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Petition to Councillor David Hodge, Councillor Martin Fisher, Councillor Mary, Councillor Mary Lewis

Save Warlingham Village Primary School

Warlingham Village Primary School (WVPS) has been serving the local community since 1912 and is an OFSTED Outstanding Primary School. As part of the Tandridge Local Plan, we, as parents and residents, have now found out that Surrey County Council (SCC) plan to 'reprovision' the school at the Greenacres site (Limpsfield Road).  This is something which has not been discussed openly with the public, parents or community but has been ongoing 'confidentially' for more than 18 months. We have received no transparency from SCC regarding the plans or seen whether any viable options have been considered as to the expansion of the existing site, something which we believe is a viable option. Major concerns around the proposed new site include:* Detrimental impact on the catchment area of Warlingham East, Chelsham & Farleigh, who may no longer be able to attain a place, or walk to their local school (current catchment of WVPS in 2017/18 & 2018/19 is 500 meters).* An increase in traffic and congestion around an area which already has a 2 form entry primary school within 1/4 mile of the proposed new school. This school (Hamsey Green) is undersubscribed currently and should be invested in, providing schooling for existing local children and those who will be coming to Warlingham West within the proposed housing development in the village. * Threat to child safety - there will be nearly 2000 children aged 4-16 crossing a very busy road every day. How is this risk going to be mitigated?* Removal of well-used Sports Ground facilities at Greenacres & John Fisher, which are currently on the Green Belt land, which is proposed to be removed and allocated for housing development and the new school.  Where will these be re-accommodated within the local community? We believe this is being done so that SCC can repurpose/sell the land on Farleigh Road. We believe there is a viable option to retain the school building and increase the capacity of the school to a 2-form entry on the existing site, meeting the needs of the local population. If we aren't able to stop this closure and 'relocation', then 100+ years of history and a valuable resource for the village will be lost. We would like transparency from SCC & Tandridge District Council (TDC) around what has been considered and any reasons for not pursuing those options.  If the school does need to be moved, after the exploration and clarification of all viable options, then we strongly feel that the location of a new school on the Greenacres site is grossly unsuitable and should be reconsidered. Thank you for your support!

Sarah Johnson
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Petition to Chris Fortunato, Blair Academy

Take Will off Conduct Probation

Imagine this, you’re waiting for a meeting with a teacher, you’re told they are not in their office but you decide to wait because you’ve missed so many meetings with them before. After 30 minutes you decide to go wait for them in their office but the door is locked so you carry on waiting. After an hour you hear her door unlock and it turns out they were in there the whole time. You go into the meeting and are nothing be respectful, you apologise for all the meetings you missed and even though they tell you, “you won’t succeed at university,” and later “life is going to be hard for you,” you say nothing back to them other than “sorry.” Taken aback by the meeting and waiting time, the joke that she was late to the meeting because she was shagging comes into your head you proceed to put this joke on your Instagram because to you it’s funny. Well at this point you have made a huge mistake... I want to clarify that no one here is saying I should be forgiven completely for what I did, but ask yourself, what punishment would you give to someone who did this, on a private Instagram with 20 (supposedly trusted) followers? A detention, a written apology, a meeting between the two, manual labour (which is a genuine option at Blair Academy) or a combination of these ? Blair chose something much more severe, Conduct Probation, the most severe punishment before expulsion is on the table. With this punishment comes, 4 hours of manual labour, campus restriction meaning you cannot leave for 2 weeks (no matter what), room restriction meaning every night from 8pm you have to be in your bedroom, de-prefected and kicked off of the senior class council (both before serving the role was possible) and finally you have to declare it to all universities, that you have received the most severe punishment possible. Along with the argument of the punishment being too intense it should be noted how Blair handled this. Despite knowing that no adults were present and that I was alone in a foreign country they proceeded to email and text me multiple times expecting a phone call within 15 minutes. When I picked up the phone I was ambushed by not one but two of the admin who proceeded to not only question my morals but also tell me the names of multiple teachers they knew I was close with and told me how each had been severely disappointed in me supporting each point with quotes. This led to me being stuck in hostel around jolly, drunk people who didn’t speak my language with tears in my eyes as I had no one around to support me, feeling humiliated, attacked and alone. If you read all this and decide these punishments are fair then I invite you to not sign this petition, however the people of sense reading this should realise it is a complete over reaction and that reducing this punishment is something that should be done. Please sign this petition and help someone who has realised they have made a huge mistake but asks for forgiveness in learning his lesson, not to have all possibilities of enjoying his last year of school and more importantly going to the university he aspires to go to, being ruined simply because of a stupid joke said to people I thought I could trust.

Will Lerouge
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