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Petition to Christian Wilke

Bring Robert Allan Dobbs and his children home to safety! #bringdobbshome

The United Arab Emirates claims to be one of the most modern and innovative governments in the Middle East, yet each year hundreds of expatriate workers suffer some sort of legal or employment issues. We are presenting here another story to add to the many that have garnered headlines; except this story is still unknown and it’s subjects are suffering due to the archaic legal system of the United Arab Emirates. Robert Dobbs came to the UAE over 5 years ago with his wife and 4 children, as many expatriate education professionals have, to share their knowledge and experiences in the education field and help develop the education system in the UAE. But after 5 years, Robert Dobbs, now with 5 children, was preparing to leave the UAE for Berlin, Germany, where he already secured employment in a university to begin as soon as he was processed out of the UAE. This process simply involves his present employer, a school, to pay him his end of service money owed and cancel his employment/residence visa, a process which is required by Emirati law. However, Robert’s school wanted him to accept no end of service money in order to be canceled. Long story short, Robert sought to protect his legal rights guaranteed under the UAE Labor Law and filed a complaint with the UAE Ministry of Labor. The Ministry of Labor first set up a meeting to discuss the law and try to settle the matter between Robert and the school, but the school refused to show up for the meeting; which caused the Ministry of Labor to file a court case against the school. The case may not be resolved until the end of December or even January 2019. Basically, under UAE law, the School must pay Robert and cancel his visa, it’s simple but the legal system is very slow. In the meantime Robert hasn’t been paid a salary for over 3 months, he has his wife and five children with him-7 people, and 4 of his children aren't able to enroll or attend school because they have no transfer certificates because they went to the school Robert worked at and the school refuses to give him the transfer certificates until the matter is settled. Robert isn’t allowed to work in a new position because his labor card is not cancelled, he can't travel to work in another country because his Visa is expired and not cancelled. Robert had a job in Berlin, Germany, but could not leave the UAE to take it because the visa is expired and the judge has not cancelled the visa yet. The UAE Ministry of Labor says wait for court, fine but how does Robert live (rent, food, etc). The school knows the Ministries in the UAE are weak and do nothing because of their defiance of even attending the meeting at the Ministry of Labor, who even called them and they wouldn't answer the phone. Please help and support Robert and his family. If you wish to donate, please use the following link on PayPal!

Christian Wilke
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Petition to Hertfordshire County Council

Keep Sawbridgeworth’s library in a safe central position for our community

we urge the county council to fully explore the options for partnership with the Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall Trust before making any decision regarding the new location of the the Library. It is the will of the residents of Sawbridgeworth that the Library remain within the Town Centre in the Forbury in order to be safe, maintain and improve access for all and to encourage community involvement and volunteering. This location has ample parking and is easily accessible whilst also being an existing focal point for our community. Possible Merger of SMHT and Library A proposal has been made to Herts County Council, which would create an extension to Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall, to house a new modern Library Potential Benefits • The Library, would be more integrated into the community than ever before.• Volunteers could cross integrate between library and SMH team• Access to the larger car park • No Increase in Traffic to Station road or hazards to pedestrians and school children• Up to 40% Larger Library than Firestation option• Keeps the library within central Sawbridgeworth• Footfall would stay in central Sawbridgeworth, helping the local businesses.• Keep our families and elderly safe, compared to relocating to a dangerous station road site, with no parking.• Modern facility. • Sharing facilities, helps make the hall and library financially stable, for future years• Cheaper build cost. • Existing access road to enlarged car park   SMHT have offered to help finance the project.   The existing Library building would be kept for community use and managed by SMHT.  This is a significant opportunity to add community based facilities and services to Sawbridgeworth, going against the trend of removing them.  

Elizabeth Hall
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