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Petition to Madhya Pradesh Government


Trees = Life. A Healthy tree can give oxygen to more than ten people for the LIFETIME.Recently Madhya Pradesh Government has permitted Aditya Birla Group to cut more than 2.15 Lakh Trees of the Buxwah Forests for starting the Chhatarpur 'Diamond Mine' which is totally unbearable.We humans are not understanding that what is the 'Real Diamond'. In 50 years, a single tree gives 11,57,500 rupees of oxygen.This means if they are cutting 2.15 lakh trees they are losing 2,48,86,25,00,000 rupees.Nature is the biggest gift that God has given to us and we should respect it.During this time of the pandemic, when everybody needs Oxygen to breathe, they are cutting millions of trees just for diamonds. Forests help in maintaining the oxygen and temperature levels of the atmosphere. Plants during photosynthesis release oxygen, whereas it consumes carbon dioxide. This is the complete phenomenon that humans do. Also, forests are a huge reserve of trees and plants. Thus, they help by playing a significant role in balancing the oxygen level of the entire atmosphere.Forests also help in preventing the global warming levels of the Earth. The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas into the atmosphere results in the greenhouse effect on Earth. Thus, it is majorly responsible for causing global warming on Earth.And, overall, forests are the home for millions of animal species on the earth. So if we will cut the forests, we will be responsible to destroy the habitat of these species.What it will feel if someone comes and removes you from your house for no reason? Tell me what is the use of diamond if you are dead?So, my friends, I request you all to sign this petition and become a nature savior and save 2.15 lakh trees!Thanks,Tanmay Upadhyay, Kartikey Awasthi, Prajwal Tiwari, Jhanvi Shukla, Alishna Patel & Himani ParwaniStudents of Joy Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur, M.P, India.   

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Petition to Government of Karnataka, Government of India, Sri Narendra Modi, Sri B. S. Yediyurappa, Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka, Sri Tejaswi Surya, Smt. Tejaswini Sitaramaiah, Chief Justice of High Court, Karnataka, Sri. D.K. Suresh

Save the Biggest Lungspace of Bengaluru! - Biopark

Save the biggest lungspace of Bengaluru! Saving Biopark is the greatest gift for our children. It is Oxygen Bank, Water Reserve & Geoscience Educational spot. Birds, Butterflies & crores of living organisms beneath soil. Medicinal plants, Charaka-Shushrta vana, Triphala vana. More than anything it is an answer for Carbon sequestration, Global Warming & River Rejuvenation as Microhydroclimatalogical region formed already. Let's save it please. Happy that I could work in Biopark activities with the guidance of Dr. A N Yellappareddy. Biopark is the result of many Philonthropists helping hands. Government had allotted thousands of acres to Bangalore University with an intention of creating an Educational atmosphere. Exposures of 3200 million year old rocks to recent episodes of Earth history is identified as requested by the High court of Karnataka. Students of different departments are expected to utilise the campus for their field knowledge. Studies of  Botanical,  Zoological,  Geological,  Environmental,  Hydrological,  Microbial Science; Green  Economics,  Forest  produces,  Sociological,  Rural  Development  of  Arts  wing; Commercial  & Managerial  aspects  by  Commerce  &  Management wing,  Environmental Law,  protection  of  Natural  resources  by  Law    faculties;  Physical  work  are  educating  about Nature  by  Education  faculty  is  happening  in  the  campus.  Lot  of educational orientations creeped into syllabi. Due  to  public  demand, the Government  finally  swung  into  action  &  ordered  University  to protect  crores  worth  property  &  declared  entire  Jnanabharathi  as  Biopark  vide notification during  2017. Keeping this in mind, water bodies and diversified plantations were brought and created a Micro Hydroclimatic region. University campus is a house of huge varieties of birds and butterflies. A beautiful fruit garden with 160 varieties and 3000 fruit bearing plants are part of Biopark in the campus. Rare and endangered varieties have been budding with a vision of seed bank and gene bank available in the campus.  It  is  unfortunate  that the vested,  unsuitable,  self centered,  money  minded administration  has  allowed  hundreds  of  acres  of  encroachment,  artificial  failure  of court  cases,  spoiling  of  Environment,  concrete  jungle  creation,  cutting  valuable  trees,   dumping city debris  &  created  havoc.  Humbly  request  Government to not  only  withdraw  the  land  leased  to  any  organisation after  Government  notification  in  the  year  2017  &  also  issue  order  for  only  vertical growth  without  loosing  an  inch  of  lung  space.  This  is  the  only  gift  to  our  future generations  to  come  &  kindly  issue  the  necessary  orders  that  nobody  should  dare enough  to  touch  lung  spaces.  The  Jnanabharathi  has  already  contributed  towards  the valuable  gift  to  children  by  creating  beautiful  Environmental  &  protection  of  Biopark.  The  offenders  should  also  be  punished  with  the  stringent  laws. Let's  follow  the  method  of  "Housing  an  University  in  Diversified  Green  &  amidst  Water bodies". Any amount of money we save or multiply can't fetch as sufficient oxygen required for even a week's survival. And, creating/supplying oxygen to crores of living beings of varied species, according to its respective requirements, all of these, at a time, is beyond what words can explain. Nature and trees are doing it freely for us. We need to be thankful and kind. We have enormously learnt, understood the need and value of oxygen especially during COVID times. Please join hands and sign the petition, share to get more signatures and Save the biggest lungspace of Bengaluru!

Padmashri Pavandeep
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