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Petition to argyll & bute council, police scotland

Traffic calming measures on Rhu Road Higher / West Montrose Street

This is a petition to ADDRESS SPEEDING MOTORISTS AND MAKE RHU ROAD HIGHER AND WEST MONTROSE STREET SAFER Past and present residents of Rhu Road Higher and West Montrose Street will vouch for the dangerous driving which happens daily on this road, with the biggest cause being speeding. Today a car crashed into a neighbours parked car, seconds after my children walked in the door from school - this could have been my kids that was hit instead. RRH / WMS is a very dangerous place to drive and an even more dangerous place to walk along side, particularly during rush hour as people speed to work or to get home. Residents have had their cars damaged, smashed into, even trees ripped from the ground. Pedestrians walking or running along side this road complain of the dangerous driving they witness and close calls they have had. Rhu Road Higher / West Montrose Street is a residential area with many pedestrians (including children, elderly, disabled) and cyclists. Drivers are ignoring the speed limit inforced in the area. Police spot checks only temporarily slow people down. Families with young children regularly cross the road right outside my home at the most dangerous part of the road to get to Duchess Woods and I live in fear of the day a child is hit  here - it needs to be addressed before it costs a life. As this road is used by emergency vehicles a lot, I do not think speed bumps is the answer - however something has to be done to address the risk posed to residents and pedestrians and I am calling on Police Scotland and Argyll & Bute Council to work together to make Rhu Road Higher / West Montrose Street safe for everyone who uses it, before someone is killed.

Sharyn E
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