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Petition to Marin County Board of Supervisors

Preserve San Geronimo Valley from inappropriate development

 The Board of Supervisors is considering purchase of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course in Marin County.  They would do so in cooperation with the Trust for Public Land.  They would restore fish and wildlife habitat along the creek, and prevent inappropriate development from taking place on the land. The golf course owners are willing to sell, presumably because, like elsewhere throughout the Bay Area, there is declining interest in golf.  One golf course in the Bay Area closes every two years.  Sadly, there are just too many golf courses for the declining number of golfers in our region, and the County cannot afford to subsidize continued golf course operation. San Geronimo Creek is critical habitat for Coho Salmon and steelhead.  The creek would be restored if the county purchases the golf course.  The land would be preserved for open space, and those who are unable to hike the steep trails surrounding the San Geronimo Valley would have a gentle place to walk during the day.  Please  support Marin County's plan to acquire the San Geronimo Golf Course for the purpose of recovering endangered coho salmon and steelhead trout, and turning it into a public park that will make it open and available to everyone. Turning this golf course into open space will have loads of ecological benefits:• Save over 49 million gallons (>$200,000) of water each year• Eliminate the use of fertilizers and pesticides that get into our water and air• Re-create floodplains that improve water quality and help reduce flooding of downstream houses • Allow the planting of trees, especially redwoods that sequester carbon and help to fight climate change, and• Improve creek habitats for endangered salmon and threatened trout and allow a host of other wildlife to thrive Thank you, Marin County and Supervisor Rodoni for stepping forward with this purchase! Converting these 157 acres into a public park will help the endangered species and the environment, benefit the majority of local residents and maintain the rural character of the San Geronimo Valley. Please sign this petition, and  contact your member of the Board of Supervisors and ask him or her to purchase the golf course and restore vital salmon habitat.

Jerry Meral
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Petition to Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment

Speak for the Salmon - Free the Snake. Honor and Respect Treaty Rights of the Nez Perce

Speak for the Salmon - Free the Snake. Honor and Respect Treaty Rights of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce). Every Voice is a Crack in a Dam. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia & Snake Rivers and their tributaries, once the greatest salmon rivers in the world. We can do this by removing four outdated and expensive dams on the lower Snake River. For too long these 4 dams have impeded the rights of Nez Perce and other Northwest First Peoples to exercise Traditional Fishing Treaty Rights. The federal government promised the Nez Perce People the right to hunt and fish in their usual and accustomed places as part of the 1855 Treaty. The promise was broken.  It’s time to right this wrong. Wild salmon, steelhead and pacific lamprey have been used by the Nez Perce People for subsistence, trade and ceremonial purposes for centuries. They are dying by the thousands due to these four outdated dams: Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, Little Goose and Lower Granite. For nearly 20 years, despite five failed, illegal plans, the federal agencies have refused to remove these dams. But now a federal judge has directly ordered the government to develop a new salmon restoration plan and to consider dam removal.   Now the agencies are seeking the public’s input on what they should do. For years scientists have said that removing the four deadly dams on the lower Snake is the single biggest step we can take to restore wild salmon to the river basin.   In this changing climate, the dams are creating further risk to our salmon, creating hot water temperatures behind the dams in summer that kill fish.  Removing these four dams would open up a pathway for salmon to thousands of miles of pristine cold-water streams in the wilderness of central Idaho—creating an ark for salmon in a warming world. The time is now to remove the four outdated, low-value, deadbeat dams on the lower Snake River. If we free the Snake River, we can save the salmon, honor Treaty Rights and bring about the biggest river restoration in history. Please join with the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) to bring back the salmon by removing these four dams.   Your personalized message will be added along with the following letter:  

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment
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Petition to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Jay Inslee

Shut down the George Adams hatchery on the Skokomish river until the Tribe lets us fish

During the 2016 salmon season setting process, the Skokomish tribe laid claim to the river's entirety and forced the WDFW to close fishing in one of the most popular sport fishing areas in the South Puget sound for sport anglers. The George Adams hatchery had 21,905 chinook return to it in 2016, fish that were meant to be shared between the tribe and the state of Washington. George Adams Hatchery operates under U.S. v. Washington, the Puget Sound Salmon Management Plan and the Hood Canal Salmon Management Plan between WDFW and the Point No Point Treaty Council (PNPTC) which includes the Skokomish, Port Gamble S’Klallam, Jamestown S’Klallam and Lower Elwha S’Klallam tribes. The co-management process requires that both the State of Washington and the relevant Puget Sound tribes agree on the function and purpose of each hatchery program and on production levels. Guidelines for production at Hood Canal facilities are set out in the Hood Canal Salmon and Steelhead Production 1996 MOU and the Future/Current Brood Document. Funding for yearling production at George Adams is provided through the State General Fund. George Adams receives $242,000 annually from the state General Fund and additional mitigation funding of $84,000 annually from Tacoma Public Utilities. We demand that the state cut this funding, and cut production of these fish until the tribes and the state come to an agreement that re-opens the river to sport anglers. The treaty requires that both parties share equally in the fish that return, and the tribe has not honored its requirements. The sport anglers of Washington do NOT agree with the closure of this river. We will not stand for bully tactics. The brood stock from the hatchery should be moved into basins that we can actually access and fish, if the tribes will not grant us our fair share, and funding for the hatchery should be suspended.

Nate Treat
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