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Petition to Thelma Byers-Bailey, Ruby M. Jones, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology, Terra Kennedy, Mary T. McCray

365 For Athletes

Here at Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology, new transfer students in grades 10-12, whether enrolled form the lottery or transferred from another school in the district are subjected to sitting out a full academic year from any organized athletic program the school has to offer. Should students have to sit out for sports? No student should be subjected to sitting out a whole year before playing sports. This hinders POB from being able to grow athletically at the same rate that it is growing academically. Student Athletes should be granted the same opportunities as any other scholar. How does this affect 12 grade transfers? If a Junior transfers to Berry their senior year for reasons other than sports, and decide to play sports they will not be able to. What do students seek here at POB? Students from all over come to Phillip O. Berry for academics. This is a school that is not built upon a foundation of sports. Many athletes have come here seeking better academic opportunities, this rule only cripples those students.  Why is this rule redundant? This rule has been in effect for a very long time. Students have came and left simply because of this rule. When you leave Berry this rule does not apply to any other school you might be transferring to, so why should it apply here? If you have a strong feeling that this rule no longer needs to apply to students please sign this petition, thank you.

Lucas Eklou
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Petition to Dr. R. Stephen Green, Ms. Sherry Johnson

Reassignment of Principal Rebecca Braaten from Chamblee Charter High School.

Principal Rebecca Braaten is an impediment to the success of Chamblee Charter High School and must be reassigned immediately. While we recognize the challenges that any new principal faces entering a new school, and we acknowledge her difficult situation, we are deeply troubled by the actions of Principal Braaten.  They have been destructive rather than positive.  Her non-collaborative and dictatorial leadership, her failure to create a positive learning environment, and her poor and unprofessional communication has resulted in: Her failure to execute the basic mandatory job functions of her role, most notably the failure to create a Master Plan for the 2018-2019 School Year resulting in no teacher assignments, no student schedules, and no resource allocations for the school year starting in 6 weeks.  A Quality of Leadership rating of 2.2 out 5 and a 64% response of Unsatisfactory or below on the 2017-2018 Annual Survey of Teachers and Staff.  Recurring comments about lack of communication, toxic, tyrannical, unprofessional, vindictiveness, and negativity have all lead to a culture of fear and chaos at the school with an unprecedented lack of morale and high turnover, resulting in a loss of 60% of the counselors and 40% of the Assistant Principals since the end of the school year. A hostile working relationship with Charter Governing Board including an outright refusal to work with them on the 2018-2019 budget. Her unilateral decision to implement a Freshman Academy without proper resource planning, any significant counselor or teacher input, and no parental or student communication.  Her numerous personnel decisions based on favoritism or animosity instead of merit and ability is severely impacting the quality of education for students in the school.  These and countless other actions by Principal Braaten are not in line with the DeKalb County School System's strategic plan, values or goals.  We, the stakeholders of CCHS, can no longer accept her gross dereliction of duties, nor will we tolerate her unprofessional treatment of teachers, staff and others.  We lack any confidence in her ability to lead or achieve the academic expectations of CCHS students, teachers, alumni and community. She is incompatible with the culture of our school and we the petitioners insist on new leadership immediately. Dr. R. Stephen Green and Ms. Sherry Johnson, it is your duty and obligation to the Chamblee community to staff our schools with qualified professionals.  We expect the same level of professionalism and competency in our leadership as we do from our teachers.  This is what consistently distinguishes CCHS as one of the top schools in the nation, in the state and in the county.  To fulfill your obligations you must reassign Mrs. Braaten now.

Nick Guerrero
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