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Petition to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, Santa Rosa City Council, Sebastopol City Council, Cotati City Council, Rohnert Park City Council, Windsor City Council, Healdsburg City Council, Sonoma City Council, Cloverdale City Council, Petaluma City Council, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch, Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas

It Won't Happen Here - Sonoma County Resistance to the Trump Agenda

This is a call for people living in Sonoma County, California (PLEASE DO NOT SIGN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN SONOMA COUNTY, but create a similar statement for your elected representatives.) to endorse the following It Won't Happen Here Statement.  Email us at for a hard copy of the petition. English followed by Spanish followed by explanation: WHEREAS, to safeguard the equal and inalienable rights and inherent dignity of all people that is the foundation of the relationship between a government and the people; AND whereas, we recognize that the rights and dignity of all people are under threat; WE, the undersigned individuals residing in Sonoma County, CA, call upon all Sonoma County governing authorities and law enforcement agencies to pledge in writing to protect all of the County's community members; FURTHERMORE, we call upon these authorities and agencies to proclaim publicly that they will refuse to cooperate with any demands from the federal government to institute detentions, deportations, registries, conversion therapies, imprisonment or any other acts that target or discriminate based on immigration status, race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, ability, political affiliation, economic status, age, gender-identity or sexual orientation; FURTHERMORE, we, the undersigned individuals, in obedience to our consciences, pledge to protect, to the best of our ability, all community members and will support our local governments as they move to resist these undemocratic and un-American practices in order to reaffirm their commitment to inclusivity, respect and dignity. ESTO NO SUCEDERA AQUI - Resistencia del Condado de Sonoma a la Agenda de Trump CONSIDERANDO que, para proteger los derechos iguales e inalienables y la dignidad inherente de todas las personas, que es el fundamento de la relación entre un gobierno y el pueblo; Y CONSIDERANDO que reconocemos que los derechos y la dignidad de todas las personas están amenazados; NOSOTROS, los abajo firmantes que residen en el condado de Sonoma, CA, pedimos a todas las autoridades gubernamentales del condado de Sonoma y las agencias de aplicación de la ley que se comprometan por escrito a proteger a todos los miembros de la comunidad del condado; ADEMÁS, exhortamos a estas autoridades y agencias a proclamar públicamente que se negarán a cooperar con cualquier demanda del gobierno federal para instituir detenciones, deportaciones, registros, terapias de conversión, encarcelamiento o cualquier otro acto que apunte o discrimine basado en el estatus migratorio, Raza, origen étnico, religión, país de origen, capacidad, afiliación política, condición económica, edad, identidad de género u orientación sexual;ADEMÁS, los abajo firmantes, en obediencia a nuestras conciencias, nos comprometemos a proteger, en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, a todos los miembros de la comunidad y apoyaremos a nuestros gobiernos locales en su intento de resistir estas prácticas antidemocráticas y antiamericanas para reafirmar su compromiso con la inclusión, el respeto y la dignidad. *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.   *.    *.     *.      After the 2016 presidential election, so many people were talking about what might happen under a Trump presidency that a group of people came together to create a statement that would go to Sonoma County's city councils, the Board of Supervisors, the D.A., the Sheriff and the school boards letting them know that we expect them to protect all the people of Sonoma County (CA) from laws, executive orders and department regulations which would violate their civil rights. Through a Facebook announcement initiated by local activist, Susan Lamont, we ended up with more than 70 people from many communities working on the statement over the course of six meetings. We are currently involved in getting as many groups (95 groups have endorsed as of 1/9/17) and individuals as possible to endorse it before we take it to those elected bodies. This petition is the vehicle for support by individuals. We believe that these are not normal times and that people will make extraordinary efforts to be on the right side of history. We would like to make Sonoma County a county of resistance to all forms of discrimination. For those of us born in the years immediately following the end of WWII, we have heard people of all political persuasions say "Never again!" and "How did the German people allow that to happen?" We're essentially asking people to show that those reactions really meant something. We do not know exactly what the Trump administration will bring forth by law or executive order or department policies. But we should know what we will not allow or accept. The rhetoric of Trump and his appointees cannot be met with halfway measures or a wait-and-see attitude. We must be clear in our resistance and refusal from the start. Elected officials around the country are speaking up. The Mayor of New York City has been particularly strong in saying he will break the law to resist. Governor Jerry Brown has spoken out strongly, as well. We want the same from our elected representatives in Sonoma County. We can and should resist here. We can and should say “It won't happen here.” (This group is a loose affiliation of many people from many walks of life. We've been so busy promoting the statement that we haven't had time to create a formal organization - but we'll get to it! We do have a phone # -707-595-0153 - and an email address -    

It Won't Happen Here - Sonoma County Resistance
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Petition to Bill Cassidy, Senator of Louisiana


