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Petition to Eric Schneiderman, Rod Rosenstein

Appoint Preet Bharara as Special Prosecutor to investigate election influence by Russia

Preet Bharara is one of the most accomplished jurists in America, with a history of honest, non-partisan investigations and an ability to take on even the largest of cases. He’s led the charge against corruption in the New York State government, financial fraud on Wall Street, and international gang activity. He is respected by Democrats and Republicans alike and has extensive experience with international investigations, including in Russia. Now that he is no longer the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Mr. Bharara is the perfect candidate to take on the task of investigating the role Russia played in the 2016 elections. Rod Rosenstein is currently the U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland, and is expected to be confirmed as the Deputy Attorney General. Because Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from all future cases that involve Russia, Mr. Rosenstein will be responsible for leading any investigation into Russia’s actions. We ask Mr. Rosenstein to name Mr. Bharara as Special Prosecutor in charge of the investigation. Update: Although Mr. Bharara has demonstrated his fierce independence and commitment to nonpartisan investigation time and time again, it’s increasingly clear that the Trump administration doesn’t share that same commitment. So we’re adding an additional option to the petition: We ask New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to hire Mr. Bharara, so they can continue to work together to protect our electoral process by investigating any possible interference. Election integrity is central to our survival as a democracy. This isn’t a Republican or a Democratic issue — this is an American issue. We as a nation demand an honest, non-partisan investigation, and Preet Bharara stands alone in his qualification to lead that inquiry.  

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