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tell the UN: stop the slaughter in Ukraine!

on February 24, 2022, Putin invaded Ukraine, mercilessly killing hundreds of civilians and destroying cities. thousands have already been injured, lots of civilians have been captured by the Russian army, and millions have fled Ukraine. Russia even went as far as to kill children and bomb schools.   so far, the cost of damage to Ukraine has reached 63 billion, and we can expect it to be much higher by the time this war ends. even so, the US, which has the best economy and most powerful military, has done next to nothing to support Ukraine. sure, they have sent 800 million dollars to Ukraine, but what good will that do? they are literally being bombarded constantly by Russian troops, and the damage done is already in the billions. not only that, Putin is starting to amplify the destruction by aiming at Ukrainian civilians and children. if we don't want Ukraine to fall to the Russians, here is what the US and other countries must do: send billions of dollars worth of heavy weaponry, fighter jets, tanks, anti-aircraft, etc, along with medical aid and body armor to reduce the death rate. execute brutal sanctions on Russia, such as massive taxes on oil, gas, and electricity. we need to also tax the ultra-rich there. if we want Russia to stop its aggression, we need to use as many sanctions as possible to rip apart their economy, or else they will continue to shed blood.  launch massive cyberattacks against the kremlin and any other Russian government organization that is supporting or contributing to the genocide in Ukrainian Cities allow Ukraine to join NATO so that they will be protected from further Russian assault. send in troops to Ukraine if bloodshed increases, and start increasing the military budget in case Russia threatens nuclear war   here is what you can do as a civilian:   speak out against Russia and spread the hashtag #StopTheSlaughter Donate To Charities Such as and doctors without borders call your representatives and senators to urge them to take more action against the Russian invasion Share this petition online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or send it to family members. if you want to go a step further, you could put money into promoting this petition so that more people see it. drape the Ukrainian flag outside your home to show your support  support groups like anonymous and network battalion 45, who are working tirelessly hacking Russia and persuading it to do more. what companies can do: withdraw their services from Russia completely and absolutely  help send humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian cities affected by the war speak out against what is happening and show your support to ukraine we cannot allow the slaughter to continue. we cannot allow more children to die and more lives to be destroyed. we must pressure the governments of the world to truly stand with the saying "never again" and to tell them that they must protect the citizens of the world.  #StopTheSlaughter  

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