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Petition to International Olympic Committee

Allow the Russian flag to fly during the PyeonChang 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony.

Sincerity is a virtue that was not upheld by Russia during the Sochi and Rio olympics. The involvement of the Russian government in the systemic doping scheme does not represent the ideals of the Russian people, nor tarnish their honor. For the sake of the Russian people, 166 Russian olympic athletes, and the 16 who earnestly won their medals, do not exonerate Russia of its alleged doping by disparaging their patriotism. Restoring the Russian flag for the closing ceremony does not reflect a flagging austerity of the IOC’s ethics, but demonstrates respect to those who participated for the country they know as their home. The Russia of the government-run doping scheme is not the Russia of the 166 athletes, and 16 olympic champions who practiced rigorously to compete and, in the latter's case, win. Punishment for doping was administered by denying entry into the Winter Olympics to those Russian athletes marring the exemplary virtues of olympiads. Please respect the athletes who performed with moral veracity: do not force them to disavow their country in light of their sincere patriotism. A flag is not the representation of a government. A flag represents the culture of the people of that country. For an organization to win love, it must uphold just mercy: Let the Russian flag fly during the closing ceremony. Thank you for your time, and patience.

Marc-Anthony Llosa
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Petition to Lydia Polgreen

Tell the HuffPost to Restore My Censored Article

As a longtime contributor to the Huffington Post I posted an article about Russia-gate to the site on November 4. Within 24 hours it was retracted. I have never heard from Huffington Post editors about this decision. As a reporter for mainstream media for more than two decades, including almost seven years at the Wall Street Journal, six years at the Boston Globe and ten years for the Sunday Times of London, I know that a newsroom rule is that before an article is retracted the writer is contacted to be allowed to defend her or his work. This never happened. There was no due process. An email I wrote to a HuffPost editor asking why it was retracted was ignored.  I can now only conclude that the decision was not for editorial, but for political reasons.  Like the word fascism, censorship is over-used and mis-used, and I avoid using it. But I can come to no other conclusion than that this is an act of political censorship. I am non-partisan as I oppose both major parties. I am a reporter who follows the facts where they lead. And they lead to an understanding that the Jan. 6 intelligence “assessment” on alleged Russian interference in the election was based on opposition research, not serious intelligence work. I captured a pdf of the censored article here: I've received a lot of support since the censorship became known. Ron Paul interviewed me about it on his TV show, The Liberty Report.  Journalists Tariq Ali, Max Blumenthal, Margaret Kimberley, Sam Husseini and Pepe Escobar have shared it on social media. Pepe said I "killed" the story. Peter Lavelle, host of CrossTalk, asked me about it on the show. ZeroHedge wrote a widely-read piece about it, Mike Whitney referenced it on CounterPunch, and former CIA-analyst Ray McGovern kicked it all off by first exposing the censorship on his blog. Someone actually took the time, 27 minutes and 13 seconds to be exact, to read the entire article on YouTube. Here is my interview with Ron Paul And with Peter Lavelle (other guests are Tim Black and Steve Malzberg) Anyone of course is free to disagree with my interpretation and analysis of the facts, but not with the facts themselves. Disagreement with a point of view is not grounds for retraction. It is the very essence of censorship. Lydia Polgreen, editor-in-chief of the HuffPost, can be reached at Ask her to either explain why the article was retracted or to restore it to the HuffPost.  My email address is

Joe Lauria
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