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Petition to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

In memory of Manmeet Alisher, protect bus drivers now

Dear Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Please prevent Manmeet Alisher’s tragic death from happening to anyone else – protect Queensland’s bus drivers now. 29 year old Manmeet Alisher stood little chance. At approximately 9am on a sunny Brisbane morning on Friday 28 October, 2016; the beloved son, brother, fiancé and Brisbane City Council bus driver died horrifically at the wheel when he was set alight after driving into an inner-city Brisbane bus-stop to pick up passengers. Not one month earlier on the 29 September, the former Queensland Minister for Transport, the Honourable Stirling Hinchliffe, announced a state-wide review into bus driver safety after more than 350 bus drivers were assaulted in a six month period. Minister Hinchliffe cited that “Public transport workers, particularly bus drivers, often fall victim to verbal or physical abuse for simply doing their job” in a media release statement available here:   Everybody has the right to work in a safe and harmonious environment, free from abuse; and especially if they are providing as vital a community service as public transport. Yet globally, bus drivers routinely face road rage, commuter anger and traffic congestion; bear witness to vandalism and risk verbal/physical assault and armed robbery, among other crimes whilst doing their job. Devastatingly, Manmeet’s death has illustrated just how vulnerable bus drivers, if not their passengers, are to fatal crimes, too. Studies show that bus driver assault crimes are best prevented. Prevention of assault can be achieved via measures such as bus driver safety screens, and/or providing additional security staff. The Bus Driver Safety Review (BDSR) is due to be finalised and submitted in March 2017. Going by previous statistics, this potentially means another 350 bus drivers will have been violently assaulted or worse. Brisbane City Council have not provided ongoing interim safety measures to protect bus drivers from violence since Manmeet’s death on 28 October, 2016. This petition asks for Brisbane City Council to implement interim as well as permanent bus driver safety measures immediately. Please add your name to this public record of support for better public transport conditions and safer workplaces for us all. #RespectandProtect #InManmeetsName 

Paulina Calderon
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Petition to Luke Donnellan, Luke Donnellan MP, John Merritt

Urgent action on speed signs for Glen Eira College students

VicRoads should urgently install variable electronic signs at the dangerous pedestrian school crossing on Booran Rd, Caulfield East outside Glen Eira College. The school campus is split in two across Booran Rd and the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights allows students to cross. This crossing is dangerous as students are crossing this busy road during the whole day for lessons in the gym and the English Language Centre as well as to use the recreational space at recess and lunchtime not just in school zone times when the crossing is supervised by a Council crossing supervisor. Parents and College staff are very worried as there have been some near misses at this crossing with cars not stopping in time, or not stopping at all, in some cases. This is despite teacher supervision of the crossing during the school day and a crossing supervisor before and after school. This is an accident waiting to happen to one of our children. Variable electronic speed signs are required to make the traffic lights more visible to drivers as well as to extend the 40km/h speed limit throughout the school day.   VicRoads have advised the school that there will be a 5-10 year wait for the school to receive the appropriate signage. This is unacceptable given what could happen to one of our children in the meantime. This issue was raised recently on the front page of the Caulfield/Glen Eira Leader (27 September - see photo). Please support the safety of our children and sign this petition. Glen Eira College Parents Association and Ruth Gordon, Vice President, Glen Eira College School Council

Ruth Gordon
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Petition to VicRoads, Malcolm Turnbull, Jacinta Allan

Introduce compulsory driving re-testing every 3 years once a driver turns 70 in Australia.

No one wants to lose a loved one due to unsafe driving. Nearly ever driver has encountered at least one elderly person driving unsafely. Not all elderly people are dangerous on the roads and it is not only them that can cause these accidents and close calls, but due to slower reflexes and deteriorating eyesight and hearing, many elderly drivers are a risk on the roads to themselves and everybody else. This is not a petition to get elderly people off the road. This is a petition for everyone's safety.  Every driver around 70+ should be given a full driving test every 3-4 years minimum so that they can prove they are not unsafe and a risk on the road. There is no reason why this should not happen. Imagine all of the accidents and deaths that could've been prevented if this was already in place. Here are just a few examples of elderly people being a hazard on the roads from my friends, family and myself: Just yesterday, when I was driving, a man in a 4 wheel drive somehow didn't see us and made a turn, running us off the road. He was approaching the main road, stopped and then decided he would go just as we were passing. I was confused as to how he didn't see us, we had our full lights on and we were fully visible. If I hadn't turned quickly, it would've been a horrible crash. He continued to drive like nothing had happened and as he drove away, we saw he was an older man who could barely see over his steering wheel. A few months ago, I was a passenger in a car and an older woman was driving up the wrong side of the road, headed straight for us. If the driver hadn't swerved, she would've smashed right into us. A friend of mine's mother was hit off the road by an older woman who had run a red light. Another friend of mine was t-boned by an older lady as she could barely see over the steering wheel and her reflexes were too slow. She went straight through the a red light. A few weeks ago, as I was entering a round about, an older man was indicating to exit. He decided last minute that he wasn't going to exit just as I had entered and nearly smashed into me. My final example is unfortunately a two person fatality. A friend of mine was driving on a straight road and an old man pulled out of nowhere. My friend had smashed into the older man's car. The elderly woman in the car with the him had also died. The driver was 92. He didn't see the car and my friend has been left with a heavy burden. This is in no way discrimination against elderly people but I feel that it is necessary as there are so many accidents caused by them due to factors often beyond their control. Ideally, every driver should be re-tested every 4 years to ensure they're up to date with the road rules and are able to drive safely, just like hairdressers and other professionals regularly attend master classes and refresher courses to keep updated with new information and techniques regarding the appropriate fields, but I understand that this would take a lot of time to take place and would cost a lot more money. If we can start with elderly people, we can work our way down to getting every driver tested and our roads will be so much safer than they are currently. This would also ensure that drivers who do not comply with regulations would receive the necessary support and assistance they really require. For example, if an elderly person was to lose their licence due to failing the driving test, they should be entitled to free or very cheap taxi / transport services to compensate. Please see the results of this survey I made today regarding how many people have experienced unsafe elderly drivers:  

Angel Auréllia
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