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Petition to Jim Runestad, Tim Greimel, Rose Mary Robinson, Vanessa Guerra, William Sowerby, Lana Theis, Martin Howrylak, Triston Cole, Pamela Hornberger, Beau LaFave

Ensure that Saheeda Nadeem can live in Kalamazoo, MI without fear of deportation.

Our neighbor, Saheeda Nadeem, has been living and working in the United States for the last 13 years. Originally from Pakistan, she fled the country over 40 years ago and lived in Kuwait before making her way to the states under a non-immigrant visa.  Her visa expired on June 18, 2010, at which point a federal judge ordered she be removed from the U.S. Two appeals to the Board of Immigration in 2011 and 2012 were denied. Saheeda’s original asylum case was denied largely due to errors in translation—an all too common determinant in asylum case denials. Saheeda has worked fulltime as a caregiver in a group home for over a decade, serving disabled adults. She is known in our community as “Auntie Saheeda.” Saheeda has broken no laws while living in the U.S. She has paid her taxes each year she’s lived here. Now 62, Saheeda has taken up sanctuary in First Congregational Church as a final effort to avoid deportation. If she were forced to return to Pakistan, we believe her life would be in danger due to personal matters. Kalamazoo has been the home she's shared with her two children. Her 20 year old son Samad lives in Kalamazoo, and is attending school at Western Michigan University via the “Kalamazoo Promise.” Her daughter Lareb died in a car accident in 2016, a month after graduating from WMU. Saheeda visited her daughter's grave every day to pray—something she is no longer able to do. We are urging the Michigan House Judiciary Committee to pass a private bill granting Ms. Saheeda Nadeem a stay of deportation. Please add your name to support this effort and help protect our neighbor, Auntie Saheeda.  

Kaitlin Martin
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Petition to John Armor, Tim Gallaudet

Protect California's Central Coast!

Your support is needed to establish a new Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary on California’s Central Coast to permanently protect this biologically and culturally rich area from offshore oil development. WHY THIS MATTERSOil-soaked pelicans, dead dolphins, closed beaches, fishing bans, and economic hardship for coastal businesses as a result of the most recent Santa Barbara-area spill remind us that oil and oceans don’t mix! California’s Central Coast is an area of extraordinary biodiversity. Endangered whales, dolphins, sea otters, seals, pelicans and other wildlife thrive here, feeding on rich nutrient upwellings. The new Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary would stretch from Gaviota, near the recent oil spill, to Cambria, terminus of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Sanctuary status for this area would prohibit oil development, seismic testing, dumping of agriculture wastewater, and other threats. Comprehensive ecosystem management would ensure the health of the marine habitat. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently expanded two Northern California sanctuaries and is evaluating potential new national marine sanctuaries, This makes the South Central Coast a prime candidate. We need a strong push from the public to get NOAA to act now! Tim Gallaudet Ph.D., USN Ret. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere1401 Constitution Avenue NW, Room 5128Washington, DC 20230202.482.6236 Learn more:

Northern Chumash Tribal Council
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Petition to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, Santa Rosa City Council, Sebastopol City Council, Cotati City Council, Rohnert Park City Council, Windsor City Council, Healdsburg City Council, Sonoma City Council, Cloverdale City Council, Petaluma City Council, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch, Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas

