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Petition to Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin Alumni Office

Create scholarship fund and award B.M. degree for Austin bombing victim Draylen Mason

On the 12th of March 2018, Double Bassist and East Austin College Prep senior Draylen Mason was killed by a terrorist’s bomb in Austin, Texas. While only seventeen years of age, Draylen devoted his life to the pursuit of music: he was the Bassist at Interlochen Center for the Arts, Principal Double Bass at Austin youth Orchestra, and Principal Bassist at Austin Soundwaves, and had even applied to study at the Oberlin conservatory of Music as a member of the class of 2022. This past Friday we found out he had been accepted. While the majority of the targets were people of color, and while the bomber was a conservative white Christian male, the investigating agencies have yet to uncover the exact reason why he targeted who he did. What we do know is that Oberlin and its students have a rich history in the fight against inequality and racism in the United States. Our college played a role in the Underground Railroad; one of the earliest Obies, Mary Jane Patterson, broke gender and racial barriers by getting her bachelor’s degree; and Oberlin students spent their summers and winter terms working to register voters with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party during the Freedom Summers. And yet, we also know that people of color continue to be appallingly underrepresented in the musical arts. A student who was clearly up for the challenge, Draylen would have been entering the world of music without many mentors who look like him. His entry into musical academia would in itself be a radical action, and for his sake, and for those who are put off by the lack of representation, this needs to change. As a proud Oberlin Conservatory Alumnus, and person of color in the arts industry, I call on the Oberlin Conservatory of Music to recognize Draylen Mason and his family’s struggle by awarding him a Posthumous Bachelor of Music Degree. But most importantly, I challenge them to set up a fully funded scholarship in his name (with the permission of his family) for people of color to attend the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, continuing our institution’s role in changing the status quo around race in our profession, and our country. Sincerely, Joshua Blue Oberlin Conservatory of Music Class of 2016

Joshua Blue
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Petition to Wiley The Screenwriter

Keep Transwomen/girl's Off Women's/Teen-girl's Sports Teams

Goal: To keep female athlete's in position for scholarships and to keep women's sport's from becoming obsolete. Let me be clear: transgender athletes should be allowed to either 1.) play sports on the team that matches their biological sex or 2.) create a team that lines up with their identity. This also includes those who are biologically intersexed as they seem to be the only one's with the option to choose their gender identity. As most of us already know there are several biological difference's between the male and female body, including but not limited to the musculoskeletal system, muscle fiber-type composition, nitrate excretion, growth hormones, the body's response to proper nutrition and obviously testosterone ALL PLAY A PART in the body's ability to participate in a physical activity. Even though testosterone or "T" is NOT the main cause of the difference's between the male and female body it is the ONE factor the IOC (International Association of Athletics) likes to use to determine who is "equally" female. Previously, in order for a transgender woman athlete to participate alongside natural born women athletes, the transgender woman athlete had to be on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for a year. Currently, that guideline is obsolete; a transgender woman athlete does NOT have to be on ANY hormones to compete alongside natural born women athletes. This mean's ANY biologically born male can claim they are a transgender woman and participate on a natural born woman's team with their natural born male physique. As you can probably already guess, this put's natural born women athletes at a serious disadvantage. After a bit of random googling, I was able to find that the normal range for T in men starts from 270ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter) and can rise all the way to 1070ng/dl while the normal range for T in women starts from 15ng/dl and only rises up to 70ng/dl. This is a huge difference and the only beneficiaries are biologically born males. It's important to mention women's sports isn't very old. Even though women have played sports since before 1900, women's sports became legally acceptable in 1972 thanks to the creation of Title IX. This year is 2017; that means women's sports have been seen as "worthy" for only 45 years and it's been a valuable 45 years to boot. Since the introduction of Title IX, the number of female athletes have increased and female athletes have certainly made a name for themselves. I mean it's not everyday you win four Olympic Gold Medals and three of the last five Women's World Cups. (Thank you U.S. Women's Soccer Team!) Women athletes have also created their own American football teams (currently there are six leagues), hockey teams and the oldest one of all: golf. Women have been playing golf since 1930 and unfortunately a transgender woman was allowed to participate on the women's golf team recently which means transgender women athlete's have zero limitations to which sport they are allowed to participate in. But you know who DOES have a limitation on which sport they can participate in? Transgender men athletes. I mean seriously, do you really think a biologically born female has a shot in hell joining the men's golf team? Do you think men would allow that? No. The IOC is renegotiating the guidelines this August 2017; help us tell them transgender women do not belong on natural born women's sport's teams. Women have strived to have access to participate in activities that were just granted to men for simply being born male. They have devoted a lot of hard work and discipline to participate on a local/national/world level in the field of sports and they deserve to have this space reserved for them and the scholarships that come with winning.  

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Petition to Lee Williams

Allow embargoes of theses and dissertations of at least six years

Please sign this petition to show your support and interest in the ability to embargo your dissertation or thesis from being distributed online for at least six years. This will partially mitigate the damage of OU offering our scholarship freely to the public, damage which puts possibilities for publishing and tenure at further risk. As Kenneth Hodges and Su Fang Ng explain "the desire to promote open access to scholarly work has led a number of universities to require graduate students to post their theses and dissertations to electronic archives or institutional repositories. There is fear that such distribution of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) will damage chances for later traditional publication." See entire paper here: The University of Oklahoma is following this trend. As Joyce Coleman has reported the outcome of the meeting between faculty and Dean Lee Williams: "On Oct. 8, a number of English professors, along with professors from three other Arts & Sciences departments, met with Dean Lee Williams and Associate Dean Janis Paul of the Grad College to discuss our concern about posting students' theses and dissertations (T&D) online with open access. Members of the English and History departments advocated for at least a six-year embargo." Whether you are a graduate student at OU or support us, please sign and pass along this petition. Thanks, Brian K. Hudson

Brian K. Hudson
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