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Increase Safety of the Packers and Schlimgen Avenue Crossing (Madison, WI)

Update 09/14/2018 Local media outlet Channel3000 picked up this story, watch/read it here, and the local police put up "Your Speed" indicator signs. --- Hello all,So I've written some of you (City of Madison Mayor, City of Madison Traffic Engineering Department, District 12 Alder Larry Palm, Northside Police Department, local news, IMAP school) recently about the dangerous pedestrian/bike crossing at Packers and Schlimgen Avenue. It's near the Isthmus Montessori Academy (Public) school and many parents and children cross here as part of our daily routine. Coming from the Brentwood Village Neighborhood we bike across at Packers and International Lane going to school. This intersection by itself is not terrible as there are lights here. Crossing International can sometimes be a little challenging as airport bound cars do not yield to this crosswalk, but it's manageable. Then myself, bike trailer, and another father bike back and cross at Schlimgen Avenue. The Schlimgen Avenue crossing is a death trap at best. There are pedestrian activated yellow flashers here, crossing signs and paint, but it's simply not enough. Cars are going way too fast at this crossing. I'm not sure if the speed limit is 35 or 45 here but it's way too fast for cars to react safely to crossing pedestrians. This morning I was a witness to this deadly crossing at a distance that was far too close to think about. Crossing back across Packers Avenue we activated the yellow flashers and Northbound traffic did not stop. Once the pack of 20-30 cars went by a single car at the back of the pack stopped and we proceeded to the median. Once in the median, we have to stop again, because even though the flashing yellow lights have been on since before we could cross the northbound lanes nobody has stopped in the southbound lanes. In the median, I waved my arms, as the yellow lights continued to flash and the southbound traffic continues to ignore us and the lights. Finally, a single car comes to a complete stop, and then it happens, CRASH! A full sized, flatbed tow truck rear ends the car. Who, by the way, was the only driver doing the right thing in this case. From there I called the accident into 911 as it appeared everyone involved was ok. However, a thought occurred to me. What if the tow truck hit me? Or one better, what if my daughter was still in the trailer, I begin crossing as a single car stops, and then the inattentive tow truck driver hit. I can only guess. Best case scenario we'd have a lot of breaks and bruises. Worst case scenario we're dead. Or what if this was a child crossing the street by themselves. Would they have waited for traffic or might they have just gone right into traffic? More action on improving this deadly intersection is needed and it's needed now. We are only a few weeks into the school year and a deadly crash is just a matter of time. A few thoughts on immediate improvements we could make here are to make this area a School Zone with reduced speeds, more school zone flashing lights, crossing guards, crossing flags, police enforcement, and perhaps "Your Speed" indicators. Long term I'd like to see an additional light here, a pedestrian bridge or a pedestrian tunnel like those that run under East Washington Avenue. Just so everyone is aware I will be reaching out to local media about this problem, as well as the IMAP school, our alder, the mayor, North Madison Police Department, and the City Traffic Engineering Department. I hope together we can do something about this crossing before someone gets seriously hurt or dies. Thank you in advance for your support with this effort, Justin Masuga

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Petition to Ed Garza, SAISD School Board

Cameras in public schools

The situation in public school are getting out of hand and responsable parent dont have were to complain. Unless you have money to hire a good lawyer, the school district will ignore your complaints and most likely blame your child, even if your child is a special need nonverbal student. CJ didn't go to school this year but since he was three years old I always have to file complaints for abuse at the SAISD school district.  I Attended useless meetings and file grievances. The school officials always cover for each other and blame my child when he can't even feed himself safely. Once, he has more than eight bite marks on his back and cheek purple and blue. The teacher explains " he did it to himself "... how is that possible?. In 2012, he had a perforation on his cheek. "He felt on his face", the teacher aid explained. How anybody gets a perforation or stab wound on the side of their face from tripping on your own feet on the flat floor? Again school district avoid the issue with meetings that didn't go anywhere. Every word they said was a lie and refused to let me see the cameras, that originally they had said were reviewed and found no one at fault. After transferring my son Jefferson HS, I run into a similar situation when I complain about my sons bruises on his knees, next thing I have CPS calling me for abuse to my child. A teacher aid called to complain to CPS blaming me, she decided to do this for five consecutive months. She will call every week with a different complain and the school who knew my sons condition allow it. Finally I file a police report for harassment. I was already fighting for my sons benefits after he turned 21, that to this day he is not getting. Three days ago there was another incident with the school, this time was my daughter. School officials change the story so many times in the same phone call it was obvious they lied. I will love to see some cameras in the school and classroom, especially for children with disabilities that can't defend themselves and rigths to the parent to view them without this ridiculous procedures that enable school officials to get away with criminal acts, be accessory to abuse or even manipulate students.

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