to the classroom by April 1st for schools in the purple tier, and full elementary schools by April 1st for schools in the red tier. Many counties are far beyond the requirements for the purple tier. While cases have been declining, COVID-19 still runs rampant here in Los Angeles County. ABC Unified School District is desiring to open up middle and high schools even sooner. Athletics teams are already back in person, and hybrid schedules are being devised. These hybrid schedules would segregate those desiring to stay home from those in person. It could even force them to change teachers, which would destroy academic performance and social relationships. At the same time, it gambles with the lives of students, teachers, and other faculty members.We call on the school district to not open up this school year, but to instead plan for a full safe opening next school year. This gives time to return to normal - while mask-wearing may still be required, we would get to a point where students could socialize. Hybrid schedules do not allow this, and so have no benefit of social interaction. We need to do what makes sense right now - and that is keeping students at home. We can't risk gambling with the lives and success of students just because the media and a few conservatives think it's essential to return to schools now.

Amy Parker
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Petition to Governor Larry Hogan

PGCPS Reopening Petition #StayHomeStaySafe

This letter is to serve as a petition against reopening schools in April 2021, and will be sent to Governor Larry Hogan as well as the Prince George’s County Board of Education on (date TBD). Please read: (en Español) February 27, 2021 To Governor Larry Hogan: On Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) announced plans to begin hybrid instruction starting April 8, 2021. We write this petition to remind Governor Hogan of his duty to prioritize the safety of our students, guardians, staff and faculty by continuing online distance learning until it is safe to resume in-person instruction. While we acknowledge PGCPS’ plans to enforce the mitigation strategies provided by the CDC (e.g. wearing masks, social distancing and maintaining clean facilities), these methods fail to address the health inequities within our community that raise several public health and safety concerns for schools across the county. Our demands are as follows: The continuation of online distance learning until all schools are in compliance with the “Health and Safety Checklist for Buildings and Workspaces,” as provided by the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA). Each school must also provide proof of completion to their staff and parents. Ensure all employees have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated before a return to in-person instruction. Provide professional development opportunities to ensure teachers are prepared to provide a high-quality learning experience in the new hybrid format. According to, Prince George’s County has the highest number of reported COVID-19 cases in Maryland (approximately 72,788). Resuming in-person instruction prematurely highlights the disposability of our students and teachers, and exasperates the disregard for how COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted communities of color. The hybrid reopening plan relies on a model of possibilities, whereby students will not violate safety protocols (e.g. removing masks outside of designated eating times; socializing with peers in the hallways; walking around the room during class; sanitizing work areas after use). Additionally, we express concern for the mental health of students in a restrictive learning environment that deprives students of autonomy. While the current rhetoric presented by Governor Hogan is that PGCPS is safe for reopening, the reality is that schools are currently unprepared for this transition to hybrid teaching and learning. Our community would appreciate Governor Hogan’s careful reconsideration in reopening, rather than rushing the process. The undersigned look forward to continually holding our representatives accountable as it pertains to the health and well-being of our school communities. Signed, Concerned PGCPS Community Members   If you agree with this letter, please sign this petition to show your support. Contact Governor Larry Hogan here and demand the continuation of distance learning until a safe reopening is possible.

Concerned PGCPS Member
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