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Petition to Executive Committee, Roger Goodell, Troy Vincent

We the people of America are imposing change within the NFL! #StandOrBannedNFL

As Americans, this petition represents our demands imposed on the NFL's Executive Committee, Roger Goodell and Troy Vincent. Our petition serves as notice to the NFL organization that as Americans and also as fans of the NFL; we will not tolerate it's personnel (players, coaches, commissioner) acting freely while they are being very generously compensated to entertain our love for the sport of football. There ability to entertain us is entirely contingent on the love and respect they portray towards their fans and our Great Country. Without the acceptance of their fans, the NFL will have no place in American Culture. You have failed to remember THIS IS A SPECTATOR SPORT. The NFL must impose consequences on their personnel for damaging the reputation of their organization. If the offending employee refuses to comply after being reprimanded (suspension, fines, loss of endorsements, etc.); the commissioner must take a stance and suspend indefinitely the offending employee (if he refuses, he resigns or is terminated). No football player, coach or executive is greater than our country, period! Although new changes will emerge within the NFL, we want to make it clear that NFL personnel shall receive consequences for their past and future displays of disrespect to their fans, our country and to our representing flag. They have embarrassed, disrespected and infuriated their fans, their organization and they must suffer the consequences for their actions. WE will make or break the NFL:                                                        #StandOrBannedNFL It's time we come together and force the NFL to hold their personnel accountable for their unacceptable actions on and off the field during games.

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