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Save our students. Make Mental Health First Aid a compulsory part of teacher training

Hi, my name is Ben and in January 2018, I lost my younger brother, Sam, to suicide. He was just 15. I sat on my bed that Sunday evening, unaware that only a few metres away from me my brother was about to take his own life. I heard screams through the headphones and ran upstairs at 21:30. I carried out emergency resuscitation for almost half an hour before the mass of emergency services arrived.  No one should ever have to experience the loss and confusion of losing someone to suicide and I hope that, with your help, this petition can save at least one family the awful pain I've had to and continue to face. As part of research into ways of helping young people suffering with mental health conditions in schools we found that staff are generally not equipped to deal with problems faced by some students as they don't have the knowledge to do so. Very few staff members have mental health first aid training of any level. That's why I'm calling on the government to train teachers in mental health first aid so that they have the tools and knowledge available to help if they do feel they should step in and start a conversation. Mental health first aid would be a very cost effective and simple session to run which outlines potential problems faced by students and offers suggestions to staff on what to do. It would also advise staff on who to contact about the student to start putting into place the support they need as quickly as possible. There are so many teachers who are capable of dealing with physical medical emergencies, it’s about time that the same can be said for dealing with mental health problems as well. Most schools have a single specialist physical first aider as well as having a mass of teachers with knowledge of first aid. I don't think an epicentre of mental health support is the right way of dealing with the issue, instead we should a more broad knowledge. Making the training compulsory may seem excessive at first but we now live in an age where three students per class have a diagnosable mental health condition [1]. There are 4 schoolchildren lost to suicide every week [2]. And the rates of depression and anxiety in young people have increased by 70% in the last 25 years [3]. So, I wholeheartedly believe, this isn't an excessive measure to be taking, it's a desperate one.  Please sign and share my petition. Visit our Instagram pages - @iambenwest and @team_walk2talk [1] [2] [3]

Ben West
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Please Build a P-12 School in Williams Landing, VIC

The Background:  Williams Landing is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Victoria, Australia. Williams Landing had been identified by the state government as a Major Activity Centre and Priority Development Zone, and is set to become a major social and commercial destination in Melbourne’s west. Williams Landing is a connecting point for two other fastest growing suburbs: Point Cook and Truganina. Because of the location and the transport infrastructure, most residents in surrounding suburbs comes into or bypass Williams Landing every day. To accommodate the increased residential demand, Wyndham City Council approved numerous medium density (town houses) and high density (apartments) developments in Williams Landing, apart from regular houses. These will make Williams Landing one of the highest population density suburbs in Melbourne’s west. The Issue:  Despite of increased current and future needs, Williams Landing is not provided a school by the government so far. Not having a school in Williams Landing has forced families to move out, and resulting in increased traffic congestion in surrounding neighbouring suburbs: Truganina South, Truganina, Point Cook and Seabrook, which are already struggling with traffic due to poor connectivity, resulting in reduced community productivity overall. We believe every child has a basic right to attend their school within easy reach; however evidence based researches show Williams Landing is the most disadvantaged suburb in Wyndham even with one school. Existing and proposed schools in surrounding suburbs: Truganina South, Truganina East and Seabrook, won’t meet the needs for this fast growing region.Those schools are either too far away not accessible by children or already under enormous enrollment pressure and it will become worse as population grows fast in the Melbourne's West. The state government knew this issue since 2014, but so far there is still no progress. We urge the government to look at this issue seriously continue to invest in developing the Education State and to recognise that approval of high density town houses and apartments must go hand in hand with school provisioning in advance. We urge the government to recognise this urgent need in Williams Landing and Wyndham more broadly, all relevant bodies: Victorian State Government, Wyndham City Council and Cedar Woods work proactively together to put the much needed P-12 school in Williams Landing as soon as possible. Media Links:  Williams Landing residents cry out for a school and community hub A lack of schools and childcare in growing suburb Williams Landing forcing mass exodus Call for Williams Landing schools, not ovals MP helps push for Williams Landing school Petition calls for new school at fast growing Williams Landing Other Links: Interested people can join our public Facebook group: Williams Landing Community & Residents Facebook page:

Concerned Residents of Williams Landing
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