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Petition to Oficina del Parlamento Europeo en España, Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad

Por un Plan Nacional contra la Endometriosis

<<English version below>> Me llamo Eva García y sufro, como otras dos millones de mujeres en España, endometriosis. Un dolor insoportable, difícil de describir y que se repite cada mes. En mi caso la enfermedad está diagnosticada, pero miles de mujeres en nuestro país desconocen que la padecen. En alguna ocasión me he llegado a encontrar con algún ginecólogo que cree que exagero en mi dolor - como si él pudiera medirlo - y que lo que debo de hacer es aguantarme por ser mujer. “Que es lo que toca”. Muchas mujeres vemos mermadas nuestra calidad de vida, llegando incluso a incapacitarte para trabajar o hacer vida social. Lo más sorprendente es que la enfermedad está considerada como benigna y por tanto son casi inexistentes los programas de investigación y especialización sobre esta patología. Entre sus consecuencias más graves están los problemas de infertilidad. Si la enfermedad se complica puede suponer la pérdida de órganos reproductores, riñones, parte del colon, hígado o incluso verse dañado el pulmón, el corazón y el cerebro. En ocasiones la única solución que nos dan es medicarnos a base de hormonas como si de una cura se tratase, y en los casos más severos, cuando un órgano vital se afectado hay que recurrir a intervención quirúrgica por laparoscopia. Como mañana puede suceder a vuestra hija, hermana, amiga o novia, es necesario que todos y todas firmemos esta petición para pedir al Ministerio de Sanidad un plan específico sobre la endometriosis. >> Firma y difunde esta petición para que el Ministerio de Sanidad cree un Plan Nacional sobre Endometriosis. Cuanta más gente firme y comparta esta petición, más personas conocerán a qué nos estamos enfrentando, y qué pasos son necesarios para lograr una mayor investigación y una cura a la conocida como “enfermedad silenciosa”. Cada vez más personas están apoyando esta causa. Por eso no es un problema mío, sino de millones de mujeres en nuestro país. Es necesario una mayor especialización de los ginecólogos, la existencia de unidades especializadas y ayudas a los medicamentos que palian los dolores de esta enfermedad. Firma esta petición para ayudarme a conseguirlo. Por una vida sin dolor. PD. Puedes encontrar más información en la página de Facebook de ADAEC, donde se pueden conocer muchos casos, también cómo solicitar una derivación de nuestro caso y, en definitiva,  ayudarnos a estar más informadas. My name is Eva Garcia and I suffer from endometriosis. An unbearable pain, difficult to describe and which is repeated every month. In my case the disease was diagnosed, but there are millions of women in our country who are unaware that they are suffering it. I sometimes have had to deal with a gynecologist who believes that I exaggerate my pain - as if he/she could measure it - and has said that what I must do is endure the pain because I am a woman. "Such is life! It is what you have to live with," were his words. Many women have seen their quality of life reduced, and they are even physically unable to work or have a social life because the disease incapacitates them to do so. Most surprising is that the disease is considered benign and therefore almost no research programs exist and there are no doctors specializing on this pathology. Among its most serious consequences are infertility problems. If complications arise it can mean the loss of reproductive organs, kidneys, part of the colon, liver or even damaged veins, lungs, heart and brain. Hormone therapy is the only treatment and the only solution that is given to us in order to treat the disease, and it is pitched like it will be the cure, but it isn't. And in the most serious cases, when a vital organ has been affected, surgery by laparoscopy is necessary. Please bear in mind that maybe tomorrow your sister, your daughter, your friend, or your wife might be the ones afflicted with this disease. Therefore, I'm collecting signatures to ask the Spanish Government to help us to research this chronic disease. Finding a cure for endometriosis in one country means finding a cure for the rest of the world. So the support from as many people as possible is necessary.>> Sign and disseminate this request for the Ministry of Health create a National Plan on Endometriosis. The more people sign and share this request, the more people know what we are facing with and what steps are necessary in order to conduct further research and find a cure to what is known as a "silent disease." More and more people are supporting this cause. That is why it is not my problem, but of millions of women in our country. A greater number gynecologists specializing in endometriosis is necessary, as well as specialized medical teams in charge of treating this disease. Please sign this application to help me get it.It's for a life without pain. P.S. You can find more information on the ADAEC Facebook page, where you can also check many cases, look for a derivation of our case and, in short, help to be more informed.

