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The NFL Needs to Change Their Officiating System to Improve Accuracy of Calls

After the 2019 AFC and NFC Championship games, many fans from all teams involved in the two games have issued complaints about poor officiating. Many have claimed that the victors of these two games were decided by officiating mishaps. Both games were filled with questionable calls. The most notable examples of the night from each game are the roughing the passer call on Kansas City's defensive end Chris Jones as he hit Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady on the shoulder and the pass interference/helmet to helmet no call on Ram's cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman as he blew up Saint's receiver Tommylee Lewis. Both plays happened in critical moments in the fourth quarter and changed the course of these games. While the results of these games can no longer be changed, NFL's officiating system can be. The outcome of every play of every game should be determined by the actions of the players on the field, not by the calls of the referees. Unfortunately, with the current, outdated officiating system in place, this is not always the case. Every year there are bad calls throughout every regular season and post season game, and fans get rightfully outraged the most when one of these calls ends their favorite team's season. We keep hearing the same excuses for these officiating blunders: the referees are only human, everyone makes mistakes, it's much harder to make the right call when you're on the field watching in real time, etc. While these excuses may be true, they do not guarantee the integrity of the game and can be (and should be) easily fixed. As the fans of this league, we deserve better officiating. We deserve to know that the victors of each game are determined by the players on the field. We should not have to worry that the decision of a single person watching from the sideline can determine if our favorite team wins or loses a crucial game. We can't change the outcomes of past games, but we can ensure that these mistakes never happen again. The NFL needs to put effort into solving this ongoing issue by updating and improving its current rules and officiating system. Human error should no longer be a factor in the officiating of games. With the technology that is available in the game today, there is absolutely no reason that plays like these should not be reviewed. Since there is no way referees on the field can make the right call every time, booth review should take place on every play, ensuring that poor calls will occur far less frequently if ever. The exact details of this new system can be refined over time, but we need to see the NFL make major changes to the rules this offseason to improve the accuracy of calls if they care about the integrity of this sport and the desires of its fans. Whether you're a fan of the Saints, Chiefs, Rams, Patriots, or any other team in the league, this is a cause that we should all care about and support. We have all had our bad experiences with poor officiating, and we all want this to improve in the near future. None of us want what happened this postseason to occur to our favorite team in the future. Sign this petition to send a message to the NFL that we will no longer tolerate poor calls and that we want them to fully revise their rules to implement technology to greatly improve the accuracy of calls. Please share this petition with other NFL fans to help spread the word.

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