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Petition to Ralph Krueger

Safe standing for Southampton fans at St. Mary's Stadium

Thousands of Saints fans want to stand at the match, and they must be able to do it safely and without being persecuted by stewards. We want trials of Safe Standing using rail seats at St. Mary’s Stadium, for example in the more vocal parts of the Stadium such as the Northam and Itchen stands. The Football Supporters Federation says: "Every week thousands of fans stand in front of their seats for the duration of the game while following the team they love - attempts by the authorities to end this practice have failed. Surveys regularly show the vast majority of supporters back the choice to stand or sit." Rail seats have a rail all-along between rows, with seats that can be locked in the up position for safe standing, or down if seating is required (e.g. for European matches). Safe Standing would immediately remove conflict between stewards and fans that want to stand and those that want to sit. It would also free up stewards to focus on protecting fans and players in other ways. The Sports Grounds Safety Authority recently authorised trials of Safe Standing to clubs in League 1 and League 2. Rail seats allow cheaper admission prices and a stronger atmosphere in supporting Saints, as has been done at Glasgow Celtic and Borussia Dortmund. The trial of Safe Standing in lower divisions must be extended to include the top two divisions, and include Southampton FC. We ask that Southampton FC publicly supports trials of Safe Standing and informs the Premier League, Southampton City Council and the St. Mary's Stadium Safety Advisory Group that they intend to do so. --- * Image By David Ingham, used under CC BY-SA 2.0,

Southampton Independents
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Petition to Manchester City Council, Road Safety GB, You

Sign the petition: #SafeWalking

Are you a ‘petextrian’-someone who has their eyes glued to their phone when walking and not watching where they are going? Do not deny it so quickly, think again! You have probably responded to a text, scroll through Facebook or even Snapchat while walking without even realising. It is common for pedestrians to use their mobile phone while walking today. However, distracted walking is becoming a real problem around the world and the risk is evident, as pedestrian casualties are on the rise and mobile phone plays a big role in this issue. It diverts the walker’s attention from being a safe pedestrian, causing them to be oblivious to their surrounding and danger is amplified, such as phone being mugged and even cause death, especially when walking around in a busy city. In fact, one in five careless Brits have bumped into things or someone because they were too distracted with their phone while walking. There are no exact figures on how many casualties occur in the United Kingdom, but there have been deaths reported due to reckless walking behaviour. Sadly, the dangers of distracted walking is not being highlighted, as much as, the dangers of text and drive in the country, unlike China, Germany and the United States, who are already taking steps to address this issue. It could take years to a cover the issue in whole, especially in the digital age. But we can change that. Please sign and share this petition. The Heads Up Pedestrian campaign aims to raise awareness and educate people about the dangers of distracted walking and hoping to collect enough signatures for the road safety organisation to take action.  Start with yourself. Promise to keep your heads up, phone down while walking and encourage friends and family to safe walking. Make it your own responsibility and note that not every vehicle or people on the street will always look out for us. Make walking safe. Together we can stop senseless injuries and avoid potential deaths by being aware of yourself and the world. #SafeWalking - See the full campaign, Follow us on Facebook & Twitter today!    Sources:

Heads Up Pedestrians
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Petition to United Nations

Criminalize Marital Rape In India

The women of India are trapped. Their freedom has crippled everytime their words have been silenced. But, are people so malicious to silence their consent? Some women know not of life beyond their household's door, all they know are the cold walls of their home that have housed each and every moment of pain. They know not of their worthiness, for their government has only every allowed them to see themselves as objects. Marital rape beyond the age of 15 is legal. But, why are men allowed to do this to a woman's body, because it's the woman's body after all? That body is hers, so why do men pretend that they own it. Marriage is a vow to love not a transaction. Through this petition, I wish to criminalize marital rape in India. I will fight and hopefully, you will too. They deserve freedom from this torture they have had to endure at the cost of their pride. Not all women are a victim of this act, but that does not mean it should not be addressed. We need to stand otherwise the woman of India will never rise. They will never rise from the debris of this domestic violence. If we don't rise the ashes will continue to fall. I am a woman and I am the owner of my body. The ring a man bestows upon a woman's finger isn't a form of payment for her body, but a promise of eternal love. I don't know what you think, but rape is no act of love. It not only leaves a woman in pain with scars, but it will forever scar their mind. They will fear the concept of love when actually love is a feeling that is meant to be embraced. But when marital rape occurs in a relationship I think it is safe to state that there was never love in that relationship. As a woman, I believe it is my job to rescue my fellow females from this horrid situation. Laws are enforced to protect the country's people, but scars and pain don't sound like protection to me.  If you are a woman or if you bear a loving heart, you will understand that this law has passed its due date. I shouldn't be speaking about passing a law to defend women from rape during the 21st century, the century of change. But better late than never. These women have waited long enough. Let's bring them freedom, let's bring them justice.   

Jessica Judge
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