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Petition to Organización Nacional de Trasplantes, Cristiano Ronaldo, sergio ramos, Iker Casillas, Sociedad Internacional de Trasplante de Hígado, Barack Obama, Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad, Rafael Nadal, Cuidados Intensivos del Hígado de Europa, Sociedad Europea de Trasplante de Hígado e Intestino, Rafael Matesanz, Organización Mundial de la Salud

La vida de una niña vale 115.000: tiene cirrosis del hígado y necesita un trasplante

Good day to everyone. This letter is a plea for help. My name is Olga Pronina. As a devastated mother of a very sick 2 years old Milana Medvetska, I beg you please read this message. I pray for your help for my daughter, Milana, she is only 2 years old, but has suffered so much! The only way to save the life of my child is the liver transplant, since she suffers from Biliary Atresia. I will be the donor for my child, and I would give her all, only to save her, our little star, our little daughter!               In Ukraine, where we currently live, doctors could not find a diagnosis for so many months, and the surgery “Kasai” was done too late… now we can only pray. But, with the help of volunteer organizations, we found out that in Ismett Hospital of Palermo, Italy these kinds of surgeries are done very successfully on the daily basis. This is our only hope!!! The physical stage of Milana’s health is worsening and worsening with each day. Many people are helping us, physically, emotionally and financially. And we are very thankful. But, unfortunately, money is everything… Our family doesn’t have such a big amount, especially now when Ukrainian situation is so bad. And with all the help we’ve already got, we still don’t have a small fraction of needed amount to save the life of our Milana. MILANA’S STORY. Milana is our long-awaited happiness and the second child in the family. Milanka has an older brother, who she loves, and is now 11 years old. Pregnancy and childbirth went well. I regularly took Vitamins, did a lot of walking, and underwent routing blood tests. And on September 24, 2014 at 23:55 (11:55pm) our daughter was born. On the third day, we were discharged from the hospital and we went home to meet the rest of the excited family: brother, father and grandmother. Milanka was breastfed, gained weight and developed well. Therefore, our pediatrician did not pay attention to the yellow color of her skin right up to 3 months. Then, when we came to her regular check-up visit in 3 months, we heard our first diagnosis of Congenital Hepatitis. And so it began ... At first, we were sent to local Infectious Diseases Hospital, where my girl was examined for various infections and viruses. Fortunately, they have not been confirmed. But as we got to the hospital on the New Year’s Eve and Christmas, her medical examination was delayed for weeks because of holidays. Later, in Lviv (another city 150 km from home), we have learned that prognosis were not good, and every day was at stake. Doctors were pulled. Since the infections and virus were not found, we were transferred to Children's Hospital, where after the MRI, the Biliary Atresia (uncorrectable type) was called into a question. We were sent to Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) to OHMATDIT (Children’s National Specialized Hospital), first to the clinic and then to the hospital. The same evening we went to Kiev; although doctors in our city assured us that it was too late to transfer to Specialized Hospital because we missed the valuable time by spending it on the right diagnosis. In our case, it is necessary for children to be operated before the age of 2 months, and our Milana was 3.5 months at that time. The next morning, we were for the consultation in Kiev’s clinic, we have not heard of any diagnosis or treatment strategy yet, but simply "Hoped for the best ..." Still, we were not satisfied with any answer, we haven’t only hoped, we have being desperate to save the life of our precious little girl. Through social networks, we contacted the parents of children with the same diagnosis. Special thanks to Angela Latiy that inspired us to keep the faith, and Doctor Galina Vasilevny; also, special thanks to social network “VContact” Rainbow of Life and its volunteers. We immediately contacted Doctor Galina and drove to the city again. Dr. Galina met us very well. We were pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere in the clinic and attention of Dr.Galina Vasilevny. She confirmed the diagnosis, and dare to do Kasai Portoenterostomy operation method. At that time, my daughter was almost 4 months. It is a miracle, but the operation has helped, despite the late age. The excess bile began to move away from the liver, Milanka’s tests improved. After 2.5 months, we returned home. Our happiness had no boundaries; we were hoping that our daughter will improve without a transplant! Unfortunately, in December 2015, after suffering ODS, our daughter began to slowly turn yellow, and the liver to increase. Over the last year, for the several times, we were admitted to the hospital for IV infusions, but the condition of the liver did not improve. My baby was getting more yellowish with each day, so were the blood tests worsening too. A new devastating diagnose came into play: Liver Cirrhosis. Therefore, our doctor decided to perform a liver transplantation. We ask you, please help us to save our daughter. Attaching some information about Milana. Milana Medvedtska was born on September 24, 2014, in Lutsk, Ukraine. Currently lives: Ukraine, Volyn region, city of Lutsk. 14a Koniakina Street, apartment 149. Mother: Olga Pronina, phone (011-38) 050-833-9480 if calling from USA, phone 050-833-9480 if calling from Ukraine. to donate:                                                                                  1. Unicredit – 000000-2113248773/2700.  Recipient Pavlo Medvetskyi (father) 2. PayPal – Recipient Olga Pronina(mother) 3. Bitcoin : 1JC9wPz9xbg7SQ5rVRmwf56Uuaf8zediLf 4. PrivatBank – 4149 4978 7311 8899. Recipient Olga Pronina (mother)  

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