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Petition to Jerry Brown, California Governor

Reduce my son's unjust sentence

My son Jeremy Stewart has been given 70 years in prison for stealing. He was convicted of burglarizing two homes while the residents were out. There was no confrontation, no threats, and no violence. California has the toughest Three strikes law allowing life sentences for property theft. My son had two prior nonviolent offenses, the judge made the decision to enforce the law to the fullest. I have been fighting for a fairer punishment ever since. Under previous California law, Jeremy would have most likely been sentenced to about 12-15 years in prison. But because of California's 3 Strikes law, Jeremy received a harsher sentence than drug cartel hit men who had confessed to killing more than 20 people. They only got 25-years-to-life. Jeremy's poor decisions were made while he was dealing with a serious drug addiction and depression. He needed treatment and rehabilitation.This doesn't excuse his conduct and he knows he needs to face consequences for his actions. But 70 years to life with no good time credits allowed, means he won't be eligible for parole until he is 96. The cost, 5 million dollars to taxpayers. This is an unjust and  inhumane death sentence, all for nonviolent offense. Jeremy is not the only one being punished -- I am raising his two children in his absence. Every day, these innocent young children suffer emotionally missing their father. I struggle financially working to afford day care and their basic needs.This unjust sentence means his children will never be able share the same four walls as their father. He should have an opportunity to earn the right to return home to provide for his two young children, Heatherly and David, currently ages 5 and 6. Today Jeremy is serving his sentence at Centenila State Prison. He tutors other inmates, leads the Christian worship services and the Narcotics Anonymous group. He currently has a 4.0 GPA through Coastline College and will soon be graduating, just 4 more classes to go. He has been a model prisoner. Jeremy made a terrible mistake, but should a nonviolent crime put him behind bars for life?  A Petition for Clemency has been sent to Governor Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown to exercise his discretion and reduce Jeremy's sentence. I am asking the Governor to reduce his sentence to 20 years. I humbly and respectfully request your support. Please sign my petition and stand by me and my family as we fight to give Jeremy the chance to come home one day. Thank you. Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth stewart
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Petition to Planned Parenthood, always, U by Kotex, Schools and School Boards

Free Menstrual Products in Middle School and High School Restrooms

Free menstrual products in school can have a lasting effect on a young woman’s life. By having free menstrual products in school restrooms, girls will have a more comfortable and worry-free experience while having their periods during school.Instead of focusing on the possible consequences of not being prepared for their periods, young girls can focus on their education. Girls will not have to ask their neighbor for a tampon or pad in an emergency. Instead, young girls can feel assured that if they have an emergency, supplies will be at their ready. Low-income families sometimes have a hard time purchasing period products because of the expensive cost of these needed products. A box of tampons can cost up to $10 or more, and can be even more pricey for better quality products. Pads can be anywhere between $7 and $15. Some low-income families have to wait for their next paycheck to buy menstrual supplies, and that may not match up with the girl’s cycle. With free menstrual products in schools, girls living in low-income families will not have to worry when their parents' next paycheck will come in. They can instead have easy access to supplies, and do not have to feel embarrassed about not having anything to catch their menstrual blood. If we do not get this to happen in schools, girls will continue to feel uncomfortable and unprepared in situations when they need menstrual products. However, if we do get this to happen, girls will feel secure and safe in schools, and instead have the ability to focus on their learning rather than if they have an extra pad or tampon. Simply putting menstrual products in school can change a young girl’s life, and make her more confident knowing that she will be protected no matter what kind of emergencies happen. Please sign this petition and change girls’ lives!  

Sarah Smith
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Petition to Mayor Cameron Smyth

Support for a Ferret Friendly Santa Clarita, CA

We need support for Ferret Legalization We, the ferret owners all around California, and all over the world humbly and respectfully ask the city of Santa Clarita to declare itself a Ferret Friendly City and publicly support the decriminalization of ferret ownership in California.  We take this unusual step because no one in our state government (and this is a state issue) will give us assistance or explain the reason for banning domestic ferrets in the first place. A Misdemeanor to own a ferret and a 30 year battle.  Ferrets have been illegal in California since 1933. It is currently a misdemeanor carrying $1,000 fine, up to 6 months in jail and confiscation of the pet, to own a ferret throughout the state. For almost 30 years ferret owners in California have been working hard to legalize the domestic ferret. This house pet is currently legal in 48 states and none of these states report ferrets having an impact on the local wildlife.  We have taken our issue to politicians on all levels and the Fish and Game Commission. We had hope that the new commission would support this obvious and logical issue. This year we pushed two petitions for regulation change which the Commission heard and rejected.  The first was to remove ferrets from the prohibited species list. When that was denied we requested that the Fish and Game Commission resume issuing permits for ferrets as they had done for neutered male ferrets prior to 1985. Fish & Game rejected both.  For the past 13 years we have not been able to find a legislative sponsor. We have met many who are sympathetic to the cause but will not take on the issue. People are still suffering from this law. People can’t move to California if they have ferrets. This especially affects people in the military who get stationed at one of our many bases.  Many don't feel safe getting legal medical care for their pets when they need it.  There is a lot of stress owning this house pet in California. Ferret owners have to hide their pets from the Police, Fish & Game, and their neighbors.  Certain security clearances, licenses & even foster parent status cannot be obtained if someone owns a ferrets. All politics are local. The city of Santa Clarita can stand with La Mesa and make a very symbolic statement and perhaps get this in front of a legislator by declaring Santa Clarita a Ferret Friendly City. 

Angel City Ferret Club
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