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Petition to Sadiq Khan, Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP

Help victims of attacks on transport seek justice by keeping CCTV

I was racially assaulted on the 9th March on the 24 bus in London. I was punched severely on the right side of my body and had abuse shouted at me for being an African-Caribbean woman. None of the witnesses stepped in to my aid or checked if I was okay. The driver simply closed the doors as my attacker fled. What happened next was a blur - I panically sent in the incident to 101 via an online form, noted the bus number, location, and my Oyster card. In the trauma, I lost my cards but I trusted enough information was given for vital evidence to be found. 3 days later, I was assigned an officer to handle my case whom I would later found out took down the details of my case wrongly. It meant that the CCTV request was made wrongly and the evidence was lost.  It turns out transport companies set their own timeframes for authorities and individuals to collect footage. In my case, on a Arriva bus, there was a just a 10 day limit. The police error meant that we missed the timeframe. Even if there wasn't an error, 10 days is not enough. Giving victim such a small window to come forward, given emotional or physical trauma they may face, gives barely any time for recovery. It shouldn't be a choice between recovery and justice. And as paying customers of these network, we need to be ensured that we are safe. I’m calling on the Transport Minister to make big transport companies across the UK - like Arriva, Stagecoach and London Underground to store CCTV footage for 30 days. I was left with no case. No way to get justice. Only a shoulder injury for which I may require physiotherapy and the knowledge that my attacker is still present near my place of work. Limits like these mean communities especially BAME communities lose faith in their local police forces when justice does not prevail. Police forces too are left powerless to gather the evidence needed. I hope this petition will assist the many other victims of violence to secure justice.

Makedah Simpson
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Petition to DVSA

Prevent bus companies from bullying drivers

Bus companies profit from operating mileage Because of the competition among bus operators bus drivers often are bullied:  When requesting to take a toilet break When driving under speed limits When we have a faulty bus When assisting passengers When raising a safety concern When running late in service When with a cold/hot bus The above list is not exhaustive.  It is unacepptable that a bus driver has to put up with bullying language and forms of intimidation by the bus companies. Usually threatened in the cab or victimised at work in a dark corner. The threats are usually failure of probation, termination of employment contract,  limit chance of promotion in the structures of the company and finishing late.  Bus drivers often find themselves being called "trouble maker" for acting in the interest of safety.  We call on the DVSA to investigate all bus operators.  As part of the investigation we ask the DVSA to read the "driven to distraction" report by the London Assembly - Transport Committee.  Hold bus operators accountable by ensuring all the recommendations in the driven to distraction report are adhered to by TfL and it's Bus Operators.   All radio communications are recorded between bus driver and the bus operator, we would like an audit carried out on the calls regularly and randomly to ensure bus drivers are not bullied.  Implement professional radio protocol to bus drivers with language that are not deemed to be pressuring or intimidating.  There have been far too many injuries and deaths bus related and accidents due to the bullying culture from Bus companies. By law the public, police, trade associations and a trade union can object the renewal of a bus operators license. Thus this petition falls under the category as public and trade union as bus workers in London are members of UNITE the Union.  There are 25,000 bus workers in London and we aim to reach all passengers, public and bus drivers themselves calling for change.    This petition was sent to office of the traffic commissioner and as they have failed to take action we are now sending this to the DVSA.     

Muhsin (Moe) Manir
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Petition to The Department for Education, WJEC

Ban Confinement Chambers in The UK.

In this day and age, the children in the United Kingdom are at serious risk to their sanity and mental wellbeing. You may ask what however? Well unknown to many if a child is caught misbehaving in school, even if it does not directly harm anyone in any way at all, they can be thrown for up to 5 hours in a white room with no communication, human contact or stimuli to the brain. Which is what is necessary for stable brain development for young children. This 'room' itself is a bland cube plastered with white walls with a booth entrenched within with the innocent child's back turned to a usually abusive member of staff (who in themselves is forced by job restrictions to attack a child psychologically). This is known to cause serious issues to a young child's future brain development with many known students turning to self-harm or gaining symptoms such as depression and schizophrenia in future life merely because of the unjust, forced, almost jail-like action burdened by The Department For Education in Britain. Is'nt it surprising however that such methods of torture have been going on for 65 years unnoticed by parents and society alike? Sounds familiar hmm. 'Isolation' oh wait, ahh yes prison comes to mind as this is also a tactic used in maximum security prisons containing the worst of society, what are we trying to raise here people of Britain? Prisoners or Our Next Generation? Take a stand against this psychological warfare and get our children heard!    

Matty Guerin
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