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Petition to Residents of Minot, International Animal Rescue, John Hoeven, Souris Valley Animal Shelter, North Dakota Governor, Heidi Heitkamp

shut down R &J’s World of Pets

so as many of you know i have the HUGEST heart for animals ever. i would do anything for any animal. last week i went to R and J’s world of pets just simply to look at things and there was kittens in one of the glass dog kennels. i asked the young lady working how young the cats were because they were SMALL!! (i have had a lot of cats in my life, none have been that small.. im talking less then a pound and no more then 6 inches) she told me they were five weeks, another huge red flag as no animal should be away from their mom until they are 8 weeks! my friend and i left the store and something in my heart was telling me to go back. so i did, i asked to buy the calico cat. so the young lady rang me up, told me there was no returns or exchanges or health guarantees  on animals(another red flag) but i had to have her. she brought me her shot record and said “it says here that she had shots and a dewormer but they lie to people so people buy their animals” ANOTHER HUGE RED FLAG!!! so i took my kitten home and she was perfectly fine! she received so much love in my house by my boyfriend and i. last night i got a call at 4 am from my boyfriend stating she wasnt moving and barely breathing so i drove home. i grabbed her and started cpr right away. (im a cna and have done it on humans before and seen videos on cpr on animals so i figured id try) i tried for thirty minutes as MY kitty gasped for air... she took her last breath and i felt her heart stop. so after a long sleepless night and lots of thinking i thought i would give R and J’s a call. not to cuss them out, just to state that i wish they would provide better care for their animals as this isnt the first incident ive heard about at their pet store. i called and asked for a manager and the man on the phone replied with “what do you need?”  i replied with “i understand that there is no returns or exchanges..” and was interrupted by a “mmhm” so i continued telling him that i purchased a cat from them last week and that she passed away in my hands last night and im already bawling on the phone and he replied with “all of the other cats are fine so it was your care” I KNOW HOW TO CARE FOR A CAT!!! so i continued on saying that a cat shouldnt be taken away from its mom at 5 weeks and he told me they werent 5 weeks. then i told him that his employee told me that they lie about vaccinations so people buy their animals and he replied with “why would we lie about our animals?” i, now a crying mess at this point, just explained that i didnt want a refund or exchange, maybe just an apology or a “ill look into that maam” but while i was explaining this to him he starts to yell over me saying “MAAM MAAAM” and when im done talking he goes “maam are you done?”. at this point i just hung up the phone, i was in complete awe at the ‘customer service’ i received, the apology i didnt receive while i was bawling on the phone about my cat WHO HAD JUST DIED IN MY ARMS not even 24 hours ago, but instead received attitude and no sincerity. R and J’s World of Pets does not deserve anyone’s business! this isnt the first time something like this has happened and it wont be the last... so lets do what we can to stop this cycle. 

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Enrique Peña Nieto, Donald Trump, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations Environment Program, UNESCO , United States Fish & Wildlife Service, Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Territorial - Procuraduría Estatal de Protección al Ambien, SEMARNAT, NOAA Fisheries, IUCN , ASEA

Prevent the Vaquita porpoise from impending Extinction

Vaquitas are the World's most endangered mammal and listed critically endangered by the IUCN.   Officially there are 30 or less Vaquitas around in the wild. As of May 2018, groups advocating for the Vaquitas survival, have estimated the population to be at 12 or less individuals left. The population will be continue to dwindle, if nothing is done to help these spectacular creatures. The reason why their population has drastically gone down in recent years because of illegal gillnett fishing, which has decimated the Vaquita population. Nearly one out of five Vaquita get trapped in gillnets, therefore leading them to drown once entangled. These gillnets are intended to capture another critically endangered fish, known as Totoaba.  Capturing Totoaba is illegal but high demand for the Totoaba's swim bladder, causes even more gillnets to be used. The Totoaba's swim bladder is purposed for traditional medicine in China and one swim bladder is worth thousands of dollars. What can be done to save this species is banning all gillnets throughout the Vaquita's habitat range and stopping the illegal trade of Totoaba. Also capturing some remaining Vaquitas for their survival and to breed them. This is your moment, be apart of something greater than yourself. Let's show future generations on how we saved this majestic species from almost going extinct. Ask yourself, don't I want to be remembered as one of many people that helped saved a one of a kind marine mammal. Let's make history You can help by signing my petition and sharing this with others. You can also create your own petition about Vaquitas. Information used:

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Petition to Suzanne Jones

Create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space!

Give a  HOOT! Please sign this petition to create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve - a wonderful place for people and Owls!  Please also share this petition with your friends. Our dream is that by creating the Owl Education Center more than 10,000 school children each year will be able to experience the majestic Twin Lakes Owls and witness the miracle of Baby Owls learning to fly.  These wonderful nature hikes will be guided  guided by teachers and students and Owl Preserve volunteers. This spring we hope that thousands of Boulder Valley School District students will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and help ecologists restore the twenty acre Owl Hunting Meadow to rich short grass native prairie with abundant wildflowers. Join the Twin Lakes Owl Open Space meetup here:  To Volunteer text Owl Volunteer to the cell number below.  Thanks! Ken Beitel,  Chair of Wilderness Conservation Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space email:   cell:  720 436 2465 ****** Background Information ******** Why is Twin Lakes considered the most important Owl habitat in Colorado? More view peoples experience the thrill of seeing Owls at Twin Lakes than anywhere else in the state!   According to Boulder County Parks and Open Space more than 100,000 people visits happen each year at Twin Lakes.  Folks come from all over the county and state  marvel at the miracle of being able to hear and see Colorado's most famous owls.   • Each spring at Twin Lakes in North Boulder, a  family of Great Horned owls nest in a hollow tree. • For decades, thousands of people have come to see to see the newly hatched baby owls emerge from their nest. Mother and father owl are never far away. It’s thrilling to see tremendous owl wingspans flying up from the Owl Hunting meadow behind their nesting tree with a delicious mouse or other meal for the young owlets. 1) Boulder County wants to bulldoze the Owl Hunting Meadow to cram in 300+ apartments. 2) Boulder Valley School District is breaking the law.  The deed for the land states that it must be used for a park or a school. Wildlife biologists tell us that human activities can destroy owl habitat and make them less likely to survive.(Rohner, 2001; Rudolph, 1970; Sullivan, 1995) You can help create the new Twin Lakes Owl Open Space! A wonderful and nurturing place for owls and people, the new 20 acre Owl Preserve and Open Space  will feature an Owl Education Center with interpretive signs and beautiful pictures explaining the owl life cycle and importance of the hunting meadow.   Share this petition with your friends by clicking Share on Facebook Visit to participate in Great Horned Owl events like interpretive hikes to the Owl Nesting Tree and music concerts to benefit the Owls!   With your help the Owl family will have a home for decades to come! Owl Photo Credit: Alexa Boyes.  Baby Owl Photo: For more information or to volunteer please email:

Twin Lakes Owl Open Space
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