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Petition to Thorp Academy staff, The Northern Education Trust, Andrew Jordan

Unban the use of phones at Thorp Academy

BANNING THE USE OF MOBILE PHONES NOT ONLY MAKES NO SENSE, IT IS DETRIMENTAL TO THE STUDENTS! Recently, a new rule has shocked Thorp Academy students. The rule in question is that, after multiple years of it being allowed, students are now not allowed to use mobile phones at break and lunchtimes, as well as before and after school. This is not only one of the most pointless and ineffective rules you have ever put in place, but it is restricting students performance, and is causing possible injuries! What students want to do in their free time should be up to them, as long as they aren't hurting anybody else. This seems like a pretty fair and logical statement...yes? Well actually, Thorp Academy's new staff have decided that 'Each to their own' is a ridiculous statement, and instead they should increase their authority for no apparent reason. I can not think of one way this rule will help Thorp Academy progress, however I can think of many ways this will help Thorp REGRESS! Multiple times I have revised using my phone before an exam or a lesson, and many a time have I had to text a guardian about something to do with school, such as adding dinner money on my account. Moreover, If a student is now bored at break, they now may choose to fight people instead of playing an innocent game on their phone. If Thorp chooses to ban phones, they will be prevent revision and leave students hungry for the rest of the day, two things which is detrimental to their learning.  Not one student in our school likes this rule due to these reasons, and thus I suggest that you repeal this utterly ridiculous rule, as it is in the students' benefit, and your benefit! Just a quick reminder that I'm allowed to say this: and  

Unban Phones
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