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Stop the buying and selling of animals on social media!

My aim is to try and stop people from buying and selling animals on social media and other sites such as Gumtree, Ebay, Preloved and Shpock. When you buy an animal from one of these sites you don't know that the animal is healthy and up to date with all injections and flee and worm treatment. You could be purchasing an animal that you fall in love with only to discover that it's very sick due to breeding conditions and not having regular check ups. When you give away or sell an animal to a stranger on one of these sites without doing a home check you cannot be sure that the animal is going to be looked after. It is well known that animals sold on these sites end up being part of dog fighting, abuse, neglect, sick pranks, cruelty, pain and used in puppy farms to excessively breed more pets (half of which will be abused or neglected.) Please help me to stop this from happening and give animals the life and love they deserve. Rescue centers are overflowing with pets that need rehoming and when you get a pet from a rescue center you can be sure that you will be given all the information you need to take care of the animal in the best way possible. When adopting an animal from a rescue you can be sure that they are in good health and are up to date with injections, flee and worm treatment. As well as rehoming from a rescue center means that they can now rescue another animal in need. Unfortunately animals don't have a voice so we need to speak up for them. Please help by signing this petition. 

Vicky jarvis
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