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Petition to The Planning Inspectorate

Save the village pub in Stocking Pelham

In 2008 the Cock Inn, a 300 year old grade II listed historic pub in Stocking Pelham, Hertfordshire, burned down. There is no suggestion or evidence that the Cock Inn was in any way under-used or no longer viable at the time of the conflagration. It was a popular, successful and flourishing community asset, now very much missed by Stocking Pelham and neighbouring villagers from Berden, Furneux and Brent Pelhams and walkers, cyclists and visitors from further afield.  In 2010, planning permission was granted to build two houses contrary to Local Plan policy because the proposal also included the building of a new and improved 'replacement' pub, at the insistence of the local community, led by the Parish Council. The new pub provision was secured (as we thought at the time) by a planning obligation called a Section 106 Agreement. The two houses have been built, one has been sold, and the other rented. The 'pub' itself has never been finished beyond a rudimentary shell but has been offered for sale at sums considerably in excess of its value as a trading public house in a rural area. Realistic offers have been made for it reflecting the work required to finish it to a trading standard but these have been turned down by the developer.  1. A planning application to convert the unfinished pub into a house was refused by East Herts District Council last year and the developer has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to overturn this decision. The Parish Council has been notified that the procedure under which the Inspectorate *at present* will determine the application is by Written Representations- that is, without an opportunity for the community to be heard in person by an Inspector at a Hearing held locally.  2. A further planning application to turn the unfinished building into a shop and flats has also been submitted but has yet to be determined, and this too has generated substantial hostility. The Village is already provided with sufficient facilities to meet most of its day-to-day bodily needs from the dairy, butcher and florist, as well as a convenience store in Clavering less than 3 miles away. 3. The Parish Council has instructed a planning consultant to prepare a Nomination for the site to be recognised as an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act.  We, the undersigned, petition the Planning Inspectorate to hold a Public Hearing into the appeal against East Herts council's decision to refuse consent. Under Annexe K of the Appeals Procedural Guide, the Hearing Procedure is appropriate because:  the Inspector is likely to need to test the evidence by questioning, especially on matters of viability and marketing, and  to clarify matters relating to the S106 Agreement, and  the case has generated a level of substantial local interest such as to warrant it. The Parish Council estimates that between 30 and 40 residents will attend to witness and take part in the appeal proceedings. The overwhelming local support for the return of our much-loved and missed community asset needs properly to be taken account of. We have a convenient Village Hall just along the road from the site which has all that is required by the Inspectorate for the purpose.   Please hold a Hearing.  Thank you  

Stocking Pelham Parish Council Stocking Pelham
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Petition to Main Issues Report - Petition - West of Quarry Drive & Planetreeyetts

Save Our Greenbelt - West of Quarry Drive & Planetreeyetts - Kilmacolm

Opposition to proposed plans to change land from Greenbelt to Residential, in fields at 'West of Quarry Drive' & 'Planetreeyetts' in Kilmacolm, Inverclyde, Scotland. If this is to be approved, this area of outstanding natural beauty, would be destroyed forever, to make way to build 52 private non affordable houses, (with only 10% required for social affordable housing), and with an option to increase this up to 200 private houses at the next development phase. This area is currently used widely by the local community for activity and leisure, such as by people walking their dogs, rambling groups, children playing and discovering nature, and horses grazing. It's also the home to alot of natural wildlife. Locals feel they weren't properly informed of these plans, and also that a building development would have no benefit to the village whatsoever. Reasons being the village infrastructure wouldn't cope, and the beautiful and unique character of the village would be lost forever! There are also major concerns building on this Greenbelt would set a president in the village, as many other developers have already circled numerous other Greenbelt sites in village, and would be keen to destroy these areas for profit too! We will keep this petition running until our Greenbelt and village is safe, and until it has been taken OFF the 'Preferred Option 1' hit list by Inverclyde Council. And when the proposal to change these beautiful fields from Greenbelt to Residential is REMOVED. Inverclyde Council will release their plans in March 2018. We will also lobby Scottish Parliament to find out why their allowing so many Greenbelts to be built upon, and are encouraging councils to release Greenbelt land, when there are currently so many available Brownfield sites available. We firmly believe Brownfield sites should be used up first for any future projected housing shortfalls, and regeneration on these areas should always be done first, before destroying more of our countryside. Please sign our petition to help stop private profit based developers, and political policies, from destroying more of our beautiful Greenbelt, and our local communities that live in these areas! And please join our campaign on facebook;

Kilmacolm Residents Association
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Petition to Sean Clarke, Sean Clarke CEO Asda, Theresa May MP


Asda cheesy balls, large sharing pack, have been the ‘daddy’ of cheesy balls for some time now. They have the right balance between crunch (without being sharp on the roof of the mouth) and cheesy flavour (not too much, where your teeth get all kind of weird and claggy) Today was a distressing day at the Asda store in Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire. No Asda Cheesy Balls to be found in the usual place on the usual shelf. This brought on shortness of breath. I had to stare at a box of Jaffa cakes to help me calm down. On enquiry, I was told by the friendly manager at the store, that they were being removed from the shelf range. Every where? I asked. “No”, he replied. He looked a bit sad.   This could be happening to YOU too, at one of their smaller stores with limited shelf space. Don’t be complacent about this, we’ve all been there, ‘oh, it’ll never happen to me’. The chance of it ever happening to me never even crossed my mind. Why should those with only a smaller store locally have to endure a deficit in access to Asda Cheesy Balls? Across the country rural areas have had to endure reduced public transport services, slower internet speeds, and poorer access to health facilities.  It’s time to draw a line in the sand. Please sign and support.  I thank you for your time and support.  Kevin Rowland

Kevin Rowland
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