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Petition to Jeff Bezos, Amazon,, JAIR BOLSONARO help pay to save the Amazon.

The rainforest is purportedly on fire. Jeff Bezos is uniquely positioned to save the Amazon right now. Jeff Bezos is the richest person on earth. Brand of will lose value if the amazon burns down. Particularly, if there will be boycotts of companies that use ridiculous amounts of packaging (ie cardboard/paper that come from trees being deforested). Having the most money means that there is the most impact to his wealth (held in shares of Amazon) when global warming overwhelms cities and there’s a global recession due to lack of water, sudden loss of land to rising seas, and reduced air quality from loss of oxygen. Bezos will suffer not just from the diminishing price of AMZN, but also his personal enjoyment. He also is well positioned to do something about it. Have the Washington Post send reporters to the amazon and investigate the fires. We want videos streamed on twitch. Have Amazon Web Services switch to 100% wind/solar electricity will have a dramatic impact on the carbon spent world wide. Have AWS refuse to work with any companies in Brazil until Bolsonaro makes dramatic shifts in policy to save the rain forest. We would also ask Google and Microsoft cloud services to join, and this will cripple Brazil’s tech industry and they’ll have no choice. Amazon can immediately take steps to reduce packaging in boxes. If delivery people picked up packages from apartment building and houses amazon could save a lot of money on cardboard and save a lot of trees. Pay the delivery people to pickup the used, perfectly in shape boxes. he can use some of those billions of dollars to pay for eco warriors on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Add a feature where you can have an Mechanical Turk plant trees, prevent the spread of forest fires, extinguish fires and have those matches with an Amazon donation. We can all do something for the rainforests and saving the planet. Donate to WWF and the rainforest alliance.

Raz Goldin
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