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Petition to Moreland City Council

Keep Our Community Safe - Pedestrian crossing for local Children's Centre.

Pascoe Vale Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten is a buzzing hub of activity - every day we have as many as 50 staff who are involved in the care and education of 170 children from around 250 families within the local area. At Pascoe Vale Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten we are serving the needs of our families 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, all year round. Being located directly on busy Cumberland Rd, we are subject to quite a lot of traffic, especially in the peak hours of the day and much of this traffic consists of trucks and large transport vehicles. The speed limit on Cumberland Rd is 60 kmph and the driveway between Cumberland Rd and the car park of our service is an increasingly concerning traffic hazard. The current conditions mean that people exiting the driveway have little to no clear view of the oncoming traffic from either direction and are often forced to pull out onto Cumberland without clear sight of the road- there have been many near misses and minor incidences and these happen on a weekly basis. Daily, horns can be heard as people unknowingly exit onto Cumberland Rd into oncoming traffic. In 2015 there was a more serious accident in which one of our teachers was involved. She was impacted side on by an oncoming car and there were an additional 2 cars damaged in the accident, an ambulance attended the scene to treat the drivers involved and the police and the fire department to make the area safe. Our growing concern is that the children and families of our community are at risk each and every day- this is a serious accident waiting to happen. We do not want to wait for tragedy to strike before something is changed.  We hope to have the area made safer by the implementation of clearly defined car parking spaces, no standing zones either side of the driveway, reduce speed limit in that section of road, a traffic mirror to view the road, and most ideally a pedestrian crossing with controlled traffic lights which allows the safe crossing of children as well as creating opportunities for cars to safely enter the road.  

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Petition to , Ros Bates MP, Transport and Main Roads, Gold Coast City Council- Mayor Tom Tate, Deputy Mayor, Glen Tozer


This is a petition to **beg** our Local Representatives, Transport and Main Roads and the Gold Coast City Council to help us get SCHOOL ZONE LIGHTS and SCHOOL ZONE ROAD MARKINGS in front of Numinbah Valley State School. Our children are placed at risk on a daily basis from drivers who drive recklessly and dangerously past our school, often unaware that there is a school located on the main road.  Our school is located on Nerang Murwillumbah Rd, just past a blind corner. Drivers can't see the school when approaching from the North and regularly speed and overtake dangerously past the school.  We may be a small community and our school may be small, but our children are just as important as anyone else's.  We want better signage, school zone lights and road markings to alert drivers that they are entering a school zone. We want these measures to remind drivers to slow down and drive carefully.  We have asking for this for a long time now and hope with everyone's support that we can make our school community safer for our children.  Please show your support by signing this petition and letting our representatives know that this is serious and the safety of our children should be prioritised.  Thank you to our Local MP Ros Bates for your ongoing support and advocacy of the Numinbah Valley Community.   

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Petition to Luke Donnellan, Luke Donnellan MP, John Merritt

Urgent action on speed signs for Glen Eira College students

VicRoads should urgently install variable electronic signs at the dangerous pedestrian school crossing on Booran Rd, Caulfield East outside Glen Eira College. The school campus is split in two across Booran Rd and the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights allows students to cross. This crossing is dangerous as students are crossing this busy road during the whole day for lessons in the gym and the English Language Centre as well as to use the recreational space at recess and lunchtime not just in school zone times when the crossing is supervised by a Council crossing supervisor. Parents and College staff are very worried as there have been some near misses at this crossing with cars not stopping in time, or not stopping at all, in some cases. This is despite teacher supervision of the crossing during the school day and a crossing supervisor before and after school. This is an accident waiting to happen to one of our children. Variable electronic speed signs are required to make the traffic lights more visible to drivers as well as to extend the 40km/h speed limit throughout the school day.   VicRoads have advised the school that there will be a 5-10 year wait for the school to receive the appropriate signage. This is unacceptable given what could happen to one of our children in the meantime. This issue was raised recently on the front page of the Caulfield/Glen Eira Leader (27 September - see photo). Please support the safety of our children and sign this petition. Glen Eira College Parents Association and Ruth Gordon, Vice President, Glen Eira College School Council

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Petition to Luke Donnellan, Luke Donnellan MP, Vince Punaro

Build the Calder Bike Path

“We’ll build the paths to get the bikes off the road and out of the traffic, making life easier for cyclists and motorists alike.” - Daniel Andrews MP.Currently there is NO SAFE ROUTE for Sunbury and Macedon Ranges residents to get to and from Melbourne by Bike. The main corridor used by commuter and recreational cyclists involves a portion of the Calder Fwy between Organ Pipes Rd and Kings Rd. VicRoads has seen fit to erect several signs on both sides of the freeway indicating cyclists should use the freeway shoulder, however at the Calder Park Drive exit the shoulder ceases to exist.  The space is instead used for a high speed slip lane.  What then for cyclists heading north?  You're on your own apparently, just dice it out for a couple of hundred metres with high speed freeway traffic.  For one commuter cyclist recently it meant a trip to hospital with a concussion and several broken bones after being hit from behind by a car, followed by months off work for recovery. How long until the unthinkable happens and lives are ruined as a result? For a small investment a path can be built on the North side of the freeway, completely eliminating this dangerous bike-car interaction. This needs to happen sooner rather than later. Luke Donnellan: For these people who are trying to do the right thing by leaving the car at home and riding to work instead - Give them a safe option.Detailed proposal can be found here:Proposal PDF

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