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Petition to Kirklees Council,

Make Hungerford Road, Edgerton Safe!

We are calling for Hungerford Road in Edgerton to be gritted regularly during periods of adverse weather and for speed controls to be installed. We appreciate the council is under pressure financially, but as a business that has been present on Hungerford Road for 8 years, we have witnessed multiple crashes that could have been prevented.  As you know, the road is incredibly busy leading to the A629 and up towards the hospital and Marsh/Lindley areas. It is used as a cut through for hundreds of commuters and for access for our Children's Nursery as well as Ramsden's Solicitors. It is on a steep hill and there are often pedestrians including parents and young children using the road and pavements. In the last 8 years our boundary wall has been crashed in to 11 times. Not to mention the numerous other incidents taking place on the road; many caused by ice (2 just in the last 2 months alone), as the road has not been gritted, the others by speeding and dangerous driving. Thankfully no one has been severely injured, but this seems inevitable if no action is taken.  The local residents met with a representative from the Council in 2014 after numerous complaints, but we were told that no speed restrictions (speed bumps, speed limits, signage etc) would be granted at that time, as no deaths had been caused. Surely it is better to be preventative than reactionary when it comes to the safety of people's lives, homes and businesses.  We are calling for Hungerford Road in Edgerton to be gritted regularly during periods of adverse weather and for speed controls to be installed!

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Petition to Hon. Phil Twyford MP, Hon. Julie Anne Genter MP

NZ Road Safety must include Horse Riders.

Horse riders are legal road users, but are not currently included in the national master plan for road safety "Safer Journeys".  Our legislation is well behind other nations in recognizing the importance of sharing the roads .  Our roads must be safe for all. Change current Road Legislation for horse riders, to at least match current Australian legislation, by: allow horses on shared paths. allow local authorities to create bridleways (walk-cycle-horse) on roads (they cannot under current law) Specifically allow horse riders on verges (current legislation is unclear), and if necessary for safety, on paths (as per current Australian legislation).   Ensure that Councils and Road Authorities recognise the role that verges (unformed road surfaces) play in the safety of pedestrians and horse riders in rural areas. Set specific road speed 20kph (same as passing school buses) in road rules for passing horses (not a vague 'slow down'), or at least require drivers to follow hand-signals from riders. Injuring, or killing a ridden (or driven) horse must be an offence.  Hitting a horse implies that the driver would have hit the person!  It is not currently an offence to kill a ridden (or driven) horse. Road design, and road works (implementation) MUST make rural roads safe for walkers, cyclists AND HORSE RIDERS. This means: ensuring verges are safe for walkers, or horse riders. Verges are frequently destroyed by current road design standards/building; creating drains, culverts or putting obstacles on the verge such as barriers or signs (for vehicles) that endanger those who need to use the verges for their safety. speed limits that allow pedestrians, horses, and cycles in rural communities with no paths, and no road margin, to use the road safely. All road safety plans must recognise all road users on an even footing.  Recognising that walkers, cyclists, AND HORSE RIDERS must have safe passage on our roads.  Our rural roads must be safe for ALL to use.  Please don't wait for the next horse to be killed, or rider injured.  Sign Now

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Petition to


Hi, The more I have been involved in the "Stop the Warren Road Access", the more it has become apparent to me that there is a problem with the Andover Road from a pedestrian and vehicle road safety perspective.  I have made inquiries in to the possibility of reducing the speed limits in the local area.  Now, with the support of the Headteachers and Governors of both Falkland and Park House Schools, the area we are looking at is around Falkland Primary and Park House schools, 30 mph to 20 mph extending to the junction of Monks Lane, to also include a stretch of Warren Road leading from the Andover Road to the side gate of Park House School.  In addition, extending the current 30 mph limit to the end of the residential area on the Andover Road (which is currently 40 mph). On this stretch of the Andover Road, there have been several near misses involving children who attend the local schools, 1 fatality in 2000 near to the junction of Kendrick Road, 4 reported incidents since 2012 in the area of the schools and 2 vehicles have left the road within a 10 month period in the area of Gorselands and Conifer Crest (one crossing the pavement and another falling into the ditch).  There may be more that I have missed but unless the Emergency Services attend it is not recorded and the statistics are difficult to obtain.  I have personally seen another vehicle crash at the junction of Conifer Crest which as far as I know was dealt with privately but was fairly significant.  The geography of the many cul-de-sacs situated off the Andover Road and the traffic flow, means it is difficult to enter the Andover Road by car, and so a reduction in speed of the oncoming traffic would go a long way to assisting with this and making it safer.  The relationship between the speed that a vehicle is travelling at the time it hits a pedestrian is also known to greatly effect the severity of the injuries.  The situation on the Andover Road was viewed as "already quite unacceptable" during a visit by the Highway Officers in Apr 15 (The Highways and Transport Response to the Sandleford Planning Application) and with the proposed addition of the Warren Road Access I feel we are justified in our requests. I also feel that there is a need for a zebra crossing in close proximity to the bus stop and dog bin/footpath situated on the Andover Road between Conifer Crest and Ladwell Close.  There are many dog walkers, children and elderly residents within the vicinity for whom the pedestrian crossing approx quarter of a mile distant is insufficient and this makes crossing the road difficult and therefore discourages them from using sustainable methods of transport promoted by the Government when using the facilities in the local area. Obviously, I do not know the strength of feeling within our local community for these changes and so I thought the best way of gauging what people would like was via this method, although it is not going to be used as a petition.  If the initiative gets support, Councillor Adrian Edwards will then use it, referring it to the Head of Highways and others. Your comments alongside your name would be appreciated as again it would be used to see if you support any of the proposals.  If you just enter your name it will be assumed that you are in agreement with all the suggestions.  Many thanks and please spread the word, Julie Knapman  

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