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Petition to Syed Abbas, Chris Petykowski, Yang Tao, Thomas Lynch, Brian Ackeret, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Alexandra Nieves Reyes, David Dexheimer, City of Madison Traffic Engineering, WKOW , NBC15 , Isthmus , Clear Channel Communications, Channel3000 , Channel3000b , Tony Evers, Tammy Baldwin, Mark Pocan, Mandela Barnes, Paul Rusk, Dave Hansen, Wisconsin State Senate, Wisconsin State House

Increase Safety of the Packers and Schlimgen Avenue Crossing (Madison, WI)

Update 09/14/2018 Local media outlet Channel3000 picked up this story, watch/read it here, and the local police put up "Your Speed" indicator signs. --- Hello all,So I've written some of you (City of Madison Mayor, City of Madison Traffic Engineering Department, District 12 Alder Larry Palm, Northside Police Department, local news, IMAP school) recently about the dangerous pedestrian/bike crossing at Packers and Schlimgen Avenue. It's near the Isthmus Montessori Academy (Public) school and many parents and children cross here as part of our daily routine. Coming from the Brentwood Village Neighborhood we bike across at Packers and International Lane going to school. This intersection by itself is not terrible as there are lights here. Crossing International can sometimes be a little challenging as airport bound cars do not yield to this crosswalk, but it's manageable. Then myself, bike trailer, and another father bike back and cross at Schlimgen Avenue. The Schlimgen Avenue crossing is a death trap at best. There are pedestrian activated yellow flashers here, crossing signs and paint, but it's simply not enough. Cars are going way too fast at this crossing. I'm not sure if the speed limit is 35 or 45 here but it's way too fast for cars to react safely to crossing pedestrians. This morning I was a witness to this deadly crossing at a distance that was far too close to think about. Crossing back across Packers Avenue we activated the yellow flashers and Northbound traffic did not stop. Once the pack of 20-30 cars went by a single car at the back of the pack stopped and we proceeded to the median. Once in the median, we have to stop again, because even though the flashing yellow lights have been on since before we could cross the northbound lanes nobody has stopped in the southbound lanes. In the median, I waved my arms, as the yellow lights continued to flash and the southbound traffic continues to ignore us and the lights. Finally, a single car comes to a complete stop, and then it happens, CRASH! A full sized, flatbed tow truck rear ends the car. Who, by the way, was the only driver doing the right thing in this case. From there I called the accident into 911 as it appeared everyone involved was ok. However, a thought occurred to me. What if the tow truck hit me? Or one better, what if my daughter was still in the trailer, I begin crossing as a single car stops, and then the inattentive tow truck driver hit. I can only guess. Best case scenario we'd have a lot of breaks and bruises. Worst case scenario we're dead. Or what if this was a child crossing the street by themselves. Would they have waited for traffic or might they have just gone right into traffic? More action on improving this deadly intersection is needed and it's needed now. We are only a few weeks into the school year and a deadly crash is just a matter of time. A few thoughts on immediate improvements we could make here are to make this area a School Zone with reduced speeds, more school zone flashing lights, crossing guards, crossing flags, police enforcement, and perhaps "Your Speed" indicators. Long term I'd like to see an additional light here, a pedestrian bridge or a pedestrian tunnel like those that run under East Washington Avenue. Just so everyone is aware I will be reaching out to local media about this problem, as well as the IMAP school, our alder, the mayor, North Madison Police Department, and the City Traffic Engineering Department. I hope together we can do something about this crossing before someone gets seriously hurt or dies. Thank you in advance for your support with this effort, Justin Masuga

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Petition to BHUSD Board of Education, BHUSD District Administration


