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St. Pete High: Revert Closed Building Lunch Policy

**Update** The first floor of main building is now open during lunch. Please respect the courtyard and keep it clean. ******************* The new policy at St. Pete High to close all buildings during lunch and limit student- teacher interaction is in effect as of 08/13/18. This new policy limits students from being inside any buildings, including the lunch courtyards, during lunch. Any lunch tutoring in class with your teacher or effective use of the lunch periods has been revoked. Students who use this time to get the help they need and deserve are limited to the few teachers in the construction building and will often be unable to obtain information about their assignments that they need to succeed. The administration has changed this tutoring time to be after-school; this means that many clubs will be disbanded as they had lunch meetings. Everything from make-up tests to rehearsals to reheating a lunch are gone.  Signers believe this policy is discriminatory towards students who need to ride the bus home. (Be it that their parents work, or they live too far for public transportation, which can cost hundreds of dollars over a school year.) Signers understand that we need compromise. This policy additionally limits students as only two bathrooms are open during lunch, and with around 2000 students this problem is amplified by the new limited bathroom policy of 14 bathroom passes per quarter. Additionally students should not be forced to be crowded together outside as the cafeteria is overfull. Florida is still hot and the water fountains are limited along with the bathrooms. And what if students start to suffer heat illness? What happens when the rainy season comes and we cannot take shelter? When other facilities are right there. We need compromise, Such as a split lunch, because the current plan does not work. All students should not be punished for the actions of a few. While I understand the administration's concern, due to previous occurrences, cramming that many students into a cafeteria, during our plethora of rainy and sunny days, is a fire and health hazard. I believe that we can work together with the administration to find an alternative option that keeps students safe, honors past SPHS traditions, allows students to get the academic assistance they need and the ability to function throughout their own campus. Otherwise the school moral, involvement, and grades will more than likely plummet. Sign this petition to revert to the previous policies and please help spread the word.  Thank you, Charles Sabodski.

Charles Sabod
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