It Won't Happen Here - Sonoma County Resistance to the Trump Agenda

This is a call for people living in Sonoma County, California (PLEASE DO NOT SIGN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN SONOMA COUNTY, but create a similar statement for your elected representatives.) to endorse the following It Won't Happen Here Statement.  Email us at for a hard copy of the petition. English followed by Spanish followed by explanation: WHEREAS, to safeguard the equal and inalienable rights and inherent dignity of all people that is the foundation of the relationship between a government and the people; AND whereas, we recognize that the rights and dignity of all people are under threat; WE, the undersigned individuals residing in Sonoma County, CA, call upon all Sonoma County governing authorities and law enforcement agencies to pledge in writing to protect all of the County's community members; FURTHERMORE, we call upon these authorities and agencies to proclaim publicly that they will refuse to cooperate with any demands from the federal government to institute detentions, deportations, registries, conversion therapies, imprisonment or any other acts that target or discriminate based on immigration status, race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, ability, political affiliation, economic status, age, gender-identity or sexual orientation; FURTHERMORE, we, the undersigned individuals, in obedience to our consciences, pledge to protect, to the best of our ability, all community members and will support our local governments as they move to resist these undemocratic and un-American practices in order to reaffirm their commitment to inclusivity, respect and dignity. ESTO NO SUCEDERA AQUI - Resistencia del Condado de Sonoma a la Agenda de Trump CONSIDERANDO que, para proteger los derechos iguales e inalienables y la dignidad inherente de todas las personas, que es el fundamento de la relación entre un gobierno y el pueblo; Y CONSIDERANDO que reconocemos que los derechos y la dignidad de todas las personas están amenazados; NOSOTROS, los abajo firmantes que residen en el condado de Sonoma, CA, pedimos a todas las autoridades gubernamentales del condado de Sonoma y las agencias de aplicación de la ley que se comprometan por escrito a proteger a todos los miembros de la comunidad del condado; ADEMÁS, exhortamos a estas autoridades y agencias a proclamar públicamente que se negarán a cooperar con cualquier demanda del gobierno federal para instituir detenciones, deportaciones, registros, terapias de conversión, encarcelamiento o cualquier otro acto que apunte o discrimine basado en el estatus migratorio, Raza, origen étnico, religión, país de origen, capacidad, afiliación política, condición económica, edad, identidad de género u orientación sexual;ADEMÁS, los abajo firmantes, en obediencia a nuestras conciencias, nos comprometemos a proteger, en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, a todos los miembros de la comunidad y apoyaremos a nuestros gobiernos locales en su intento de resistir estas prácticas antidemocráticas y antiamericanas para reafirmar su compromiso con la inclusión, el respeto y la dignidad. *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.   *.    *.     *.      After the 2016 presidential election, so many people were talking about what might happen under a Trump presidency that a group of people came together to create a statement that would go to Sonoma County's city councils, the Board of Supervisors, the D.A., the Sheriff and the school boards letting them know that we expect them to protect all the people of Sonoma County (CA) from laws, executive orders and department regulations which would violate their civil rights. Through a Facebook announcement initiated by local activist, Susan Lamont, we ended up with more than 70 people from many communities working on the statement over the course of six meetings. We are currently involved in getting as many groups (95 groups have endorsed as of 1/9/17) and individuals as possible to endorse it before we take it to those elected bodies. This petition is the vehicle for support by individuals. We believe that these are not normal times and that people will make extraordinary efforts to be on the right side of history. We would like to make Sonoma County a county of resistance to all forms of discrimination. For those of us born in the years immediately following the end of WWII, we have heard people of all political persuasions say "Never again!" and "How did the German people allow that to happen?" We're essentially asking people to show that those reactions really meant something. We do not know exactly what the Trump administration will bring forth by law or executive order or department policies. But we should know what we will not allow or accept. The rhetoric of Trump and his appointees cannot be met with halfway measures or a wait-and-see attitude. We must be clear in our resistance and refusal from the start. Elected officials around the country are speaking up. The Mayor of New York City has been particularly strong in saying he will break the law to resist. Governor Jerry Brown has spoken out strongly, as well. We want the same from our elected representatives in Sonoma County. We can and should resist here. We can and should say “It won't happen here.” (This group is a loose affiliation of many people from many walks of life. We've been so busy promoting the statement that we haven't had time to create a formal organization - but we'll get to it! We do have a phone # -707-595-0153 - and an email address -    

It Won't Happen Here - Sonoma County Resistance
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