The BHUSD Board of Education has proposed to place the BHHS music & theatre departments INTO A TENT located South of the Village because they believe Theatre 40 should take priority. The district is planning to place BHHS music & theatre students in the following hazardous situations (partial list): 1)    The floor will be concrete. If students fall off of an elevated stage/surface, students will fall onto concrete. 2)    The MTA construction, which the district claims they are trying to mitigate, will be directly behind the tent. Currently, a crane is noticeably towering over the BHHS campus. Should the crane toppled over, the students inside the tent would be at an increased risk for injury. The district evicted the students and staff (starting Fall 2019) at El Rodeo due to the fear of cranes falling over. 3)    While a tent can provide refuge to the elements, air will still flow into the tent. With Metro construction being three arm lengths away, and Metro removing hundreds of cubic feet of dirt a day – which blows onto the campus – students with respiratory issues will have trouble breathing. Furthermore, the east campus trash receptacles are located few feet from the proposed location of the tent. In addition, the tent would be located next to the power plant that consistently puts out steam. Those who do not have respiratory issues would be placed into a situation that increases the risk of developing respiratory issues. 4)    Tents do not provide the safety features that a typical classroom can provide. Last Tuesday – May 7, 2019 – there was a school shooting. Where would students take refuge in the event of a shooting? In the event of a fire, tents typically are not equipped with state-of-the-art fire suppression systems. How would staff be able to suppress a fire prior to the arrival of the Fire Department?   THERE IS A BOARD MEETING NEXT TUESDAY - MAY 14, 2019.   SHOW UP AND SPEAK UP TO SAVE THE BHHS MUSIC & THEATRE DEPARTMENTS.

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Petition to Oakland City Council

Make Montclair's Antioch Court a Safe Destination and Vibrant Cultural Venue

Oakland's Montclair Village Association is asking the City of Oakland to help fix Antioch Court! Now it's time to ask Oakland City Council, Mayor Schaaf, and the Oakland Department of Transportation, to repair the dilapidated streets, massive potholes, drainage issues, and broken sidewalks on this structurally challenged section of urban infrastructure in downtown Montclair. Successful funding will create a safe pathway for crossing, biking, driving, and walking with an expanded pedestrian plaza. The pedestrian plaza will be a unique attraction for arts and cultural events, alfresco dining, and placemaking, bringing together all of Oakland on the streets of Montclair Village for public festivities.Montclair Village needs this project to be on the City of Oakland 2019-2020 City Budget, coming up for ratification in June. Funds from the City will go directly to ensuring the successful build of the new streetscape with a completion goal date of early/mid 2020. Over $200,000 of private funds will be invested in the project from Oakland and Montclair residents, local businesses, and corporate sponsors.The project is currently shovel ready! In 2011 the Montclair Village Association successfully launched the first campaign to rebuild Antioch Court and address these pedestrian, bicycle, and transportation safety issues.  After raising an initial $100,000 to complete the first phase of construction planning, the project is ready to be implemented.Montclair Village Association is asking Mayor Schaaf and the Oakland City Council to budget and approve funding of $700,000 to help with the following safety initiatives impacting Montclair's Antioch Court: Ameliorate a dangerously sharp blind turn from Mountain Blvd. onto Antioch Court and calm traffic Beautify and repair Antioch Court’s crumbling walkways rife with tripping hazards Repair deep gauging pothole trenches and unlevel roads for pedestrian and cyclist safety Increase bike safety on the city bike route with better access to bike racks Improve street crossing for seniors, youth, and all mobilities Create a pedestrian plaza to serve as a dynamic community and cultural junction benefiting all of Oakland and drawing visitors from across the East Bay to shop and support small and independent business Upon completion, Montclair Village will celebrate the new Antioch Court with lively community event showcases featuring programming for all ages, public art, cultural activities, culinary expos, safety fairs, and community gatherings.Now, more than ever, we need the support of Oakland City Council, Mayor Schaaf Council, and Oakland Department of Transportation to help with this significant urban planning initiative to make Oakland’s Montclair Village a vibrant destination to live, work, gather, play and eat! Help us with this placemaking initiative to make Oakland a better place.  Sign this petition and pass it on. Learn more about ways you can the Beautify Montclair Campaign and get involved in your local community at GET YOUR BRICK The first phase of fundraising and planning in 2011 was successfully implemented with the support of community members that purchased bricks to help rebuild the sidewalks and streets, including Daniel Swafford -Montclair Village Association's Executive Director, former MVA Executive Director - Roger Vickery, Montclair Neighborhood Council (MNC) board member and architect - Jim Clardy, MNC past chair - Carolyn Winters, Urban Designs Architects, and City of Oakland Department of Transportation Assistant Director - Wlad Wlassowsky. Thank you to everyone that has donated their time and resources to support the small business community and dynamic downtown in Montclair.  Let’s see this beautification project to completion. Please sign, share; help repair Montclair!     

Montclair Village Oakland
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