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Petition to iAcademy

To a Cashless Philippines: iAcademy University Wallet

Start the Cashless Economy on your University.Advantages of a Cashless Philippines: Efficient and convenient Going digital, it helps to reduce the hassle of drawing cash or making sure that cash-in-hand is sufficient to make a payment in places where only cash payment is allowed. With a digitalized payment system, it speeds up the process of financial transaction and boosts the efficiency of the transaction.   Increased transparency As monetary transactions are being made electronically, it increases the transparency as financial transaction are recorded.  Government bodies Rather than conducting costly and periodic surveys and sampling of real-world transactions, real data collected on citizen’s spending can assist in devising and implementing policies that are deduced from actual data. With recorded financial transactions, Government can better track the movement of the money through financial records which enables them to track the black money and illegal transactions taking place in the country. Businesses Cashless payments would eliminate the fear of businesses receiving counterfeit money and flush out illegal cash. The risks of storing cash will also be reduced as payments are made digitally. Easier tracking As digital payments are made, transactions are kept in records. Cashless payments facilitate the tracking of spending expenditure and record the movement of money. Having recorded transactions, it can help citizens to refine their budget more efficiently.

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Petition to Mike Tennyson

Save the Sedona Arizona Cultural Park!

Hey everyone! This petition is just the first step to trying to get the beautiful Sedona Cultural Park to regain its original glory. Here is some information on the Sedona Cultural Park:The Sedona Cultural Park was a beautiful place to watch a show or a concert from 2000 until 2003. In 2003, the owner of the Sedona Cultural Park field bankruptcy, at the time, the Park not having enough popularity or funds to continue. In 2006, an organization called “Save The Sedona Cultural Park” bought the beautiful venue, but less than a year later, they didn’t have the funds to proceed either. To my understanding and research, this organization has split up since the bankruptcy, but I am doing my best in researching to get people who see the beauty and potential in this amazing. I have emailed multiple members of the Sedona City Council, at this time simply requesting information about the Cultural Park, since the last written article on this Park was in Jan 2017. It’s no secret that people travel far distances to see shows, not even mentioning watching a show with an incredible view. Please help us prove that we are not the only ones who see Sedona’s Cultural Park’s incredible potential. Why do we need to save this place?Well first of all, what good is it doing anyone just sitting there?! I believe with a little money and a lot of TLC, the Sedona Cultural Park could not only be a money maker for the city of Sedona, but a beautiful place to make memories. Is it in danger of being torn down? To be 100% honest, I really don’t know. That is why I have reached out to many people, requesting information. I do know, that there has been many conversations among City Council members talking about a land swap with Yavapai County College that sits next to it, and talk about a major money-maker for the city: turning it into a 7 acre resort. All in all, I do not know what is the current plan for this place, but I do know that we need to do something to help. Today, the Sedona Cultural Park sits, overgrown, awaiting someone to see past the weeds and dirt. Please share this with friends and family to help us show that the Sedona Cultural Park has to be helped! Note: Once you sign, you will receive updates! I will let everyone know if I get any response from city council members and others that I have reached out. Thank you to all our supporters!! Picture Credit: Sedona Red Rock News  

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Petition to PepsiCo

Keep Mountain Dew BAJA BLAST In-Store!

Before I came across Baja Blast in 2016, I kept switching between soft drinks because I didn't have a favorite. Baja Blast changed me. I bought dozens of 12 packs in 2016 for the football season..I introduced it to all of my friends back then. They all loved it just as much as I do. In fact, one of my friends who highly dislikes soda was open to trying a Baja Blast that I offered him one day...he liked it..a lot (this is a true story). Unfortunately, Baja Blast was defeated by Pitch Black in a contest determining which drink stays in stores permanently, otherwise known as the "2016 DEWcision". Pitch Black defeated Baja Blast by less than a half of a percent of the total 5,789,284 million votes. When it is that close, you know the support for Baja Blast is strong, considering that Pitch Black would've been gone forever and Baja Blast would've been limited to Taco Bell. To this day, Taco Bell still sells Baja Blast, but why not have the ability to store some 12-packs or bottles in the comfort of your own house? Nobody wants to drive to Taco Bell every day to get the greatest drink on planet earth. When Pitch Black won the 2016 DEWcision, it did not take long for the local retail stores to sell out of Baja Blast. I had about a week to gather up 12-packs before they were gone. On September 1st, 2017, Mountain Dew gave people the chance to have a temporary Baja Blast return in 2018 if there was enough demand in the form of tweets with #BringBajaBlastBack on Twitter. The demand was enough. The people payed attention, the people tweeted, the people cared. The people want Baja Blast to stay in stores for good! Please make it happen, PepsiCo! Do it for the people!

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