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Petition to San Francisco Recreation and Park Commissioners, Ahsha Safai, Hillary Ronen, Malia Cohen, Mayor Ed Lee

Do not approve the trails and paths focus plan by the Recreation and Park Department.

The SF Park Commission Rubber Stamped that funding be approved for the entire Vision Plan on November 16 despite 949 park enthusiasts signing the petition against the Trail and Path portion of the Vision Plan. We need to be active and attend the next yet to be announced Trail and Path meeting to get the changes we want.  The plan offered by RPD runs counter to what the public has called for during a year of "community driven process." Major changes need to be negotiated before we will have a plan that serves the needs of the public.  We want to preserve the character of McLaren Park, keeping it wild and free.  The trail network is a vital part of McLaren Park. We do not want 5 miles of trails taken away.  Here are some specific issues that need to be considered. We... want the paved paths repaired and made safe. An intersection that should be included is at Cambridge and Shelly. It is dangerous and poorly designed. want the existing trails maintained and repaired, not closed.
 do not approve of the closure of the recently built University Hill Switchbacks and the Upper Reservoir Switchbacks. Add in erosion control techniques. There are none currently.
 do not want any areas closed so that there is no access. want to keep the trails narrow and winding. The trails are for enjoyment, not just getting from A to B. do not want money spent on trail reroutes and having to move Philosopher's Way Markers, bench or musing stations unnecessarily. want to keep the existing grades to most trails. Not all trails need to be easy.
 want to improve the existing trails in the Redwood Grove to bypass the main picnic/ kid's playground area. want to improve the trail leading down from Peace Sign Hill down towards the Blue Tower while leaving the bench where it is. do not want fences. They just get vandalized.
 the trees to be maintained and remove the dangerous ones.
 don't want unnecessary improvements such as a welcome center/sign. RPD can't afford the maintenance. 
 want the wide trail leading down from the Upper Reservoir to the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater repaired. want maps of the park on the trails. Maps have been asked for since the 80s. That is why people still feel lost or overwhelmed.

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Petition to SFMTA, SFMTA Board of Directors, Charlie Ream, Sandra Lee Fewer

Support the 8th Avenue Neighborway!

SFMTA is proposing a first-of-its-kind in San Francisco traffic calming and safety project called the 8th Avenue Neighborway. Neighborways accomplish this by lowering speeds, reducing traffic volumes, and improving the visibility of people on the sidewalk. The idea is to keep people safe by making the design of the street itself encourage calm behavior, so that everyone can get to their destinations comfortably. This is why the project includes a number of design elements aimed at improving the streetscape. We were unfortunately just reminded of the need to make streets safer in our neighborhood when someone driving hit and killed a 78-year person walking in Inner Richmond. This is a sad and unacceptable loss of life. We cannot be complacent and we have an opportunity to make our streets safer with this project. One of the main criticisms is that it will make it harder for people who drive to get around. While we empathize, it’s imperative that we continue to move forward with plans that prioritize safety of individuals on our city streets over convenience. In addition, this makes the route more convenient for those who don’t rely on cars to navigate San Francisco. We need to start building a city that makes that a reality. Projects much like this have been implemented in Berkeley in the past, so we have models of what success looks like. The Richmond has great resources that bound it, Golden Gate Park on the south and Lands End and the Presidio to the north, and it’s imperative we starting connecting them with each other with projects like this. For the future of our city and our world, we need to start implementing greener solutions for getting around our city. For the future of our friends and neighbors, we need to start implementing safer solutions for getting around our city. This is a step in the right direction. Sign this petition and show your support today!  

Grow The Richmond
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Petition to Ford GoBike, Katy Tang, Norman Yee, London Breed, Sandra Lee-Fewer

Bring bikeshare to the entire Sunset District!

The Sunset District is one of the most bikeable areas in San Francisco. Bikeshare in our neighborhood would be immensely popular, beneficial, and useful. However, there is no planned GoBike expansion for bikeshare in the majority of the Sunset District. Bikeshare is a green, affordable, and healthy transportation alternative to driving or even public transit. This type of infrastructure would allow folks in the Sunset to get around the neighborhood and the city without the hassle of car ownership, freeing up limited street parking and increasing foot traffic to our local businesses. Properly located around the main Muni transit lines (N-Judah, L-Taraval, 7-Noriega), bike routes (Kirkham St, Ortega St, Vicente St, etc.), and arteries (19th Avenue, Sunset Boulevard, Great Highway, Sloat Boulevard, etc.), bikeshare stations could fill most public transportation coverage gaps. With the planned bikeshare expansion to the Richmond District in 2018, bikeshare in the Sunset would provide more links between the two sides of Golden Gate Park. Bikeshare in the Sunset would also make our schools, parks, playgrounds, and popular landmarks more accessible to Sunset neighbors and visitors. Residents would have an easy way to visit neighborhood attractions like the San Francisco Zoo, Ocean Beach, the Beach Chalet, and the Tiled Steps. Our low-income neighbors can also benefit from this program thanks to the “Bikeshare For All” option that provides one year of membership for only $5. Riding a bike is fun, convenient, and sustainable. Please bring bikeshare to the entire Sunset District!

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