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Petition to NJ Transit/Coach USA and World Wide Public Transportation

Stop reckless, aggressive, and rude bus drivers from carelessly taking young innocent lives like Deshon Johnson.

Hello, My name is Naomi Johnson, Deshon Johnson's mother, and I am looking to pass a bill honoring my son Deshon Johnson to make a positive change for other victims everywhere. I want the bill to focus on preventing tragic deaths. I know the bill will not be a remedy to bring back loved ones, but I would like it to implement safety awareness and jail time for the bus drivers. I want a memorial at the location where Deshon's life ended or a street adopted and named in Deshon's honor. I am heartbroken every day thinking about how tragic Deshon’s death was. On the morning of July 18th, 2012 there is footage of Deshon Johnson patiently arriving at the seven eleven at 10:30 am and waiting for the bus till the bus arrived at 10:48 am.  Deshon was patiently waiting at the bus stop to go to work. Once Deshon notices the bus time arrival he had gotten up to signal the bus to stop. Instead of the bus driver stopping to pick up his passengers he continues to speed through the green light and around the sharp corner. Deshon flagged the bus to stop again, but the bus kept on going speeding around the corner and the bus never stopped to pick him up. So, Deshon ran a few steps down from the bus stop on the corner of Bay Ave and Broad Street.  My son banged on the front door while he was at the corner of the handicapped sidewalk. The Community Coach bus driver run over my child twice knocking him down. Romaine was driver driving NJ Transit bus when he dragged Deshon 50 to 100 feet to his death. There needs to be a law that allows overseeing company like Community Coach that is based in Scotland to hold these bus drivers accountable for these countless death. It is hard to get in contact with Coach to make a complaint.  Deshon was not the only person that was killed by a bus driver, and no arrest or charges have been brought against the driver to this day.  On January 23, 2012, a Coach USA bus driver took 21-year-old Christie Noble-Ross life who is a neighbor that lived on the same floor across the hall from Deshon Johnson. While Christie Nobel was on her way dropping her son off to daycare. The bus came around the corner of Main and South Harrison streets in East Orange killing her on impact.  These cases by the Essex County Prosecutor Detective are dismissed and labeled as an accident without further investigation and this needs to stop. When a bus is speeding on residential roads above the speed limit, and turning around the corner at a fast speed it should not be considered an accident. That is negligence and murder. The prosecutors never pull up the drivers' record to see if he had other fatality/fractions. or his cell phone records to see if he was distracted.   Needless to say, the driver had a prior accident before killing my son and after killing my son. The driver had to take up defensive driving course before killing my son. The drivers also have to break in entry charges. These prior incidents speak the value of the driver misbehaved personality traits.  I live every day with the lawyer showing me a picture of my son's remains over the road and with the detail description about how my son's brain was in the bus wheel by retired judge Lawrence evil inhuman behavior to mentally break me down.  He shows no type of humanity about my son get killed, instead, he was trying to blame my son for his death. I live with these images torrent me for the rest of my life.   Please help us bring justice for Deshon Johnson and bring an end to the abuse of the NJ Transit and Coach USA bus drivers putting our lives at risk every day just to catch a bus.   In November 2012 the Johnson's Family civil lawyer Brad hired a criminal lawyer to be a liaison between the Prosecutor's office and the family to pass on new information. Needless to say, the lawyer failed to do his job, took our money and Deshon's killer walked away a free man and his case were closed in Feb. 2013.  The criminal lawyer Saluti was referred to us to work as an extension of the prosecutor's office.  Now the bus driver is back to work supporting his family but Deshon is unable to go back to his job to support (me) his disable mother. This legalizes murder needs to stop!!!    

Naomi Johnson
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Petition to House of Representatives and Senate of the Philippines

Children should be in safety standard seats that save lives!

