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Petition to Clark Shawnee Local School District

Place metal detectors/more permanent police staffing in our school for our safety.

Issue/Grievances  On February 21, 2018, a threat was made on social media from a person who threatened to start a school shooting at "SHS" (which could involve any school in Clark County with these initials.) Unfortunately, our school is one of the schools that meet these criteria. This is not the first time that the school has been subject to the threats of a shooting, bombing, or other mass tragedy. This is one of many times that this has happened within the span of a few years. In response, only now have we been afforded the luxury of guaranteed police support, as often there is a very small police presence at the school and the elementary buildings. Due to this threat, there have been sweeping promises of 'heavy police presence' at the school, which we feel should be a consistent measure in order to guarantee the safety for each and every student. According to U.S. News, the population of the high school is 624, and the middle school additions make this number much higher.  It is a major flaw in the system that these hundreds/1,000+ kids are only supported by 1 Student Resource Officer. Multiple tragedies in schools across the nation have highlighted the necessity for more than one trained official in the school to help coordinate and shut down the events that are taking place.  Solution We Search For To be crystal clear - we want to solve a security problem within our school district. We encourage our student body to sign this petition to be submitted to the school district in order for them to see our clear desire for a safer school environment for all. We conclusively request for metal detectors to be included with renovations of Shawnee High School and for construction of the new buildings adjacent to the school. We conclusively request for a more strong and coordinated police presence at our schools. We conclusively request for the Clark Shawnee Local School District to revise their strategy for an active shooter situation and to solidify it with any new information possible. We conclusively request for the administration to allow the student body the right to speak out on these issues in order to create a positive change, protected by the references provided at the end of this message:  References to Supreme Court rulings on student rights to free speech, alongside our Constitutional rights that are applicable. Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent Community School District First Amendment to the United States Constitution Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

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Petition to Kanawha County Board of Education, Riverside high school

Correct the multiple security and safety flaws at Riverside High School.

In light of recent events -- both the threats placed around the state and the tragedies around the nation happening in our schools -- it has been brought to mine and Emilee Jedlicka's attention that there are multiple security concerns at Riverside High School that need to be rectified in order to keep us safe in our place of learning. We love our school and the potential that it has to foster brilliant young minds but in order to do that students must feel safe: recently this has not been the case. Every student deserves to not feel like they are vulnerable to when all they are trying to do is further themselves through education. This can be solved: Riverside is suffering from multiple security concerns that would take very little to address as well as a severe lack of discussion of the matter. Below is a list of some of the things that can be done to help ensure a safe and secure learning environment: Ensure that doors are locked or other wise properly secured (including that of the library and the clinic). Far too many doors are left unlocked during the day where someone could enter or leave as they please... Search via Metal Detector Wands - For the low price range of $20 - $200 a piece, students could be searched as they enter school throughout the day. These are quick and reliable and prevent against students bringing things such as knives and firearms. Better drills (A.L.I.C.E. Training) - The way that these drills are done is a poor way of preparing a student for such a crisis. In these drills, students are constantly notified over the intercom the location of the "intruder" but this cannot be expected to be the case. A consistent security team - As of now we have 1 Deputy Sheriff who is at the school. The issue with this is that, a lot of the time, he is not there the entire day due to his other duties as a police officer. There needs to be a person or group of people at the school every day for the entire day. Discussion - This is a big one. There needs to be more discussion between the staff and student body about these dangers and how we can prevent them and how we can handle them. We already have a time where this can be discussed and it's called "OWN Time", so let's use it to have this difficult but desperately needed interaction between students and staff. There is very little real discussion and that prevents us from actually being able to work to prevent such a tragedy. Take further precautions with the front entrance and prevent students from being able to simply let people in. This is likely just the start and many other things can be done (if anyone has other ideas, let me or Emilee Jedlicka know!). Most of these things do not cost money: just a push and a little effort to ensure that these things are done. The flaws need to be fixed and measures need to be taken to make sure that Riverside High School is as safe as it can possibly be. We love the people at my school and want them to be as safe and secure as humanly possible: hopefully we are not alone.   To the Riverside High School Administration and Kanawha County Board of Education: it is undeniable that students deserve a safe learning environment, so let's make it happen.   Contact us with questions or concerns!: Seth Hill: Emilee Jedlicka:

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