Tony, a Siberian-Bengal tiger, has endured 17 years of misery at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana. That is why the Animal Legal Defense Fund has taken to the Louisiana courts to free Tony from this truck stop nightmare. We won our lawsuit to prevent Tony’s “owner” Michael Sandlin from renewing his permit. Sandlin subsequently filed his own lawsuit to overturn the state’s ban on big cat ownership. Sandlin has exploited tigers for over 20 years: buying, breeding, selling, and exhibiting tigers in poor conditions for his own profit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Sandlin’s truck stop in the past for unsanitary feeding practices; mishandling tigers; and failure to provide veterinary care, shelter from inclement weather, clean drinking water, and knowledgeable employees to care for the tigers. In 2003, Sandlin’s animal welfare violations sparked public outcry, and three tigers were removed. The USDA allowed Sandlin to keep one tiger: Tony. He has been alone ever since. Life at the truck stop is harmful to an animal with such sensitive hearing and acute sense of smell, says veterinarian Jennifer Conrad, who has cared for captive large cats for two decades. After visiting Tony, she declared he is “in poor condition and needs intervention on his behalf.” In addition to exposure to noise and diesel fumes, Tony is taunted by truck stop visitors. His enclosure lacks adequate enrichment. He has no pool of water to cool off in the blazing heat of the summer. As a result of this stressful confinement, Tony constantly paces in his enclosure, putting him at risk for dangerous and painful veterinary conditions. His suffering demonstrates the problem of privately-owned tigers with no room to move around. There are less than 500 Siberian and only 2,500 Bengal tigers left in the wild. In their natural habitat, tigers live alone, travel many miles to hunt, and avoid humans. Please send Tony to a reputable Sanctuary NOW!!!!

Ruth McD
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Petition to Langley City Council

Pass an Inclusive City Ordinance in Langley, WA

Let's pass an Inclusive City ordinance and make Langley a safe place for all our residents  In the context of the current presidential administration, it is more important than ever that we come together as a community to protect the most vulnerable among us.  What is an Inclusive City? An Inclusive City is a place where local government officials do not turn over information about a person's immigration status to the Federal government, unless a criminal case is underway. In Inclusive towns and counties, diversity is honored; City staff do not ask about a resident's immigration, LGBTQ or religious status when they apply for permits, business licenses, assistance with childcare, or other services. Many places have been inclusive for many years, and others have passed ordinances since the election of Donald Trump in an effort to protect law-abiding undocumented people in their communities. Some cities have added religious groups into their ordinances because of the Trump administration's threats to create a registry of Muslim Americans.  Why do we need an ordinance? An ordinance is the strongest, most protective solution available to our community. An ordinance builds protections into the City's municipal code, and must be followed by all decision-makers. A resolution does not have the same authority. Inclusive protections for undocumented people--and for anyone targeted on the basis of their religion, nationality or ethnicity--will become part of our town's legal framework once an ordinance is passed. We are proposing an Inclusive City ordinance rather than a Sanctuary City ordinance because an Inclusive City ordinance includes all the protections of a Sanctuary City ordinance plus strong protections for persons of all religions. In becoming an Inclusive City, Langley would codify its answer to the question: what will we do when asked by the Federal government to collect and turn over information about people based on their immigration status, LGBTQ status, or religious affiliation? **IMPORTANT NOTE TO LANGLEY RESIDENTS: If you live within the city limits of Langley, please note that in the comments.**

Natasha Dworkin
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Petition to Howard County Executive, Jon Weinstein, Dr. Calvin Ball, Jen Terrasa, Mary Kay Sigaty, Greg Fox, Howard County Council

Make Howard County a Sanctuary County

*Due to the local nature of this petition, please only sign if you are a resident of Howard County, MD.* Dear Howard County Council Members and County Executive Allan Kittleman, The signatories of this petition request that you support Council Bill 9 to make Howard County a Sanctuary County and a safe community for all of our residents. The signatories of this petition also request that you consider additional measures to protect the religious affiliation of residents in this community. President- Elect Trump’s statements calling for the creation of a Muslim registry and the wholesale deportation of undocumented immigrants deeply worry many people in Howard County and throughout our nation. As you know, Howard County has a very diverse population -- racially, culturally, economically, and in many other ways – and this diversity is greatly valued by many residents.  The signatories of this petition fervently support and hope to continue the caring, diverse community that has proven to be a significant asset to our County’s growth and civility. In the past, Howard County has worked to end discrimination and create a safe community for people of all backgrounds. Other Maryland counties, including Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, have already taken action to protect their residents by becoming Sanctuary Counties. We want Howard County to follow this lead and support the security of all of our residents by also becoming a Sanctuary County through County Bill 9. County Bill 9 is “AN ACT providing that certain individuals shall take, or refrain from taking, specified actions with respect to the immigration status of specified individuals; prohibiting certain discrimination based on citizenship status; requiring that certain information related to citizenship status be kept confidential; providing a procedure whenever specified provisions may be preempted by other law; requiring specified officials to take actions under certain circumstances; and generally relating to human rights in Howard County.”  (County Bill 9 Proposed by Calvin Ball and Jennifer Terrassa) View full version below.   In addition to County Bill 9, signatories of this petition also feel that Howard County cannot be considered a Sanctuary County unless religious affiliation of residents are also protected. Therefore, we use this to bring the following claims to the attention of the County Council and County Executive in the hope that they will take immediate action to enact these as law: Whereas the President-elect and his supporters have increased threats against people of certain religions and citizenship status, and Whereas this information is not needed to provide services to students or residents in Howard County, The religious affiliation of individual persons shall be immediately deleted from any and all county databases; The religious affiliation of any individual person shall not be collected in the future by the Howard County School System, Howard County Police Department and Sheriff’s Office, any Howard County Department or Agency, any employee of Howard County government, or any entity contracting with Howard County government. Furthermore, county funds will not be used to enforce, aid, or offset federal efforts to obtain demographic information related to the religious affiliation of any individual person. Census data on religious affiliation may be taken only if the information is not linked to any individual person. Signatories   *Please comment on the county district or representative of your residence if you know that information.* District 1: Jon Weinstein District 2: Dr. Calvin Ball District 3: Jen Terrasa District 4: Mary Kay Sigaty District 5: Greg Fox  

Gavin Kohn
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