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Petition to Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

Traffic Lights needed on Knockmore Road Lisburn Urgently

Despite substantial building in the area developers have failed to deliver on promises to install Traffic lights at junctions on the Knockmore Road over a period of 10+years specifically the Ballinderry and Ballymacash junctions. Due to significant development the Brokerstown Road junction also requires traffic calming measures to be put in place. Please sign this petition instructing Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) to revoke planning permission and prevent any further building until the developers meet their legal obligations under Article 40 of their planning agreement. We can make a difference together! As I’m sure you are aware there have been numerous accidents, near misses and fatalities over the years on this extremely busy 50 mph road. As reported by the Ulster Star on 28th March 2017, Transport NI advised that developers are in breach of their Article 40 planning agreement that is the responsibility of the planning authority to enforce. This cannot be allowed to continue. Local residents are placed in an unsafe, dangerous situation. One more, accident, serious injury or death is one too many. There are plans to connect the Knockmore Road directly with Sprucefield (Knockmore Link Road) which will worsen traffic in the area significantly. Common sense dictates junctions must be improved first. LCCC has granted planning permission for a Bargains store to open in the old Down Road pub location which again will place more stress on the roads. Please take one minute to sign this petition to get action on this life or death matter. Click this link to read the full Ulster Star Article

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Petition to Rt Hon Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport

Reduce RTA's by enforcing the use of dipped headlights in inclement weather

As a professional HGV driver, I have become increasingly aware of the amount of drivers that fail to switch their dipped headlights on in inclement weather on high speed roads such as Motorways, Duel Carriageways and Major A Roads. In poor weather, a car without lighting, especially those not brightly coloured, simply fades into the rain or spray especially when viewed in a trucks mirrors.  Therefore, a car approaching at speed could be missed when needing to change lanes or enter a carriageway. It is obvious that having headlights and rear lights (And not just Day Time Running Lights) on in heavy rain, spray and fog, increases the visibility of a vehicles to all other drivers and not just lorry drivers. I consider that the only way to ensure that all vehicles display the correct lighting at times of poor visibility would be to introduce their use as compulsory in law, with a points penalty, as opposed to simply a ruling within the highway code. (Rule 226). The only accident statistics available covering headlight use from The Department of Transport, are for 2012-2015.  These stats show that failing to display dipped headlights was a contributory factor in 686 RTA's (Source DOT RS5003).  This obviously does not account for other accidents and near misses that had other significant contributory factors, or those that were unreported.  Anecdotal evidence shows that at any one time, up to 10% of vehicles fail to light up sufficiently when required.  DRL's have already reduced accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists by 15% and 10% respectively (Source Road Safety Observatory, Advanced Vehicle Systems report 2017), so it is thought that compulsory headlight use in poor weather can only improve accident figures further. Definitive, measurable circumstances for lighting up could be measured by having to use full lights when wipers are in use or even when driving on a duel carriageway or motorway at any time.  Debate for how to measure adherence to the law can be clarified with consultation with relevant parties such as motoring organisations, the road haulage industry . Poor visibility in inclement weather can also be intensified by rain and dirt droplets on windscreens and mirrors, making it even more important to be able to see other vehicles so please sign this petition and help make British roads safer.  

Paul Hope
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