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Petition to Division of Life Sciences

Tell the Rutgers Bio Department to Hire Ali from BIALIGY as a TA! is a free educational service designed for all students taking General Biology at Rutgers. It was developed last year by Ali Bhatti, a recent Biological Sciences graduate, who’s currently a Rutgers GSE student and ODASIS biology instructor. The lecture videos featured on his website guide students to develop strong lecture notes, make connections between difficult topics, and are all uniquely explained using quirky analogies while also providing test-taking tips. The site has gained an incredibly strong following with thousands of pageviews everyday as many students flock to the site looking for a resource to explain all Gen Bio lecture content in more consumable, student-friendly ways. One student, Sofia Khan, Class of 2017, said, "Watching the videos, following along with notes, and actually understanding the material versus just memorizing words helped me a lot and my grades definitely reflect that." Another student, Nathalie Adam, Class of 2019, mentioned in an article written by Ria Rungta of the Daily Targum that, "Ali was phenomenal in explaining key concepts that students needed to know in order to succeed in General Biology." We as students would benefit greatly from having Ali as an official Teaching Assistant (TA) within the biology department. He would be able to hold departmental office hours, conduct review sessions, and directly help more students develop the skills needed to perform well in this demanding course. Why not have someone such as Ali, whose love for this subject is obvious, extend his reach to students beyond just his website? TAs are meant to facilitate learning in General Biology, and Ali would be the perfect candidate for this position.

Sara Mohamed
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Petition to Stephan Pappas, Felicia McGinty, Stacy Trukowski, Robert Barchi

Fix the Rutgers Cook Campus Roller Hockey Rink

The hockey rink on Cook campus has slowly deteriorated over the years, with Rutgers finally closing it down earlier in the year.  Students at the highly active Rutgers University have come to expect top-notch outdoor facilities.  As of right now, the rink is in absolutely terrible shape and has been for some time.  The tennis and basketball courts, however, are well kept and in the same location.  In addition, there is no information on the status of the roller rink, and seemingly no one willing to take charge in its restoration.  Before the rink's closing, it was one of the most popular features of Cook campus, with hundreds of students constantly using it per week to stay in shape, train, relieve stress, and have fun.  Now it sits locked up to rot, its only purpose to serve as an eyesore.  Rutgers even had to cancel roller hockey intramurals for approximately 200+ students because of its decrepit state.  Between the amount of money Rutgers makes on tuition alone, it is not acceptable to receive an email saying, "From what I've been told there was research done to see how much it would cost to raise the rink appropriately to fix this problem and they ultimately decided against it, due to high cost" (intramural director).  It would take a couple thousand dollars to fix, pocket change for a university that just received $1 billion in fundraising back in January.  The roller rink must be fixed; it is a staple of the campus and was one of the reasons students loved coming to cook.  Thank you very much.  (Disclaimer: the attached photo was taken over the summer.  The rink has gotten much worse.)

Kyle Burgoyne
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