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Petition to Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival, Apologize to Ukrainians & Deprive "Phone Duty" Of The Award

In April 2018 Tribeca Film Festival became a supporter of Russian terrorism by giving Phone Duty, a Russian movie, the Best Narrative Short award. Phone Duty tells a story from the perspective of Russian terrorists located in Donbas, a Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. The starring actor, Zakhar Prilepin, is a terrorist himself. He is an infamous Russian writer well known for his imperialistic and xenophobic views. Prilepin is a terrorist who moved to Donbas and fights against Ukrainian Army. He claims openly that the ultimate goal of Russians in Donbas is to advance and occupy the entire Ukraine.  Our Demands We the undersigned demand from Tribeca Film Festival to:- Denounce Phone Duty as the winner of the Best Narrative Short award. It's a piece of pro-Russian propaganda, and a real Russian terrorist stars in it.- Remove the phrase "Donbass rebel fighter" from the movie synopsis on the Festival's website. "Russian terrorist" would be a more appropriate wording.- Publicly apologize for hurting the feelings of all Ukrainians, who've lost their loved ones as a result of Russia's military intervention into Ukraine. *****Follow this campaign on the petition's website!Read this petition in Ukrainian / Текст петиції українською                           Can you chip in $5 to get this petition on the agenda?Within an hour, this petition could have thousands more supporters if everyone chipped in the price of a coffee. Can you help reach this petition’s signature goal?Yes, I’ll chip in $5 or more

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Petition to Embajada Estados Unidos en México, Embassy of Russia in the USA / Посольство России в США, Secreratría de Relaciones exteriores

Mexican wasn't kidnapped,drugged or kept captivity during Russia world cup. Aplogize!

The day before Mexico's debut in Russia in 2018 and Francisco Javier Mata Sanchez and his friends left to a bar in Moscow to watch  Peru vs Denmark match. There they met Alita Gamzatova, both Francisco and Alita leaved together the bar, as it is shown in a video, later that night. Marcos, his brother who had traveled with him to Russia,  communicated with Alita Gamzatova  and she told him that everything was okay and Francisco was with her, he didn't wanted to leave. Mata Sánchez's family reported that Gamzatova had kidnapped him and she was keeping him captivity and uncommunicative on national TV, immediately Alita was receiving attacks and lot's of mean messages in her country while other people were already speculating on social media about she belongs to a drug cartel or organs traffic organization. Now she is leaved behind with a ruined reputation because they made an international scandal to try to force Francisco to leave Alita. "Nicolás offered to go to another place, but we refused. He took all the cash and Francisco's credit cards so we both went to my house and I supported him financially during 3 days because his brother took his cash and wallet, in return I was defamed to cover he was cheating his wife "  The Mexican Embassy to visit him, he has good health and not signs of physical abuse, they officially said on tweeter that this was a "personal issue" and there was not evidence of a crime. But they never apologize with Alita Gamzatova, on the contrary, his wife told in an interview they were "afraid for his security if they revealed what happened" "I would like Nicolás to offer me an official apology, he despises me unfairly in two countries, Francisco has already left my place. His brother took him in a taxi," she said. At the end the truth came up, he was cheating his wife with a woman he met there and he didn't wanted to leave her apartment, but instead of apologizing, his family made viral a video saying this woman drugged him, took his money and was keeping him captivity and made her name and picture viral ruining her reputation, she is called names (prostitute, etc) and while this guy is making himself famous because he couldn't hide well his infidelity this woman is left with -300 USD (yes she payed his expenses while he stayed with her) and also a scandal that is all over the internet with only googling their names. Alita is a woman with the right of a public apologize.  *Read our article in  spanish here.

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