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Petition to European Union, IACHR , Marco Rubio

Ask Brazil and Russia to stop selling tear gas to the Venezuelan regime

The Venezuelan people is fighting on the streets, demanding that the government opens a humanitarian channel to ensure food, water, and basic medicines get to the people. It is also demanding the scheduling of expired regional elections and a revocatory referendum. The government, in control of all branches of power in Venezuela, chooses to ignore its own people, causing a dramatic increase in the death toll for starvation and basic illnesses, which adds to the everyday violence, adding up to over 24K deaths per year. Instead, the government is using its military force against its own people, killing at least one or two protesters per day over the past 50 days of protests. Although there is a legal ground for the use of tear gas, the Venezuelan government is shooting at close range directly at people and killing most by cardiac or other kinds of concussions... they went so far as using helicopters to throw the cans at a lethal speed. Most of the cans are marked with expired dates, making them even more dangerous. On top of that, there are hundreds of videos showing improper use of force, violations of human rights, arbitrary detentions, hundreds of missing people, destruction of private property, armed civilians infiltrating pacific demonstrations, and usage of other non-authorized weapons against the protesters. Most of the used weapons are made in Brazil and Russia, and we're begging the international community to urge both countries to stop providing such ammunition to the Venezuelan government until it complies with international human rights law. Please sign and help up make our voices heard, Venezuelan lives are depending on you.

Abiram Brizuela
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Petition to Time Magazine, Brobel Design, Nancy Gibbs

We demand an apology for negative portrayal of a Christian church on Time Magazine's cover

The May 29th Time Magazine cover designed by Brobel Design depicted St. Basil's Russian Orthodox Christian Cathedral, located near the Kremlin in Moscow, enveloping the White House. This accompanied an article discussing "Russia's social media war on America". Additionally, the image displayed does not portray the several prominent crosses located on St. Basil's Cathedral. They have been removed from the image. We find all of this misleading, unprofessional, and unbecoming a respected organization such as Time Magazine for the following reasons: 1) Portrayal of a Cathedral belonging to the second largest Christian group in the world, the Orthodox Christian Church, as something harming America. The Orthodox Christian Church (of which the Russian Orthodox Church is a part of) has thousands of parishes within the United States, and millions of American citizens belong to the Orthodox Christian Church. To portray a Cathedral of the Orthodox Christian Church as an enemy of America is an insult to, and an attack on all the members of this faith. 2) Removal in the image of the crosses which are prominently placed atop St. Basil's Cathedral. Removal of the crosses from the cathedral in the Time Magazine cover masked the fact that this building--and by extension all other Russian Cathedrals in this style-- is in fact a Christian Church. This enabled Time Magazine and others to display these Churches as dangerous to America without disclosing that they are in fact Christian Churches: Churches of the religion held by the majority of Americans. We demand that Time Magazine, the  Editor of Time Magazine, Nancy Gibbs, and Brobel Design issue a public apology for the above reasons.  

Maximos Williams
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Petition to Women's March


President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey is his Watergate moment. Why is the Women's March not harnessing the energy and passion of American women to hold Trump accountable? 78 percent of Americans want an independent commission or special prosecutor to investigate Russia's involvement in our 2016 presidential election. The majority of us want to see President Trump's tax returns. During one of the most divisive moments in our nation's history, our unity on these issues could radically transform the political landscape. DOJ's appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel is incredibly significant but his final report will be treated as a confidential document and not made publicly available. Americans deserve to know the whole truth. As members of the Women's March grassroots movement, we women and our male allies call upon Women's March leadership to set a date for #DayWomenDemandAnswers when we petition Congress to: - Pass Senator Ben Cardin and Representative Eric Swalwell's bills establishing a commission of independent experts to examine the facts regarding Russia and the 2016 election - Pass Senator Ron Wyden's bill mandating the release of President Donald Trump's tax returns from the past three years We also call upon the Women's March to officially partner with other national actions - like March for Truth, Tax March and Indivisible - demanding an independent investigation and the release of the returns.  No matter who we are or where we come from, American women sense something rotten in the state of our union.  Will the Women's March fight for our right to demand the truth? photo credit: By Mobilus In Mobili - Women's March on Washington, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Angela Uherbelau
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Petition to Eric Schneiderman, Rod Rosenstein

Appoint Preet Bharara as Special Prosecutor to investigate election influence by Russia

Update, May 9: We created this petition two months ago, when Preet Bharara was fired. But with the firing of James Comey this afternoon, it's once again clear that we need an investigation run from outside the administration and DC. We strongly encourage New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Preet Bharara to take the lead. ***** Preet Bharara is one of the most accomplished jurists in America, with a history of honest, non-partisan investigations and an ability to take on even the largest of cases. He’s led the charge against corruption in the New York State government, financial fraud on Wall Street, and international gang activity. He is respected by Democrats and Republicans alike and has extensive experience with international investigations, including in Russia. Now that he is no longer the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Mr. Bharara is the perfect candidate to take on the task of investigating the role Russia played in the 2016 elections. Because Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from all future cases that involve Russia, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is responsible for leading any investigation into Russia’s actions. We ask Mr. Rosenstein to name Mr. Bharara as Special Prosecutor in charge of the investigation. Update: Although Mr. Bharara has demonstrated his fierce independence and commitment to nonpartisan investigation time and time again, it’s increasingly clear that the Trump administration doesn’t share that same commitment. So we’re adding an additional option to the petition: We ask New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to hire Mr. Bharara, so they can continue to work together to protect our electoral process by investigating any possible interference. Election integrity is central to our survival as a democracy. This isn’t a Republican or a Democratic issue — this is an American issue. We as a nation demand an honest, non-partisan investigation, and Preet Bharara stands alone in his qualification to lead that inquiry.  

molly sandley
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