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Petition to UK Parliament, Highways England, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, West Yorkshire Police, WMDC Transportation and Highways, Highways Wakefield

URGENT REVIEW of Dangerous Road - Blacker Lane, Wakefield - 24 accidents in 12 months!

Blacker Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire has always been a road that could be considered dangerous.  The road offers a bypass between Calder Grove and Netherton and consists of a narrow country lane with tight corners, a chicane and corners both on the brow of a hill and at the bottom of a hill. Currently the road is a National Speed limit which is far too fast given the size of the road and the very limited visibility and needs urgent review. The chicane is also very tight and only really allows for two average sized cars to pass in opposite directions and even then near misses are a frequent event, with 24 accidents being recorded in the last 12 months. After reading the article (below) I am calling for an urgent review of the safety of this road to address the issues of safety and look at what option may be available to introduce speed restrictions, speed humps, speed cameras, better visibility, re-route the chicane into a straight section of road and it is my belief that this needs to implemented as a matter of priority due to the risk it presents to motorists and their passengers. Please take a moment to SIGN and SHARE this petition and let Highways England know that one accident every two weeks is too many and the safety of the road needs urgent review. This is the article I read in the Wakefield Express earlier today: "Safety calls for notorious road" - Read more at: Thank you very much for your support, David. UPDATE: It has been requested that consideration is made to:- Ban lorries from using the road: "Put a 3.5T weight limit on the road and bolt a lowering stantion under the railway bridge to prevent HGV from passing under it."  - Downgrade from National Speed Limit: "I live on there and feel that it would be much safer if the speed limit was reduced drastically". - Any plans to re-route the road are sensitive to the established hedgerows: "It is valuable hedgerow with wild life, flora & fauna that would never regenerate. 30 mph speed limit yes (there will still be idiots who speed of course) and ban the lorries".Thanks for your support and please take a moment to SIGN & Share ;) UPDATE: 4th March 2018 We have received over 1500 signatures in less than 48 hours, Thank You for all your support and please keep SHARING the petition so that we can increase awareness of the danger this road causes to motorists and local residents.Also Thank you to Claire Aydogan for all her support, the Notes from the meeting held on the 26th February 2018 and other documents are now available to view on the Facebook page: keep SHARING the petition by Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Email, however you can and let's hope that those in a position to make a change can do so, Thank you, David Flint

David Flint
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Petition to Hynburn Borough Council

Stop joyriders speeding past our homes!

Some parts of Lancashire have among the worst accident records in the country for children being injured in residential areas which involve pedestrians and cyclists. On Harvey Street  in particular, despite speed limits being put into place, these are not being adhered to. It has become more apparent to me throughout the summer months that  the number of vehicles speeding along this road  has become a  major issue for neighboring residents. Joyriding is the  catalyst for most of these risk taking behaviors. This used to  occur during the night but there has recently been an increase in the number of motorcyclists and young motorists  speeding repeatedly up and down the street throughout the day, racing one another without any due cause for the safety of others. In some instances the motorcyclists have been performing 'stunts' and encouraging the police to speed after them in order to get a 'chase'.    This busy road is used daily by many motorists to commute to work, drop off at local schools/ child care providers, to travel to local playgroups, playgrounds and play centres. "Almost 7 out of 10 of all accidents in Lancashire where people are killed or seriously injured happen in 30 mph areas and not in faster roads" (Lancashire County Council). This is incredibly concerning to me as a parent as this is a main route for many pedestrians with children under 10 years of age who attend one of the three primary schools at the bottom of the street, adjacent from my own home. It is also  an accessible route for SEN students from White Ash school to attend trips and has an incredibly busy and over subscribed day nursery at the top, where my daughter attends. Many of my neighbors also have pets that are at risk when reckless driving occurs, not only due to the noise, but the unpredictability of the drivers has killed some of my neighbors cats in previous years and my own pet puppy.  I would like to propose to the council, with the support of the community, to have speed bumps at the start of the residential areas on Harvey Street . This would include the bottom of  Harvey street and at the top, as you proceed to Tennyson Avenue. Speed limits may be intended to act as a deterrent but unfortunately it would seem this is not  deterrent enough. In 2001 the council spent 100,000 pounds on improving road safety in our community which seems counterproductive if those who  this scheme was supposed to benefit, now feel more endangered than ever. Something needs to happen. "Change starts with you, but it doesn't change until you do" (Tom Ziglar).  Please join me as a family centered, supportive  community to sign this petition and make a difference to our roads and keep the streets safe for our children. .       

Teresa Dabbar
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Petition to George Hinton, Chris Grayling, Ken Gulati, Mike Dawson,, Nick Harrison

A Safe Crossing on the A217 near the top of Burgh Wood!

The A217 near the top of Burgh Wood in Banstead needs a crossing. Hundreds of people cross dangerously every day at this point, many of which are children from the local schools because it is too far to walk, to the nearest crossing for little legs or for the elderly.  There is no other way to enter Banstead town centre for us to take our children to school safely. Driving is not an option as there is not enough parking. In fact many parents from Banstead Infants and Juniors drive to the Nork roads to park up and then cross here. The Horseshoe in Banstead near the schools have sensibly had the pavements widened for safety but now there is even less parking. We are constantly being encouraged to walk to school but this is not a safe option, yet I have crossed here each school day for the last 7 years and will continue to do so for the next 7 years until my youngest finishes at our most local Junior school. Seven years ago I wrote to the local residents association to ask if anything could be done. I was told there needed to be more fatalities before the criteria would be ticked to push for a crossing so they could not pursue my request for help. I wonder which of my 4 children the council would like to see dead before they feel a crossing is needed. I have stood in the middle of the A217 after crossing half way and heard a crash behind us to turn and see a coach having crashed into a car just where we had been standing...Isn't that close enough. This is just one of many close misses I know people have experienced here. I would like the council to please take this serious at last. There is space for a bridge or traffic lights...either of these would be amazing. Please sign this petition add your comments too.

Eva Hellings
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Petition to Daniel Humphreys, Bryan Turner, Sir Peter Bottomley, Bob Smytherman

West Sussex County Council - Make Becket / Pavilion Road Safer for All!

Becket Road (leading into Pavilion Road) in West Worthing is unsafe for all residents in West Worthing (particularly the elderly or disabled, children and pets).  Currently, this road is frequented as a cut through as it runs parallel to the train lines and drivers fly down at speeds well above the already high limit of 30mph to avoid the level crossings.   In addition to this, due to the lack of off-street parking on this Victorian road, between 6pm and 8:30am both sides of the street are completely lined with parked cars, greatly reducing driver visibility of any small children or animals who might be trying to cross the road.  Given that this is a family street, with many children and house pets in the vicinity, this should be taken all the more seriously. I personally have witnessed a school child's near miss with a taxi as she passed between parked cars to cross the road and the driver skidded to a halt within inches of her life.  Even more personally, we lost our dearly beloved family cat just this weekend due to fatal injuries sustained in a hit and run collision in front of our home on this very road.  A postmortem exam at the vets confirmed that the velocity at which our Henry was hit would have had to been substantial, to cause the injuries which ended his life so violently. As both a mother of a young child and an animal lover, I find it shocking that the council has seemingly not taken any measures to make this road more safe for all who live in the area.   With this in mind, I formally request, and hope other residents of Worthing will support this as well, that some immediate measures are taken to reduce the speeds at which people drive down Becket Road; either in the form of speed bumps, speed cameras or speed signs - the kind that tell people how fast they're going.  These measures should be implemented with immediate effect to help prevent further tragedy.  Next time it could be one of our children.  

Tiya Ivy
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