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Petition to UK Parliament, RSPCA, Kenneth Clarke MP

Bring Bleue Back! Alone, Afraid, UNHEARD! Give him the voice he doesn’t have!

Hi Everyone this is Bleue my 6 year old Stafford shire Bull Terrier who was Mercilessly Seized from me on 01/07/2018 under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 section 5 (2) by Warrant! Due to A pair of Neighbors where i live calling Nottinghamshire police back in March 2018 accusing him of biting and being Dangerous and a ‘Type’ dog in the UK. However Stafford shire bull terriers are not a banned breed and he shouldn't of been taken!  However it was bleue who was kicked and man handled in an unprovoked attack on him from the male aggressor neighbour! � His girlfriend told police in her statememt under Oath that she NEVER saw bleue bite, but now shes changed her Mind and lied to my home management a month or so later claiming Blue did Bite!! The Contradiction and Lies Are wrong on so many levels! Now his Fate of being potentially Destroyed is now looming on myself and my daughter who is utterly distraught! There is a lot to the story including discrimination, aggression and Intimidation directed at me and Q by the male neighbour which has been completely neglected by the Police officer i reported this to in March 2018!  The same officer who admitted he had never dealt with a dog case ever and didn't know the ins and outs of what happens! The same officer who Ignored every notification he got from the control room advising i had called for days and days when i was calling in to see if my dog was alive after they had taken him. The same officer who caught attitude on the phone with me when he had to call me back because i raised a complaint and told me 'he couldn't give me weekly and daily updates on the welfare of my dog who is locked up as it has nothing to do with him now he's been seized!  and advised that me calling in to find out if bleue is ok 'isn't going to help my case'!!!! The same officer who promised to get me in for a statement about the discrimination etc directed at me and my child but instead neglected my concerns!! Im actually Disgusted!  But for now i will start with a call of help and support in helping me get my Beloved Pet back! I am asking for everybody to sign this petition in helping me successfully getting my Beautiful Boy Home safe and sound he has been wrongly accused and seized from us and we dont know where his life lies now.  I was lied to and misled when Bleue was seized and was told categorically by the Dog officer this is a Minor Case and blue would be returned home after 3 days and he didn't understand why since March 2018 my dog was being seized in July 2018!  It is now coming up to 3 weeks and he is still in Undisclosed Kennels away from the love and comfort he has always had from me, my daughter and family and friends at home. Our hearts are actually hurting..  I want to use this platform to begin what is going to be a tough journey ahead of me in successfully proving that he is a beautiful boy and family member and is not a danger to society and all dogs lives Matter!  Its going to be blood sweat and tears however this sad situation will raise awareness to a number of issues that sadly not only myself is having to deal with right now but a lot of dog owners alike! My dog is basically sitting on death row and i have no clue where his life lies! He is in an undisclosed location! I cannot see him! He will be scared and prob not attended to properly while he is locked up! He doesnt deserve this and neither do we!  I Demand Justice and I demand my dog is returned home to me. My dog is not Dangerous he is full of Love and Loyalty and His Life Matters, his Voice which cannot be heard matters and will be heard by myself and any support i can kindly get from the Public. Please Sign and Share and Please help me in having the safe return of my Dog back home where he belongs. He is not just a Dog he is my Family and my Child and this is breaking our heart to think he could be destroyed under BSL law due to Wrongful accusation, there has been a number of discrepancies on the authority's and accusers side and Neglect in helping me and my 13 year old daughter and had our beautiful Dog taken away in the Process! THIS SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED!  Please Help in any way you can. I demand for Blues Release and safe return Home. Bleues Life Matters! All dogs lives Matter! Please support me with this!  

chantelle simon
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Petition to Amazon

Stop Amazon shipping and promoting boiling of live lobsters!  Please follow the campaign on twitter at @SaveThe_Lobster  Yes. It's true.  Amazon are now sending live animals in the post, along with instructions to boil them alive.  This is completely and utterly disgusting. In the ocean lobsters journey more than 100 miles a year using a series of complicated signals to navigate their environment.Additionally being removed from saltwater for extended periods of time does not allow them to breathe properly.This is atrocious. Unlike in the wild, these lobsters are put in horrible, suffocating plastic bags and shipped all the way across the country, driven round for hours in a van before arriving in a small, neat, horrifically cruel package. This is extremely stressful for the animal, as they have no space to move as they are being thrown about. Next, they are tortured.  In a "vigorous boil" these intelligent, compassionate animals are thrown in a pan of boiling water, left to die. In the first few moments, as the lobster feels intense pain, it will scrape its body against the side of the pan, in a desperate attempt to save himself from a tortoruous death. They are left in this steaming chamber for 19 minutes. This must stop: Amazon, please, stop this barbaric practise. Please share this with as many people as you can. You will save the lives of many many wonderful creatures. For more information visit our official website: 

Alvie Obrien
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