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Petition to Núria Marín, ÀREA METROPOLITANA DE BARCELONA, Hospital Oncològic Duran i Reynals (ICO)

Install a commemorative plaque on Dani Infante's memory

Dani died on July 25th in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, his hometown. He fought for almost 3 years against one of those "rare diseases" so underrated by the pharmaceutical industry. Ewing's sarcoma is a mostly pediatric cancer, very rare and extremely aggressive. Dani was living in Switzerland with his wife Nathália when he was diagnosed. He was finishing his PhD in photonics but this had to be postponed. They decided to return to Barcelona to start treatment as soon as possible with their families. Chemotherapy cycles were not enough to stop Dani to fight against injustices happening around him. His constructive critical spirit always helped to improve many people and institutions. One of those many victories came when he felt the necessity to protect the bus stop of one of the most important oncological hospitals in Catalonia, which was made without a shelter. The patients had to wait for several minutes outdoors, without protection from the sun during the summer, from the rain in winter and without even being able to sit down to rest after the chemotherapy cycle. Dani contacted the company “Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona” and the local government of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat but nobody took action on the matter. It was not until Dani made a video to bring attention to this problem and shared it on Facebook that the institutions started to take this issue seriously. In just hours it became viral and passed over half a million views. The Mayor of L’Hospitalet reached out to him and shared a post in FaceBook thanking his fight and confirming the shelter will be a reality very soon. We would like to honor our Dani. We want a commemorative plaque in his memory located in the same bus stop that so many oncologic patients have needed for so long (Camí Pau Redó - Hospital O. Duran I Reynals - L’Hospitalet de Llobregat). "This plaque was installed thanks to the fight of Dani Infante." Let's get these signatures for him to be able to present the proposal to the Mayor! #TODOSSOMOSDANI #TODOSCONDANI Link of Dani’s Blog: Link of the re-shared video (after FaceBook removed it): L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Mayor Post thanking Dani his social fight: link)

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Petition to Núria Marín, ÀREA METROPOLITANA DE BARCELONA, Hospital Oncològic Duran i Reynals (ICO)

Placa conmemorativa a Dani Infante en la parada de autobús del Hospital Duran i Reynals

Dani falleció el pasado 25 de julio en L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, su ciudad natal. Desde hacía prácticamente 3 años luchaba contra una de esas 'enfermedades raras' tan poco valoradas por las multinacionales farmacéuticas. El Sarcoma de Ewing es un cáncer mayoritariamente pediátrico, muy poco habitual y sumamente agresivo. La noticia cayó como un jarro de agua fría mientras Dani vivía en Suiza junto a su mujer Nathália. Estaba acabando su doctorado en fotónica, pero en aquellos momentos los estudios tuvieron que esperar. Decidieron volver a Barcelona  para empezar un tratamiento lo antes posible junto a su familia.  Los ciclos de quimioterapia y todo lo que eso conlleva no dejaron indiferente a Dani en referencia a las injusticias que pasaban a su alrededor. Su espíritu crítico constructivo siempre ayudó a mejorar a muchas personas e instituciones.  Una de esas tantas victorias que consiguió llegó cuando percibió la necesidad de proteger la parada de autobuses de uno de los hospitales oncológicos más importantes de Cataluña, que se encontraba con una infraestructura obsoleta, sin marquesina. Los pacientes tenían que esperar durante varios minutos a la intemperie, sin cobijarse del sol en verano, de la lluvia en invierno y, sin ni siquiera poder sentarse para descansar después del ciclo de quimioterapia. Dani contactó con la empresa Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona y con el Ajuntament de L'Hospitalet en balde.  No fue hasta que Dani grabó un vídeo haciendo el reclamo y lo compartió en Facebook hasta que se empezaron a tomar cartas en el asunto. Lo que él no sabía es que en cuestión de horas se viralizase hasta superar el medio millón de reproducciones. El seguimiento fue muy mediático y eso hizo que llegara a la Alcaldesa de L’Hospitalet. A partir de este momento fue cuando la lucha dio sus frutos y se decidió instalar la tan necesaria marquesina. Nos gustaría homenajear a nuestro Dani. Queremos una placa conmemorativa en su memoria ubicada en esa misma parada (Camí Pau Redó - Hospital O. Duran I Reynals - L’Hospitalet de Llobregat) que tantos y tantos pacientes oncológicos han necesitado durante tanto tiempo.  "Esta marquesina fue instalada gracias a la lucha de Dani Infante". ¡Consigamos estas firmas por él para poder presentarle la propuesta a la Alcaldesa! #TODOSSOMOSDANI #TODOSCONDANI Link del blog de Dani: Link del vídeo resubido (después que FaceBook lo eliminase): Link del post de la Alcaldesa de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat agradeciendo a Dani su reclamo social:  (English petition)  

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Petition to Salvador Illa Roca

Make All Spanish Beaches Smoke-Free

Surely it has happened to you too: you are on the beach, perhaps with children, and suddenly you’re breathing in tobacco smoke. This is a common occurance because if somebody is smoking next to your beach umbrella, you are also likely breathing in their tobacco smoke through secondhand smoke exposure. You have probably also seen a child put a cigarette butt in his or her mouth while playing in the sand because the beaches are full of them. That is why we need beaches to become healthy places that families can enjoy without tobacco smoke and cigarette butt litter. Smoke-free beaches would also eliminate one of the most toxic contaminants of the ocean, as cigarette butts pollute up to 50 liters of water with nicotine and tar, taking 10 years to degrade, during which time it is consumed by fish and entered into the food chain. On some beaches in Spain smoking is already prohibited. As of now, there are no penalties for non-compliance, but this initiative is increasingly widespread. In Galicia alone, where the local government has led this initiative brilliantly, there are 141 beaches where smoking is not allowed. Some of these are well-known beaches appearing in tourist brochures; others are lesser-known but upscale. There are also smoke-free beaches in the Region of Murcia, Asturias, Catalunya, and the cities of Motril(Granada), Torrox (Málaga) and Vera (Almería) in Andalusia, and on Spain’s famous islands Mallorca, Ibiza and  Gran Canaria, all declared 100% smoke-free. However, there is still a long way to go. ( considers it essential to establish regulations at the national level to facilitate the implementation of these measures in the most effective way, either through regional or local administration. This way, there would be a national standard that would allow for  the existence of smoke-free beaches throughout the country. Sign this petition to urge the Minister of Health, Mª Luisa Carcedo, to initiate the process of a preliminary anti-tobacco bill that would include converting Spanish beaches into smoke-free environments! This legislation would protect the public from secondhand smoke exposure in places where there are often large crowds of people, of particular importance for children, the elderly and those suffering from respiratory illnesses; it would also protect our oceans and beaches from toxic cigarette butt contamination. Please help us to make beaches a healthier place where we can all enjoy smoke-free air and clean sand without cigarette butt pollution. Signing this petition will help support a move towards legislation that will allow us to achieve this goal, which we hope will open the door for smoke-free protections for other spaces such as swimming pools, outdoor shows and concerts, and sports venues. Thank you very much! For the right to live without tobacco smoke is an apolitical and non-denominational non-profit association, registered as number 172.478 with the Spanish National Registry of Associations, and is the main Spanish association in defense of the right to live without forced secondhand tobacco smoke exposure.

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