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Children's safety is critical, make Wing 20mph

As a community we frequently talk about the problems on our roads, we complain that the traffic through the Wing village is getting worse, that drivers speed through our streets and drive dangerously on our pavements. But on 25th September we saw a significant development when a 12 year old girl was hit by a car on the Stewkley Road zebra crossing. Abbey and her friends Casey, Olivia and Eden, stopped and waited to cross, one driver stopped for them and waved them onto the crossing but a driver from the opposite direction failed to slow down on approaching the crossing and hit Abbey. She was knocked off her bike and the car hit her arm, causing some bruising. Fortunately, she was not seriously hurt but understandably she and her three friends were quite shaken. This is the second time in as many weeks that a pedestrian has been hit in our village. The Stewkley Road crossing is notorious for motorists speeding through with no regard to those waiting to cross. We have two large schools and many of us want our children to be able to walk to school and go out to play safely with their friends. We all want and need to be able to move safely round our own village. The two month closure of the A4146 bypass clearly made the traffic worse but even in ‘normal’ times we still have a problem. As parents of the children involved we feel it is time to make some changes in our community and we need your support. We have contacted the local police, Wing Parish Council, Buckinghamshire County Council and Taylor Wimpey to talk to them about this problem and we need your help to lobby them for change. It is within their power. What we need: -       Let’s make the village a 20mph zone – evidence shows average speeds fall and casualties decrease by 20% -       Let’s make sure we get the crossing improvements promised by Taylor Wimpey ***UPDATE*** Taylor Wimpey and Bucks County Council have confirmed work will start on 29th October! -       Let’s make sure we get better signage and traffic calming measures on all approaches to the village and around our schools - permanently  We are delighted to have already made a difference by ensuring Bucks County Council and Taylor Wimpey get on with scheduling the work on the pedestrian crossings but we are still determined to lobby for changes to the speed limit and traffic calming measures throughout the village. You can help by signing our petition now! Thanks for your support,Jenny, Sarah, Clare, Emma & Juliet

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