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Petition to UK Parliament

PASS WIDE AND SLOW Stop Preventing Horses Using Government Funded Off-Road Tracks

Dept for Transport: Stop Preventing Horses Using Government Funded Off-Road Tracks What we seek here is to get more horses onto the off-road tracks that are already in existence, for the safety of both equestrians as vulnerable road users and the convenience of other road users. In law, horses and bicycles ridden on public highways are the same thing i.e. transport objects. That is because on public highways bicycles and horses are used for identical purposes so, in law, horses are just classed as 'property', without any rights to have their safety considered. Since the mid 1990's successive governments have funded the building of off-road cycle tracks to the tune of around £100m but have handed the grant funds over to fund managers with discretion for equestrians to be denied access to use the paths. The way this has been sanctioned is by the DfT calling all cycling and walking on public highways “transport” and all equestrianism on public highways “recreation”, despite highway law defining horses/horse-drawn carriages as transport objects. The government of the time devised a grant scheme, called it a “sustainable transport” initiative and dedicated it for the support of cyclists and pedestrians only, leaving the equestrians to fend for themselves amongst the traffic on the roads even though they fit the criteria for sustainable transport. That has remained the same ever since. Since then, a horrifying number of horses, riders and carriage drivers have died or have been seriously injured on our roads as a result of this positive discrimination in favour of cyclists and pedestrians and against equestrians. It is difficult to see no correlation between the facts that cycling is a male dominated pursuit, equestrianism is a female and children dominated pursuit and all government minister decision-making, since time immemorial, has been male dominated. How can it be that, currently, such blatant discrimination is still tolerated? Why can taking part in male dominated pursuits mean access to safe, traffic-free roads, but following Women and children dominated pursuits mean using dangerous vehicular highways, complete with their highly vulnerable horses and ponies when it is patently unsafe and unnecessary? Especially since, in law, they are equals. We, as equestrians, agree that off-road infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians is a hugely important safety necessity that should ultimately evolve into a joined-up nationwide network of highways that are free of motorised traffic. However, all non-motorised transport users, including equestrians, are vulnerable road users, so should all be treated equally and inclusively in terms of safety initiatives. Again, all we seek here is to get more horses onto off-road tracks that are already in existence, for the safety of both equestrians as vulnerable road users and the safety and convenience of other road users. Is that so much to ask of the DfT?

debbie smith
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Petition to UK Parliament, Highways England, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, West Yorkshire Police, WMDC Transportation and Highways, Highways Wakefield

URGENT REVIEW of Dangerous Road - Blacker Lane, Wakefield - 24 accidents in 12 months!

Blacker Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire has always been a road that could be considered dangerous.  The road offers a bypass between Calder Grove and Netherton and consists of a narrow country lane with tight corners, a chicane and corners both on the brow of a hill and at the bottom of a hill. Currently the road is a National Speed limit which is far too fast given the size of the road and the very limited visibility and needs urgent review. The chicane is also very tight and only really allows for two average sized cars to pass in opposite directions and even then near misses are a frequent event, with 24 accidents being recorded in the last 12 months. After reading the article (below) I am calling for an urgent review of the safety of this road to address the issues of safety and look at what option may be available to introduce speed restrictions, speed humps, speed cameras, better visibility, re-route the chicane into a straight section of road and it is my belief that this needs to implemented as a matter of priority due to the risk it presents to motorists and their passengers. Please take a moment to SIGN and SHARE this petition and let Highways England know that one accident every two weeks is too many and the safety of the road needs urgent review. This is the article I read in the Wakefield Express earlier today: "Safety calls for notorious road" - Read more at: Thank you very much for your support, David. UPDATE: It has been requested that consideration is made to:- Ban lorries from using the road: "Put a 3.5T weight limit on the road and bolt a lowering stantion under the railway bridge to prevent HGV from passing under it."  - Downgrade from National Speed Limit: "I live on there and feel that it would be much safer if the speed limit was reduced drastically". - Any plans to re-route the road are sensitive to the established hedgerows: "It is valuable hedgerow with wild life, flora & fauna that would never regenerate. 30 mph speed limit yes (there will still be idiots who speed of course) and ban the lorries".Thanks for your support and please take a moment to SIGN & Share ;) UPDATE: 4th March 2018 We have received over 1500 signatures in less than 48 hours, Thank You for all your support and please keep SHARING the petition so that we can increase awareness of the danger this road causes to motorists and local residents.Also Thank you to Claire Aydogan for all her support, the Notes from the meeting held on the 26th February 2018 and other documents are now available to view on the Facebook page: keep SHARING the petition by Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Email, however you can and let's hope that those in a position to make a change can do so, Thank you, David Flint

David Flint
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Petition to NSW Transport RMS

Help stop the RMS from taking away our parking on Old South Head Rd.

RMS NSW intend extending the times of the clearway on Old South Head rd between Flood St and Bellevue Rd. The residents, property owners, business owners and customers of local business of the surrounding area that will be affected by extended clearway times on Old South Head rd call on the RMS to halt all work on this project for at least 60 days in order to engage in proper community consultation to allow the impact to resident to be properly and fairly assessed.  The local area will be affected by: Residents of the local area wont have any place for their visitors to park, that means no Saturday or Sunday afternoon visits or weekday day time visits No place to stop to drop off guests or visitors visiting local residents No parking for deliveries or tradesmen No parking for local business customers, no stopping to pick up a coffee or a bite to eat Increased congestion in local streets as people try to find parking in the area Continuing the trend of RMS taking away parking and usable amenity from the local area The RMS will remove approx 80 meters of valuable parking and replace it with no extra parking in the area This strip of rd does not impact traffic flows in the proposed extended hours however this change will greatly affect the local community We request that the RMS please share with the community any comprehensive research or data that is available that can show that the strip of road in question is in fact a cause of bottle neck or traffic and that extended clearway times are necessary to alleviate any such traffic. We don't feel there is any traffic flow concern in the extended hours that are proposed and so we are asking to see what data the RMS has used to earmark this strip of rd for extended clearways as it will negatively impact the local residents, business owners and local community.The RMS has not conducted any effective traffic survey or analysis nor has it sought any community consultation when making this decision. It has not considered the impact the decision will have on local business owners and their customers, property owners or residents in the affected area  Over 150 people have already signed a paper version of this petition!! We urge all residents in the local area that will be affected by this change to help in the following way Sign this petition that will be presented to NSW RMS - lets show the RMS that the local resident oppose this change Write to the RMS and explain how this change will impact you - Write or email your local member The Hon. Gabrielle Upton, MP330 New South Head RoadDOUBLE BAY NSW 2028P (02) 9326 1856F (02) 9328 1132E Share the link to this campaign on social media and let others know how unfairly the RMS treat residents and tax payers of the state of NSW - the actions of the RMS are likley to be repeated in other areas and other roads and it may impact your friends one day as well Join the local community group that is opposing this change by being in touch with to discuss how what else can be done. Thanks very much and we look forward to the community coming together to send a strong message to the RMS

Michael Berk plus others from the local community
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