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Petition to Sean Clarke, Sean Clarke CEO Asda, Theresa May MP


Asda cheesy balls, large sharing pack, have been the ‘daddy’ of cheesy balls for some time now. They have the right balance between crunch (without being sharp on the roof of the mouth) and cheesy flavour (not too much, where your teeth get all kind of weird and claggy) Today was a distressing day at the Asda store in Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire. No Asda Cheesy Balls to be found in the usual place on the usual shelf. This brought on shortness of breath. I had to stare at a box of Jaffa cakes to help me calm down. On enquiry, I was told by the friendly manager at the store, that they were being removed from the shelf range. Every where? I asked. “No”, he replied. He looked a bit sad.   This could be happening to YOU too, at one of their smaller stores with limited shelf space. Don’t be complacent about this, we’ve all been there, ‘oh, it’ll never happen to me’. The chance of it ever happening to me never even crossed my mind. Why should those with only a smaller store locally have to endure a deficit in access to Asda Cheesy Balls? Across the country rural areas have had to endure reduced public transport services, slower internet speeds, and poorer access to health facilities.  It’s time to draw a line in the sand. Please sign and support.  I thank you for your time and support.  Kevin Rowland

Kevin Rowland
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Petition to Pembrokeshire County Council, David Fitzsimon

Pembrokeshire County Council - Please Don't Evict the Russells From Causeway Garage!

The Russells, Ian and Caroline, along with their children have lived and worked at Causeway Garage near Camrose for over 15 years. This small, family run business is well supported by locals who appreciate immensely all the hard work and dedication that the couple give. In a nutshell, they provide an excellent service reminiscent of the good old days when the reputation of a family business was everything. Despite being situated in a rural area, the garage (having existed for many decades) has within less than a mile: a slaughter house, a timber yard and a concrete and stoneware manufacturer. The garage is next to two 1960's (or thereabouts) properties of no historical importance and a large new build which is being erected immediately next door. Despite this, the Russells have been repeatedly refused permission to build their own home and have lived on site in a caravan ..... which they now are being forced to leave.  Pembrokeshire County Council have stated that there is no need for them to live on site. We, as longstanding customers, completely and utterly disagree. The security of vehicles left overnight at the garage is paramount. The Council says a large security fence would suffice. This would be ugly and intrusive. Why not simply allow Ian and Caroline to build their home next to their established place of work and ensure the safety of vehicles and expensive garage equipment? It would be a crying shame to lose this wonderful little garage - a rural business, in a rural area serving local people. We urge PCC to reconsider their decision.

Deborah Tilley
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