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Petition to Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown

Support the HOT CARS Act – Require alert systems in cars to prevent hot car deaths

I need your help to pass a bill aimed at saving children’s lives, via the HOT CARS Act. You probably have heard about babies dying inside hot cars every year. I have too. But I used to think this would never happen to somebody I know…until it did…I am part of a close community in Cincinnati experiencing this unimaginable tragedy.  A friend of ours realized she had unknowingly left her baby girl, that she so deeply loved, unattended in her car as she went to work.  They would do anything to get her back. Their lives and the lives of all these parents who have suffered this heartbreaking tragedy across our nation are forever changed. Even more tragic is the fact that these unthinkable deaths can be prevented through technology and education.  You can help me achieve this. I learned through the nonprofit organization: that more than 800 children have died in hot cars since 1990. Sadly, we all think that “this could never happen to me,” until it does. It has happened to doctors, fire fighters, teachers, caregivers, principals, nurses and more. I learned, a child’s body overheats 3 to 5 times faster than an adult’s. At 104° F heatstroke starts within a child’s body, at 107°F fatality is imminent. Our car interiors heat up extremely fast. I didn’t know that even if the windows are cracked open, the temperature inside can reach 125° F degrees in mere minutes! Children can heat up and die even when the outside temperature is 50° F. Elderly and pets left in cars are also at risk. Unfortunately, even with education campaigns that have increased awareness and laws for leaving kids unattended in vehicles, the statistics have sadly stayed unchanged with a national average of 37 children dying every year.  In the majority of these tragic cases (55%), children are left unknowingly by loving devoted parents or caregivers.  Why? Because our brain can fail us. A change in daily routine, lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and or other distractions of the mind are things that all people have experienced which can be key contributing factors (according to This is supported by Dr. David Diamond, a professor in the Departments of Psychology, Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida and an expert on neuroscience. He has said: “From a brain science perspective, parents can, through no fault of their own, lose awareness of the presence of a child in the car.”  "It is important to stress that these parents do not have a reckless disregard for the care of their children. Rather, common factors like a change in routine lack of sleep, or even simple distractions can all have an effect on even the most responsible parents.  “The common factor is not just stress, but that the parent is on a drive that typically does not include the child, so the brain goes into autopilot mode that takes the parent from point a to point b, and the day care is not along that route,” said Diamond, who has interviewed parents of children who died of vehicular heatstroke. “The parent is driving, the mind is wandering to plans for the day, and the awareness of the child is lost.” “Parents’ brains can fill in the memory of dropping children off with caregivers and really believe it happened. They talk about their children at work, have pictures of their children on their desks and even tell co-workers that they have to leave early to go to the day care. That is why it is imperative that there be a system to provide an alert to remind parents of the presence of a child in the back seat. This is a modern phenomenon which requires a modern solution."  This is why I need your HELP to sign this petition so our Senators will make it a priority to pass the HOT CARS Act that requires vehicles to have a safety alert system to prevent these losses. The proposed legislation would establish a performance standard for a visual and auditory alert system. The U.S. Department of Transportation would then issue a rule requiring new vehicles to be equipped with an alert system to remind drivers to check the rear seat. We already have reminders in our vehicles to prevent us from locking our keys inside our cars or leaving our headlights on and draining the battery; so why not a safety alert for our beloved children? Please sign this petition today.

Susana Borrero
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Petition to Jim Wilson

Support Eric's Law, a law that requires people to report life threatening situations.

Eric's Law is a proposed "Duty to Report" law. It is named after Eric Ashby who was abandoned in the Arkansas River in Fremont County, Colorado on June 28, 2017. Ashby was on an excursion with four other people when he was swept away by the fast, class four rapids. His companions saw him desperately clinging to a rock, but they didn't call for help. They got in Eric's car and drove home and did not report the incident until 10 days later. To date (8/25/2017), Eric has not been found. A body was recovered from the river near Florence, CO (about 15 miles downstream from where Eric went in) and DNA/dental results are pending. The people who left him will not face criminal charges because Colorado's existing duty to report law only extends to instances of child abuse/neglect. A few weeks later, a young man from Arizona was discovered by an early morning dog walker, clinging to a life vest (he was not wearing it) in Vallecito Reservoir, La Plata County, screaming for help. The previous night, he and a companion went out on the reservoir in canoes. At some point, the young men capsized both canoes into the cold, deep water. The companion was able to swim to the shore, but the Arizona man was unable. Instead of immediately summoning help, the companion went home and went to bed. The Arizona man was fortuitously found by the dog walker the next morning after spending nine hours in the reservoir. When he was pulled from the water, he was in very critical condition.  Earlier this year, in Alamosa County, a young woman was abandoned after a horrific head-on collision. The driver of the car she was in did not render aid nor call for rescue. She leaves behind two very beautiful children to mourn her aching loss. That is three separate incidents, in three different counties, all within this year. The callousness presented in these cases is more than reprehensible, but we can make a difference and prevent more senseless deaths from occurring. Please support Eric's Law. It is a proposed "Duty to Report" law that requires anyone who witnesses a dangerous situation where someone's life is in danger to immediately, within the best of their ability, call 911. This is NOT a "Duty to Rescue" law that requires an individual to risk their personal safety, this is just a phone call, something pretty much everyone can do, especially in the age of cell phones. Nine other states already have this law, and we feel it is time for Colorado to step up to the plate. There is absolutely no reason someone, a fellow human being, should be left to die when help is so easily accessible. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family. Together, we CAN save lives!  

Misty Morris
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As surprising as it may seem, there are tons of pro-suicide websites, chat rooms, blogs, forums, etc. Pro-suicide entails information on how to kill yourself, why you should kill yourself, different ways to inflict pain upon yourself, the list goes on. In 2002, a boy named Tim was found after he committed suicide. The police had taken his computer for evidence. What they found shocked and angered the boys family. It was found that the night before his death, all Tim did was search the word "suicide" and he was harshly greeted with more than many websites encouraging him to take his life. His father stated that he does believe Tim's depression had a large role in his suicide, but he also believes that Tim might have had more thought's to seek out friends or family members if he hadn't found those websites. While just looking up "pro suicide" I found an overly high amount of terrible results. Some questions along the lines of "why is suicide good?" On one website their was pages and pages of different ways to commit suicide and why they are good options. We could be saving lives with an easy fix. If you were troubled with thoughts of no longer feeling like you need to live, what would help you feel more needed and more open to seek help.. finding reasons and ways to end it all or finding reasons and ways to go different routes to change your mind? Suicide is never an answer. It should never be put into a child's mind, or anyone for that matter, that killing yourself is the best way to solve things. There is always a better way and I'm trying to make sure everyone out there does not have the opportunity to be pushed into taking their own life.

Julia Williams
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