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Petition to Dr. R. Stephen Green, Ms. Sherry Johnson

Reassignment of Principal Rebecca Braaten from Chamblee Charter High School.

Principal Rebecca Braaten is an impediment to the success of Chamblee Charter High School and must be reassigned immediately. While we recognize the challenges that any new principal faces entering a new school, and we acknowledge her difficult situation, we are deeply troubled by the actions of Principal Braaten.  They have been destructive rather than positive.  Her non-collaborative and dictatorial leadership, her failure to create a positive learning environment, and her poor and unprofessional communication has resulted in: Her failure to execute the basic mandatory job functions of her role, most notably the failure to create a Master Plan for the 2018-2019 School Year resulting in no teacher assignments, no student schedules, and no resource allocations for the school year starting in 6 weeks.  A Quality of Leadership rating of 2.2 out 5 and a 64% response of Unsatisfactory or below on the 2017-2018 Annual Survey of Teachers and Staff.  Recurring comments about lack of communication, toxic, tyrannical, unprofessional, vindictiveness, and negativity have all lead to a culture of fear and chaos at the school with an unprecedented lack of morale and high turnover, resulting in a loss of 60% of the counselors and 40% of the Assistant Principals since the end of the school year. A hostile working relationship with Charter Governing Board including an outright refusal to work with them on the 2018-2019 budget. Her unilateral decision to implement a Freshman Academy without proper resource planning, any significant counselor or teacher input, and no parental or student communication.  Her numerous personnel decisions based on favoritism or animosity instead of merit and ability is severely impacting the quality of education for students in the school.  These and countless other actions by Principal Braaten are not in line with the DeKalb County School System's strategic plan, values or goals.  We, the stakeholders of CCHS, can no longer accept her gross dereliction of duties, nor will we tolerate her unprofessional treatment of teachers, staff and others.  We lack any confidence in her ability to lead or achieve the academic expectations of CCHS students, teachers, alumni and community. She is incompatible with the culture of our school and we the petitioners insist on new leadership immediately. Dr. R. Stephen Green and Ms. Sherry Johnson, it is your duty and obligation to the Chamblee community to staff our schools with qualified professionals.  We expect the same level of professionalism and competency in our leadership as we do from our teachers.  This is what consistently distinguishes CCHS as one of the top schools in the nation, in the state and in the county.  To fulfill your obligations you must reassign Mrs. Braaten now.

Nick Guerrero
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Petition to Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, New York City Public Schools, Cory Booker, New Jersey State House, New Jersey Governor, New Jersey State Senate, Robert Menendez, Chris Christie, Frank Pallone, Bill Pascrell, Donald Payne, Chris Smith, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Frank LoBiondo, Albio Sires, Leonard Lance, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Stephen Sweeney, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Donald Norcross, Annette Quijano, Nicholas Scutari, Chris Brown, Scott Garrett, Josh Gottheimer, Jeff Van Drew, Jennifer Beck, Vincent Prieto, Joseph Vitale, Christopher Connors, Diane Allen, Loretta Weinberg, Jerry Green, USA Today, FOX News, Andrew Cuomo, United Nations, NBC, ABC


FINAL EXAMS FOR GRADES K-12: Students with straight A’s OR a 3.4GPA or higher should be exempt from final exams. They only should take finals if they choose to do so. Students can choose to include their final exam into their grade, or have the final in a separate column of the report cards, or not take the final at all. At the end of the year, most schools have final exams. In which the student is expected to study and memorize eveything from all of their 7 classes from the past year. THIS IS NOT EASY!   For students who do not meet the requirements: Final exams should be in its own separate column on their report cards. Unless their exam grade benefits them, then it will get averaged into their grade if they choose to do so. Final exams should ONLY be used to track how much information the student has retained from the past year.  

Dior Whitfield
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Petition to Martha Deutsch, Terry Ragins, Michael Wermers, Don Lee, Mark Steffen

Coalition to Change the TUSD Calendar

TUSD's current September to June calendar does not align with the TUSD mission to support student academic achievement and maximize individual student potential. Indeed, as currently constructed, it negatively impacts our High School and Middle school students in several ways putting them at a disadvantage with students in other districts. 1. Students involved in band, sports, Junior Lifeguards and more lose opportunities to participate in athletic/college recruiting tournaments and camps, internships and many other activities that begin in the third week in June, which is TUSD’s finals week. 2. Since all AP curriculum is covered prior to AP tests in May, our late start date forces our AP students to learn the material with nearly a month less of class time than other districts and without credentialed instruction in completing vast amounts of summer homework in the attempt to make up this month. Families who can afford to hire a private tutor can attempt to bridge this gap, but that sets up an unequal education experience within our district--financially disadvantaged students fall further and unnecessarily behind. For science APs this also translates into far less laboratory and "hands-on" time. Additionally, with the demanding curriculum ending in May, the last month of school following APs often results in a significant drop in the educational focus by both students and teachers. 3. Torrance Unified high school students who need or wish to enroll in college summer sessions have far fewer options because these sessions begin prior to our school year ending and thus they can only enroll in night classes. Many of these students have been struggling and NEED a make-up summer course in order to graduate. 4. TUSD students are less competitive for summer internships and jobs due to their unavailability until the end of June. 5. Many universities and colleges (all the UC’s) require final high school transcripts by July 1. TUSD students have difficulty getting their final transcripts in time to meet this deadline and risk having their admission rescinded. We need an August start date to eliminate the challenges caused by our current calendar for ALL of our students. We ask that you change the calendar now!

Coalition to Change the Calendar
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