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Marilyn’s Law

I want it to be a mandatory federal law that all schools and child care facilities are required to check DSS/CPS’s Statewide Central Registry as part of their background checks for hiring purposes and to continue to check the SLED and Statewide Central Registry every so often while employed (like random drug tests). This should be done in every state of USA.  I hope you could create a bill that would be called Marilyn’s law, as she is my daughter and she has been the inspiration for my coming forward. I cringe at the thought that a man like my abuser could be teaching her in our public school systems. Countless potential victims could have been avoided had the background checks been more thorough during my abuser’s employment within the schools. He was a sexual predator that was allowed to teach for an additional 17 years even after his name was put on this Registry by DSS for sexual abuse of a minor. He flew under the radar due to the lack of a thorough background check.   This is an example of why Marilyn’s Law is necessary. So nothing like this ever happens again, I hope that you are inspired for real change. Thank you for your time and consideration. There is a red link below to a local newscast about Marilyn’s Law. Please sign and share

Brooke Olsen
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Save the Sedona Arizona Cultural Park!

Hey everyone! This petition is just the first step to trying to get the beautiful Sedona Cultural Park to regain its original glory. Here is some information on the Sedona Cultural Park:The Sedona Cultural Park was a beautiful place to watch a show or a concert from 2000 until 2003. In 2003, the owner of the Sedona Cultural Park field bankruptcy, at the time, the Park not having enough popularity or funds to continue. In 2006, an organization called “Save The Sedona Cultural Park” bought the beautiful venue, but less than a year later, they didn’t have the funds to proceed either. To my understanding and research, this organization has split up since the bankruptcy, but I am doing my best in researching to get people who see the beauty and potential in this amazing. I have emailed multiple members of the Sedona City Council, at this time simply requesting information about the Cultural Park, since the last written article on this Park was in Jan 2017. It’s no secret that people travel far distances to see shows, not even mentioning watching a show with an incredible view. Please help us prove that we are not the only ones who see Sedona’s Cultural Park’s incredible potential. Why do we need to save this place?Well first of all, what good is it doing anyone just sitting there?! I believe with a little money and a lot of TLC, the Sedona Cultural Park could not only be a money maker for the city of Sedona, but a beautiful place to make memories. Is it in danger of being torn down? To be 100% honest, I really don’t know. That is why I have reached out to many people, requesting information. I do know, that there has been many conversations among City Council members talking about a land swap with Yavapai County College that sits next to it, and talk about a major money-maker for the city: turning it into a 7 acre resort. All in all, I do not know what is the current plan for this place, but I do know that we need to do something to help. Today, the Sedona Cultural Park sits, overgrown, awaiting someone to see past the weeds and dirt. Please share this with friends and family to help us show that the Sedona Cultural Park has to be helped! Note: Once you sign, you will receive updates! I will let everyone know if I get any response from city council members and others that I have reached out. Thank you to all our supporters!! Picture Credit: Sedona Red Rock News  

Riley Hilbert
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