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Republican leaders: Take a stand against Trump & for Democracy!

Honorable Republican Senators and Representatives, Given your oath to support and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and given that you have publicly expressed criticism of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, we implore you now to elevate duty to country over allegiance to party. We urge you to enjoin a bipartisan call for a special prosecutor to investigate the Russian cyberattacks that interfered with our election, as well as connections between Donald Trump, his campaign team and cabinet appointees, and Vladimir Putin and the Russian state. These issues are deeply concerning to Americans of all political affiliations. Our democracy will undoubtedly suffer under a Trump presidency. He shows little regard for rule of law, customs of governance, basic civility, conflicts of interest per the emoluments clause, and intelligence briefings. We cannot assume that once sworn in he will suddenly take an interest in defending the Constitution. His immigration policies alone violate the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments. His attacks on free speech and suggestion that people should be stripped of citizenship for exercising free speech are shocking. It’s time to stop pretending this is going to work out.  We have two chances to prevent Trump from taking office. The Electoral College meets on December 19th. We call on you to ensure that the 538 electors receive a full security briefing by the 19th, or take action to ensure that the vote is postponed. The Electoral College has the Constitutional duty to elect a president who is 1) qualified, 2) not a demagogue, 3) and is free of foreign entanglements. Donald Trump does not meet the second and third criteria, and it is debatable whether he has the qualifications and temperament to lead our nation. The Electoral College thus has the duty to reject Donald Trump. There is a growing elector movement to vote for another Republican presidential candidate. There are reports that as many as thirty Republican electors may vote their conscience against him on December 19th, which may result in a House election of the president, and Senate election of the vice-president. The second chance to intervene will be during the joint session of Congress to tally Electoral College votes on January 6th, 2017. We call on you to object to Trump votes on grounds of interference by a foreign government, violation of the emoluments clause, conflicts of interest, and nepotism. If these issues are not resolved, Donald Trump be in violation of the Constitution the moment he is sworn in to office, according to Richard Painter, the former chief ethics counsel to President George W. Bush. Americans must unite and take action to defend democracy and our Constitution. If there is fear of blowback if these efforts fail, and fear of a violent uprising if they succeed - isn’t this the very reason that we must stop Trump? His tactic of reprisals against those who oppose him is the reason we need to stand up to his bullying. It only takes one person to say the emperor has no clothes, and - there is strength in numbers. In summary, in this perilous moment we ask that you call for security briefings for electors, postponement of the electoral college vote, and a broad special prosecutor investigation into every aspect of Russian involvement with Trump and his team. We respect your leadership, and we support you in taking what may be an unpopular stand within your party. We still have time to choose a different future for our country. But we only have a few days. Take a stand now.

Lisa Chacon
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