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Petition to Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education

Get Santa Fe Students Back in School

The 2020 school year has been an enormous challenge for students in Santa Fe. We have dealt with the obstacles of learning on a screen, which ultimately have led to an inferior education compared to being in class. Personally, my friends and I have felt that online learning has negatively impacted preparing for college and life as an adult. Learning exclusively at home and being separated from friends and classmates, has left many of us feeling isolated and lonely at times. Someone close to me has dealt with feelings of depression and lack of motivation as a result of spending so much time at home. Ultimately, they unenrolled and left New Mexico to receive an in-person education elsewhere. The current school year and all the challenges that come with it make it clear that distance learning, even in a hybrid model, is an inadequate educational experience for a majority of students. Therefore, students in Santa Fe, New Mexico need to return to the classroom full-time. As we have navigated this unique school year, we now better understand why in-person learning is so vital to our educational, emotional, and social success as students. Distance learning falls short meeting the needs of students in Santa Fe for a variety of reasons: Poor mental health, including students feeling an increase in anxiety, depression, and isolation are results of full-time online schooling. Distance learning is failing students at an individual level. Approximately 12,000 students in New Mexico are unaccounted for in the classroom. Online education has widened the gap in student achievement, particularly among minorities and students of lower socio-economic classes. Research shows that it is safe to be in the classroom full-time with proper safety measures.  As students, we are feeling the burnout of online classes and lack of in-person social interaction each day. Research proves that in-person schooling is necessary for "fostering academic motivation and social development, and many students rely on schools for mental health care." (American Phycology Association). Challenges such as lack of technology available at home, access to a quiet physical space, and adequate adult supervision to support day-to-day home-based learning all greatly affect students in the distance learning format. Particularly, minority and low-income students may feel the effects of such obstacles more deeply. (Yale School of Medicine). Currently, in New Mexico 12,000 students are unaccounted for in the online classroom. They have either stopped attending online classes or unenrolled to find in-person education opportunities elsewhere. (New Mexico Public Education Secretary). This dramatic decrease in student participation further shows that distance learning has failed students in New Mexico. Subsequently, research has not only proven, but advocates that students should return to full-time, in-person learning with certain safety precautions. (CDC). SFPS Superintendent Veronica Garcia said "there is no waiting list for in-person classes at the high-school level." and that she was "shocked more students aren’t returning or trying to get back." Students do want to be back in the classrooms with our teachers but are not interested in continuing remote learning from the library and cafeteria while our teachers remain at home. Students voices are being ignored, but they shouldn't be as this is our education and our future. By signing this petition we can show the SFPS Board of Education how important in-person learning is to all of us students and begin working together to return to class If you feel that your education has suffered as a result of distance learning and/or support returning back to in-person school, please sign and share this petition.           

Matthias C. Sayer
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Petition to Community School District 202, Lisle Public School Board

Kids are suffering! Lisle students need to be back in school 5 days a week!

Please help the students of Lisle Community School District 202 get back in the classroom fulltime. Kids are suffering the most and our school board has no plans to fix it.  Kids are depressed, overweight and living in isolation because a few politicians and teachers unions say it's not safe, even though the data proves otherwise. It is absolutely criminal to think that after almost a full year we still do not have our schools open.  The data is clear.  It has been since last summer.  Kids need to be in school.  Not remote, not Hybrid, but in the class room.  Lisle Community School District has not yet provided the parents a plan on returning our children to a fulltime in person learning environment.  Therefore I would like the community to please help voice their concern for the upcoming school board meeting on Monday Feb 22nd at 7:30PM. Please join me and reach out to the committee members, school board directors and sign this petition to have our voices heard and get our students back to class.   All Students of the Lisle school district who choose to, should have the opportunity to return to in full in person instruction (NOT HYBRID) as soon as possible.  The latest CDC recommendation is that vaccinations are not necessary for teachers to return to in person instruction.  Here is a quote from the CDC website “K-12 schools should be the last settings to close after all other mitigation measures in the community have been employed, and the first to reopen when they can do so safely. This implies that schools should be prioritized for reopening and remaining open for in-person instruction over nonessential businesses and activities.” 

Tyler Fletcher
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