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Petition to The Department for Education, WJEC

Ban Confinement Chambers in The UK.

In this day and age, the children in the United Kingdom are at serious risk to their sanity and mental wellbeing. You may ask what however? Well unknown to many if a child is caught misbehaving in school, even if it does not directly harm anyone in any way at all, they can be thrown for up to 5 hours in a white room with no communication, human contact or stimuli to the brain. Which is what is necessary for stable brain development for young children. This 'room' itself is a bland cube plastered with white walls with a booth entrenched within with the innocent child's back turned to a usually abusive member of staff (who in themselves is forced by job restrictions to attack a child psychologically). This is known to cause serious issues to a young child's future brain development with many known students turning to self-harm or gaining symptoms such as depression and schizophrenia in future life merely because of the unjust, forced, almost jail-like action burdened by The Department For Education in Britain. Is'nt it surprising however that such methods of torture have been going on for 65 years unnoticed by parents and society alike? Sounds familiar hmm. 'Isolation' oh wait, ahh yes prison comes to mind as this is also a tactic used in maximum security prisons containing the worst of society, what are we trying to raise here people of Britain? Prisoners or Our Next Generation? Take a stand against this psychological warfare and get our children heard!    

Matty Guerin
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Petition to United Nations, Maneka Gandhi, Ram Nath Kovind

Criminalize Marital Rape In India

Marital rape beyond the age of 15 is legal in India. In 2012 a woman was gang-raped in Delhi and soon enough people piled into the streets to voice their opinion on India's laws against rape. In 2015 a woman was raped and assaulted by her husband to the extent that she was sent to the hospital to treat the injuries, but her husband was never prosecuted. She then filed a petition before the Apex Court of India who dismissed it. The court states that the reason for the dismissal was that the law shan't change for the experience of one individual. But this isn't the story of one woman. This is an issue faced by many. Another issue on top of the large number of rape cases is that many women never speak up or report it because of the fear of the consequences or because they are aware that their case most probably will never be further investigated. Beyond the law and the pain endured by women, not having a law that punishes marital rape means that the perpetrators walk free. In some rare cases, the male has been fined or at most spent 3 years in jail, but the perpetrator is usually penalized due to domestic violence, not marital rape, therefore, marital rape is a topic that still remains in the silence.  The women of India are trapped. Their freedom has crippled everytime their words have been silenced. But, are people so malicious to silence their consent? Some women know not of life beyond their household's door, all they know are the cold walls of their home that have housed each and every moment of pain. They know not of their worthiness, for their government has only every allowed them to see themselves as objects. But, why are men allowed to do this to a woman's body, because it's the woman's body after all? That body is hers, so why do men pretend that they own it. Marriage is a vow to love not a transaction. Through this petition, I wish to criminalize marital rape in India. I will fight and hopefully, you will too. They deserve freedom from this torture they have had to endure at the cost of their pride. Not all women are a victim of this act, but that does not mean it should not be addressed. We need to stand otherwise the woman of India will never rise. They will never rise from the debris of this domestic violence. If we don't rise the ashes will continue to fall. I am a woman and I am the owner of my body. The ring a man bestows upon a woman's finger isn't a form of payment for her body, but a promise of eternal love. I don't know what you think, but rape is no act of love. It not only leaves a woman in pain with scars, but it will forever scar their mind. They will fear the concept of love when actually love is a feeling that is meant to be embraced. But when marital rape occurs in a relationship I think it is safe to state that there was never love in that relationship. As a woman, I believe it is my job to rescue my fellow females from this horrid situation. Laws are enforced to protect the country's people, but scars and pain don't sound like protection to me.  If you are a woman or if you bear a loving heart, you will understand that this law has passed its due date. I shouldn't be speaking about passing a law to defend women from rape during the 21st century, the century of change. But better late than never. These women have waited long enough. Let's bring them freedom, let's bring them justice.   

Jessica Judge
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