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Petition to Rutgers Senate, President Barchi, Office of the Chancellor, Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences, Richard D. Ludescher, Rutgers School of Communication and Information, Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick, Rutgers Universit School of Engineering

Support Diversity Requirement at Rutgers University

        We are the Cultural Competence Coalition, a group of students and organizations with the aim to include a Diversity Requirement to the core curriculum at Rutgers University. This Diversity Requirement would be in the form of a minimum 6 credits in the areas of, but not limited to, race, gender, class, religion, and sexuality. We believe that a diversity requirement is necessitated by our diversity and long history. It is important to be educated on the history of those differences from us in order to acquire a sense of tolerance and build a more inclusive society. We have formulated a list of the demands for the Rutgers University Administration to effectively implement these changes: That the Diversity requirement is implemented university wide and will span all schools and disciplines of study. That this requirement constitutes 6 credits, but not add to the current credit hours of students: this requirement will fall in agreeance with Recommendation III-1 of the Core Curriculum Evaluation Committee, which reads, “A diversity requirement should be added to the Core Curriculum without adding additional credit hours to the Core.” That this requirement should be comparative, and based off of themes such as, but not limited to, race, gender, class, religion, and sexuality.  The list of themes will be implemented with full student feedback. That, whatever the logistical means toward achieving this requirement, it should have this desired effect: to be aware of our own cultural identity and history, as well as that of others, and to understand how and why that affects our ability to communicate, work with, and learn from those who have customs, backgrounds, histories, and viewpoints different from our own. This requirement should stress the understanding of inter and intra cultural differences and interactions, and how and why they are influenced by one another. to equip all students with a concrete knowledge of the presence of oppression and unbalanced social power systems in America, and with an understanding of the mechanism of historical and especially current oppression or marginalization by more privileged social groups. to increase empathy and appreciation among all Rutgers students for all marginalized or oppressed cultures and social groups, whether these groups be defined by language, religion, race, ethnicity, country of origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, or any other social grouping. That every department, in every school, offer a course that teaches what it means to be Culturally Competent in their respective field. That representatives of the Cultural Competence Coalition be given measures of participation and authority in the logistics of this requirement with faculty, including review, suggestion, and implementation, so that we can guarantee that our previous demands are safeguarded and not misinterpreted.

Cultural Competence Coalition
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Petition to Chris Christie


Hello, All! And Welcome to the Facebook Platform where we will discuss whereabouts of meetings, designs, campaigns, fundraising and ultimately the building of the establishment for the YMCA for Piscataway. If you are interested in being a great candidate for the seeing the upbringing of this building, please be an active participant in the meetings we will be scheduling, the public groupings, and the fundraising events hosted by a plethora of people who are willing to help us out for this amazing project. It is time to group together as an effort and help our community's children grow up in the town we live in. Piscataway has many accomplishments, many great places to go to, and is a very diverse community of wholehearted people who contribute to the wellbeing of everyone else. Very soon we will be discussing tri-weekly, or bi-weekly meetings that will be hosted, anyone is able to come and give ideas of how to help and get started. All ideas are welcomed. If you have any skill related to the well being of this project, feel free to speak your mind. We are all "Piscatawayians." We are all going to see this through, and it will be a great thing to look back on knowing YOU were apart of something that YOU wanted to do. We are great people, and now it's time to come together regardless of religion, race, or age and build something for our community, our children and our future! Please turn out notifications to see whenever an important message is posted. I'll see you all soon!

Dotun Adeyemo
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Petition to Division of Life Sciences

Tell the Rutgers Bio Department to Hire Ali from BIALIGY as a TA! is a free educational service designed for all students taking General Biology at Rutgers. It was developed last year by Ali Bhatti, a recent Biological Sciences graduate, who’s currently a Rutgers GSE student and ODASIS biology instructor. The lecture videos featured on his website guide students to develop strong lecture notes, make connections between difficult topics, and are all uniquely explained using quirky analogies while also providing test-taking tips. The site has gained an incredibly strong following with thousands of pageviews everyday as many students flock to the site looking for a resource to explain all Gen Bio lecture content in more consumable, student-friendly ways. One student, Sofia Khan, Class of 2017, said, "Watching the videos, following along with notes, and actually understanding the material versus just memorizing words helped me a lot and my grades definitely reflect that." Another student, Nathalie Adam, Class of 2019, mentioned in an article written by Ria Rungta of the Daily Targum that, "Ali was phenomenal in explaining key concepts that students needed to know in order to succeed in General Biology." We as students would benefit greatly from having Ali as an official Teaching Assistant (TA) within the biology department. He would be able to hold departmental office hours, conduct review sessions, and directly help more students develop the skills needed to perform well in this demanding course. Why not have someone such as Ali, whose love for this subject is obvious, extend his reach to students beyond just his website? TAs are meant to facilitate learning in General Biology, and Ali would be the perfect candidate for this position.

Sara Mohamed
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