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Petition to Ed Lieberman, Dina Epstein, Kevin McGilloway, Robin Maynard, Deborah McDermott

For the Safety of Our Children, Close Littleworth Lane at the Sea Cliff Elementary School

The children of Sea Cliff, NY are currently in danger due to the intermittent closure of Littleworth Lane between their elementary school and its two playgrounds. This short section of Littleworth Lane is currently closed on school days between the hours of 7am and 7 pm in order to protect the safety of our children while they travel back and forth between the school building and the playgrounds. During these hours, our elementary school-age children are accustomed to crossing this street without the fear of oncoming traffic. It is a safe area during the school day, from September through June. The area around the blacktop and two playgrounds separated by Littleworth Lane is also continually used by Sea Cliff's children on weekends, holidays and during the summer, when school is not in session. While parents are exerting their best effort to teach children that there is danger when crossing the street, and that they must stop and look both ways, our children are still conditioned to feel protected in and around their school and play areas. For the safety of Sea Cliff's children, and to eliminate potential liability to the Village of Sea Cliff, we respectfully request that the Mayor of Sea Cliff and Board of Trustees redesign Littleworth Lane in such a way that it is permanently closed to vehicular traffic between Carpenter Avenue and Hansen Place.

Sea Cliff Parents for Safety
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Petition to Nat Gale, Monica Rodriguez

Change La Tuna Canyon Road To Prevent More Deaths and Serious Injuries

On Saturday, December 9th, 52 year old father of 3 and avid cyclist, Keith Jackson, was on a family ride with his daughter-in-law, Rene and son, Chris. At around 2:15 PM, with Chris and Rene watching, a black SUV (possibly a Mazda) swerved across lanes and struck Keith from behind, sending him flying through the air. The driver quickly sped away, leaving Keith lying in the road, badly injured and clinging to life. Luckily, paramedics arrived quickly and were able to get him to a local hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition. La Tuna Canyon Road has been known for decades for its high speeds and dangerous drivers. There has been an average of one person killed on this 5 mile stretch of road every year since 2013 and, according to the Los Angeles Vision Zero website, a total of 15 injured in the last year alone. Drivers often illegally use the center “left-turn” lane as a passing lane. The LAPD who patrol La Tuna refer to this as the “Chicken Lane” due to the game of “Chicken” that ensues when two drivers engage in this illegal activity at the same time from opposite directions. This occurs along La Tuna’s narrow, curving roads at speeds exceeding 60 MPH, even in sections where there is an elementary school. Hundreds of cyclists use the road as a source of exercise on the weekend despite the dangers. La Tuna is also one of the few remaining equestrian communities in Los Angeles. The dangerous conditions on La Tuna Canyon road have done years of harm to this equestrian community. La Tuna Canyon Road was slated for safety improvements to reduce illegal driving and protect law-abiding drivers, cyclists, equestrians and pedestrians. These long overdue improvements were put on hold by LA DOT. Changes that take all of these issues into account must be made. Had these changes been implemented, Keith might never have been hit. Each passing day that these changes are not implemented is a game of Russian Roulette for those who live in, pass through, or come to enjoy the canyon. It is time to cut through the red-tape and take vitally needed actions to rein in the illegal drivers and make La Tuna Canyon Road safe for children, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, equestrians and cars alike. We are respectfully asking that Councilmember Monica Rodriguez and LA DOT immediately implement these vitally needed safety improvements to La Tuna Canyon Road and, in turn, help save lives.

Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE)
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