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Ask MLB to Vacate 2017 Title Astros Cheated to 'Win'

The Houston Astros admittedly, and unequivocally, CHEATED during the 2017 World Series. Letting this ill-gotten title stand essentially condones cheating. We must demand that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred vacate the title. Letting it stand sends the wrong message to our children, young athletes, schools, and professional sports organizations, i.e., that it's okay to cheat your way to a title. If you get caught, you'll get a slap on the wrist, a small fine, some other trivial punishments--and that's it! You're free to keep the championship trophy, title, rings, banners and money, and forever be known as a champion. But you're not. You're a pathetic loser whose obligatory, disingenuous 'apology' in no way mitigates what you've done. Commissioner Manfred has suggested that the Astros' feelings of guilt and embarrassment are punishment enough. Really? If that's true, then it's time to right some old wrongs. Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball, FOR LIFE, because he bet on Cincinnati Reds' games while their manager. Time to reinstate him! His offense pales in comparison to the Astros'. Lance Armstrong was stripped of numerous victories, including the prestigious Tour de France, because of illegal doping. Let's give those titles back to him! Surely the humiliation he's felt is punishment enough, right? If you're a fan of sports--real sports, honest sports, sports in which champions are genuinely the best--please sign this petition. Ask everyone you know who values integrity to sign it, too. Spread the word on Twitter by including @VacateAstros and #VacateAstrosTitle in your tweets. Commissioner Manfred MUST vacate the 2017 title, demand the return of all its championship rings, money, banners and any other official objects declaring the Astros champions. We'll never know which team would have been the true winner of that title, but at least we'll preserve the integrity of America's pastime.

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