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Petition to London Breed, Aaron Peskin, Edward Reiskin

Protected bike lanes on the Embarcadero to improve public safety

On June 27th, someone driving a car crashed into Kevin Manning on the Embarcadero in San Francisco and sped away. Kevin was riding a pedicab (a bike with a trailer for passengers) with 2 passengers in the back—a 32-year-old mother and her 5-year-old daughter. The mother and daughter were injured but thankfully survived. Two weeks later, Kevin died from the injuries he sustained. The city of San Francisco has been planning safety improvements on this stretch of the Embarcadero for years—including a protected bike lane—but they have delayed the installation of the safety improvements for years. This collision likely would have been prevented had the city made these changes on time. This petition asks the city of San Francisco to install the protected bike lanes by the end of 2018. This timeline is achievable through short term solutions such as moving the existing parking and/or converting a traffic lane into a protected bike lane, and using paint and quick-to-install posts and curbs to create the protected bike lane. Other cities like New York City have installed similar protected bike lanes in as little as two weeks.The key decision makers who can get these protected bike lanes installed on time are: San Francisco Mayor London BreedSFMTA Director Ed Reiskin District 3 Supervisor Aaron PeskinFor the history of delays by SFMTA getting these bike lanes installed: article about Kevin Manning:

Patrick Traughber
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Petition to Bureau of Urban Forestry Chris Buck, San Francisco Department of Public Works/Director

Save the Trees Around The Main Library in San Francisco

San Francisco has posted tree removal notices on a series of healthy, mature l (Ficus) trees on Grove and Hyde Streets in the Civic Center opposed by neighbors and merchants The lead agency for this threat is the Bureau of Urban Forestry/Department of Public Works (DPW). According to the latest tree census, there are an estimated 2,700 mature Ficus street trees planted years ago by the City in the early 1960s. DPW is acting under a 2014 standing order (#183151) to eliminate Ficus trees that neatly folds in with a recent 2016 voter initiative (Proposition E) returning maintenance of street trees to the City. Simply put, removing this many trees reduces maintenance costs in the long run for the City but also further diminishes the size and volume of our urban forest canopy, already the smallest (at 16%) of any major American city today. In the case of Main Library at 100 Larkin, tree removals will deprive a diverse neighborhood of its character and wildlife habitats, contribute to local climate change by removing carbon sinks, increase respiratory health problems of residents caused by auto pollution, eliminate the cooling provided by shade trees, exacerbate stormwater drainage by diverting water into an antiquated sewer system and destroying nesting grounds for a variety of bird populations. Please sign our petition and comment to end this War on Trees happening throughout San Francisco.

John Nulty
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Petition to Hilary Ronen

Save Senor Sisig in the Mission SF

Dear Friends and Family, We need your support to help keep Señor Sisig and the community space in the Mission District @ 701 Valencia St. For more than a year, Señor Sisig has been serving at the corner lot on 701 Valencia St. in San Francisco's beloved Mission District. During this time, we have received NO COMPLAINTS from the community, only excitement and love. Recently, we applied for a permit that would allow additional food trucks to join us in the lot. Our vision was to create a community space that would support the local (Mission District) residents, businesses and non-profits by giving them free/affordable spaces to operate/utilize in the heart of the Mission District alongside us. Unfortunately, at our initial hearing on March 15th, 2018, the San Francisco Planning Commission added a NO FOOD condition to the proposed permit that prevented us from adding any additional food trucks to the lot. This new edict of NO FOOD has also prevented Señor Sisig’s existing operation at 701 Valencia from continuing, effective immediately. As a result of losing this location, we’ve encountered an immediate loss of both business and employment for Señor Sisig staff members. We wholeheartedly find this decision to be wrong and unjust. We believe the planning commission is so focused on the expanded use of the lot, that it failed to consider the consequences to existing businesses. We have filed an appeal with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The hearing will be held on May 15th, 2018 at 3pm in Room 250 at San Francisco’s City Hall (1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102). Please feel free to come and support us if you are able. However, what we truly need is for all of our friends and family to sign this petition, “Save Senor Sisig in the Mission” in the hopes of getting the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to remove the condition of NO FOOD on the conditional use permit at 701 Valencia St. Your support will help significantly and ultimately, could enable Senor Sisig to continue operating at this location. We thank you all for all your continued support and hope to see you at 701 Valencia St. soon! In addition to signing this petition, please feel free to email the Board of Supervisors your feelings about this matter:,,,,,,,,,,,,  

Senor Sisig
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Petition to Mark Farrell

Add boulders to Bernal Heights pedestrian walk along Folsom to increase safety (SF)

Proposing to extend boulders that line the pedestrian walk along north side of Bernal Heights Open Space that act as protection from traffic.  The pedestrian walk runs on Folsom from the west, across from the parking lot and Park gate to the east Park end near the Vista Garden and Carver Street. Currently, the boulders also start near the Park gate at Folsom but end 100 to 150 feet before the stop sign at the east end of the park.  A recent hit-and-run accident illustrated why modifications are past due:  On Wednesday, April 28th, 2018, at 8:20 a.m., a Jeep Liberty driving eastbound entered the westbound lane then swerved onto the sidewalk and struck down a pedestrian [case has been solved thank you SFPD].  To continue the existing safety pattern using boulders, the following modifications are suggested:   Remove guardrail from eastern section of  Folsom Street proceeding west from stop sign near Vista Garden.  Extend the width of the sidewalk for 100 to 150 feet from the stop sign, westward to where the boulders currently end, removing shrubbery and reinforcing downtown side of the hillside, if necessary.  Add new sidewalk nearer the hillside and continue margin of at least five feet with boulders acting as barrier between the roadway and the pedestrian walk all the way to the crosswalk to Vista Garden.  Replace, move and add plantings to restore natural landscaping.  Add additional traffic slowing signs, lights or barriers as needed.  Report ETA and updates to Bernal community via this petition, Next Door, and/or “Bernalwood”.

Catherine Art
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