In congruence with the global road safety concerns led by the United Nations General Assembly and World Health Organization, the New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP) and other road safety advocates are executing an initiative to address the alarmingly high number of deaths in the Philippines caused by road crashes. Though there is already an existing legislation on the mandatory use of seat belts in vehicles, this law only protects adults should a road crash occur; while this is a good start for road safety, children and infants remain unprotected. This is where the child car seats come in. These car seats for children not only provide comfort for children but as well as security and safety in the event of a road crash. Case in point: There is an average of seven (7) deaths per day caused by car crashes and 2014 data shows an estimate of PHP26.5B worth of losses due to car crashes. Thus, a coalition of advocacy groups are working towards the promotion of the pending House Bill 5595 and Senate Bill 1447, which aim to enact a legislation to assure the safety of children while on the road through the use of car seats. Car seats are the children's insurance, if we can pay for car insurance premiums, we can surely invest in safety standards approved car seats that may save our children's lives while inside motor vehicles. Join the call today, children should be in seats that save lives. Sign the petition now to show your support for the child safety in motor vehicles bill.

New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP)
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Petition to Hon. Jay Schneiderman, Hon. Christin Scalera, Hon. Julie Lofstad, Hon. Stan Glinka, Hon. John Bouvier, Sundy Schermeyer

B.A.N. the Gateway Proposal across from Bridgehampton Commons -

BRIDGEHAMPTON ACTION NOW  (B.A.N.) THE GATEWAY PROPERTY ACROSS FROM BRIDGEHAMPTON COMMONS We won the first battle. Help us to Preserve this high traffic area and Watershed.  B.A.N. supporters with the help of our attorney forced the withdrawal of the Town sponsored PDD Gateway proposal.  However, the fight is not over, as a new  proposal is expected to be submitted in the very near future. Due to B.A.N.'s vigilance and other concerned community groups,  we have opposed any new inappropriate plan in order to protect the critical natural features and rural appearance of the Gateway site.    B.A.N. will work to have the Town Board enact greater zoning protections for this important site. We will also participate in any Planning Board review to make sure that natural features and the  watershed are fully protected from harm.   The 1999 Comprehensive Plan already recommends  the use  of scenic greenways and watershed greenways to protect the features and the rural appearance of the Gateway site.  A moratorium and a new Hamlet Study are also possible to evaluate appropriate development of the site. Residents’ comments in this petition overwhelmingly favor limiting development and protecting the natural features and appearance of the Gateway site.  Additional zoning protection is required to stop the following potential impacts: Water Impact- Water and storm water runoff which threatens the integrity of 5 ponds which connect to Kellis Pond and Kellis Creek. in Bridgehampton are connected. DISEASE causing BLUE-GREEN ALGAE already growing in many of our Ponds including endangered Kellis Pond, currently on the New York State Impaired List.  Existing Set-Backs must be increased to protect this sensitive watershed.    INTENSE TRAFFIC CONGESTION- development threatens to increase the already horrific traffic during the Summer through Fall season. Traffic accidents have increased  on Montauk Highway all year round between Water Mill and Bridgehampton in particular.  Emergency vehicles, Fire trucks, Police etc. will have tremendous difficulty getting to those in need.  ENVIRONMENT- The commercial development of the site poses a serious threat to Kellis Pond and wetland area which is habitat for wildlife and birds. ECONOMIC IMPACT DISASTER to MAIN STREET- Commercial development threatens the economic future of the charming retail and antique shops which are the centerpiece of the Bridgehampton . Four retail stores have closed on Main street and most are still unrented. Retail uses should not be introduced. Say no to high end and pop stress that kill local buinesses  Additional zoning overlay restrictions:  The Town Board should consider more restrictive zoning overlays to better protect the natural features of the site. If necessary, the Hamlet Study Plan should be updated to reflect current conditions. PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAILS directed to Town Board Members (listed below) to, and we will hand deliver these email to be sure they are read.   This petition along with personal letters to the following board members will help us to Victory. CONTRIBUTIONS-in order for us to claim victory, we must see this through to the end with legal counsel, environmental and planning engineers. Checks are payable to Bridgehampton Action Now. Please send your contribution to Bridgehampton Action Now  P.O. Box 1245,  Bridgehampton, N.Y. 11932-1245.   Thank you again for all your support. We CAN and WILL make the difference Letters directed to-          Town Supervisor Jay          Board Member John Bouvier-          Board Member Julie  Lofstad-           Board Member  Stan Glinka-           Board Member  Christina           Town Clerk -           Please send a copy of your letter to    Bridgehampton Action Now Committee (B.A.N.-a not- for- profit organization)      

B.A.N. Gateway (Bridgehampton Action Now)
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