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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

Fix the Dole-Bludging Crisis. Make Centrelink honest again!

The dole-bludging crisis has evolved from a minor problem into a major issue. In 2016 there are a record 35,000 Australians who can work but don't and get paid for it! And if you cant give up one minute to sign this petition then how can you claim to fully support this nation. Please help solve a problem which will bleed the economy revenue irreparable by 2019 for the next generation whose wages, tax and community will be affected by this welfare crisis. This petition is for welfare reform. Centrelink alone uses 1/3 of the Governments taxpayer money and budget which is money we can use for education and healthcare among other vital infrastructure. We need to reduce this spending by investigating an individuals eligibility for centrelink and remove those who don't need it! I am tired of sitting idly by and allowing people who voluntarily don't work get paid almost the same as hardworking households and families. I see it everyday, I hear about it everyday and I know that if everyone speaks up we have a rare opportunity to create funding that can enrich our lives in the long run. The only victims of this change will be the ones cheating the government and communities out of money that can make those said communities greater. Australian taxpayers alone fund 240 million welfare payments per year! The Australian government is now spending $190 billion on centrelink and dole bludgers per year! 8 out of 10 income taxpayers are now paying the nations welfare bill! So please give a signature to show your support and vote for change, enrichment and prosperity for those who work hard! Thank You.

Hunter Leech
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