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Petition to Meridian City Planning and Zoning Commission, Meridian City Council, Mayor Tammy de Weerd

Maintain Linder/Chinden as a Mixed-Use Community Designation

PETITION: Regarding the Proposed Development known as “Linder Village” We, the undersigned respectfully, but strongly urge our elected and appointed officials of the City of Meridian, the Mayor, City Council, and Planning and Zoning Commission, to DENY proposed Amendment H-2017-0088 to change the future land use map designations, the Meridian City Comprehensive Plan, and all of its dependent associated requests for the properties at the south east corner of North Linder Road and West Chinden Blvd. We believe the proposed changes are NOT in the best interest of the City of Meridian and would adversely affect the quality of life of its citizens and those of neighboring communities for the following reasons: Increased congestion in North Meridian Traffic along Chinden and Linder has already grown substantially due to population growth, which shows no signs of slowing down. The creation of a supercenter such as the proposed Linder Village would by definition draw hundreds of additional vehicles from surrounding towns, increasing traffic congestion exponentially. Even if and when Chinden is widened, the extra lanes will barely keep up with the organic population growth without such a supercenter. Another Eagle Road? Chinden was designated by Compass (a regional planning consortium) as an “expressway,” a major artery intended to move traffic quickly without getting clogged by cars and trucks turning into and out of developments and shopping areas. This is controlled by limiting the number of access points to these areas and by restricting the number of traffic signals to no more than one per half-mile. The developers propose adding a new traffic light at Bergman and Chinden, violating the half-mile standard and setting a precedent that will make Chinden worse, not better. Direct impact on Paramount homeowners Noise. The changes would allow a WinCo store, or any superstore, to be open 24 hours a day. That means delivery trucks, workers, shoppers, lights, and traffic noise around the clock. Internal traffic. Traffic could enter Linder Village from 4 Paramount streets: Arliss, Bergman, Booth, and Fox Run. Those streets would feed into the proposed new residences, then continue into the Linder Village parking area. Shoppers wanting to avoid traffic congestion on Chinden and Linder could cut through Paramount via Cayuse Creek to the west, Director from the east, or any of several streets in the southern part of Paramount. People living in the new apartments near McMillan & Meridian could drive all the way to Linder Village through Paramount streets. Safety. Paramount residents who live near Director will already face increased traffic from the new Cadence townhomes being built east of Veranda. Anyone using the new pool on the corner of Director and Fox Run will have to cross streets even more jammed due to shopping traffic cutting through. Overcrowding. The developer’s proposal would eliminate current Plan requirements for pedestrian walkways, adequate buffer zones and setbacks from homes. Property values. While some potential home buyers might like the convenience of having big-box stores so close by, we believe the negatives would greatly outweigh the positives for most families. This will put downward pressure on home values in Paramount, especially those nearest the shopping center.  Some Paramount homeowners will simply decide to live elsewhere, contributing to an oversupply of homes for sale. Threat to the integrity of the City planning process Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map. The City of Meridian states explicitly that a goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to “sustain, enhance, promote and protect elements that contribute to the livability and a high quality of life” for Meridian residents. We believe the current plan is a good one that supports this goal and many of us made our home buying decisions based on it. What value is such a plan if it can be altered as drastically as the developers are asking? The future of North Meridian. Far from being opposed to commercial development, we welcome it. Most of us would love to see a greater variety of small-scale stores, restaurants, services, and family-owned businesses in a pleasant, attractive setting that we could walk or bike to. But if the City approves this application as submitted, the message will be loud and clear to future developers that years of city planning can be brushed aside without concern for the “high quality of life” we have been promised.      

Preserve Meridian
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Petition to Christina Hobbs, Councilman Brian K. Jones, Angelette Mealing, Shayla Nealy, VR Williams, Naeema Gilyard, Scott Martin

NO warehouse development at South Fulton Pkway/Campbellton-Fairburn Rd/Hall Rd

Whereas, we the citizens of District 4 in the new City of South Fulton purchased or leased homes for a personal investment in our neighborhoods with the hope of living in peace without our health being impacted from diesel fumes emitting from trucks, noise from trucks, lights overnight from warehouses and additional traffic in our community that is burdened with traffic congestion and safety issues.  Siting your 572,000 sf warehouse on land that includes a wetland on HWY 92 & Hall Rd where there are 3 public schools is unacceptable.  Exposure to environmental stressors is likely in addition to the devaluation of our property and the flight of developers who wish to bring quality retail and commercial businesses to our district.  We seek environmental justice that prevents environmental stressors from being located in minority neighborhoods.  The character of our neighborhoods includes greenspace, wetlands, wildlife and history.  Also there have been no infrastructure improvements to our roads that are too narrow to accommodate trucks.  There are too many accidents.  We are not interested in a park next to a warehouse.  We are interested in the health and safety of our community.        NO MORE WAREOUSES ON SFP!

Tshalla Hernández
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Petition to Mr. Trey Tezza, Mr. Chris Nickels, Ms. Marty Belk, Mr. Roger O'Sullivan, Ms. Sarah S. Johnson

Zone Belle Hall Elementary to Moultrie Middle School

We write today as citizens of Mount Pleasant to express our support for Belle Hall Elementary (BHE)’s inclusion in the final rezoning decision for Moultrie Middle School (MMS) beginning in school year 2019-2020.  We stand united along the following points: • We all believe that BHE neighborhoods should be zoned for Moultrie Middle School and ultimately Lucy Beckham High School. • We appreciate CCSD’s sensible inclusion of BHE in a majority of the rezoning proposals for Moultrie Middle School. We support proposals A1, A2, B1 and B2 that accurately reflect our community’s inclusion in the MMS zone. We oppose Proposal C, as presented on May 16, 2018, but would support a revised version that included all BHE communities at Moultrie Middle School. • While BHE communities lie virtually equidistant between Laing and Moultrie Middle Schools, the zoning of BHE’s students for MMS would shift middle school traffic away from highly-congested, historically problematic roads such as Longpoint Road and Highway 17 North toward under-utilized I-526 East into Mount Pleasant. As individual families, we intend to send letters re-stating our position but wanted to leave no question about our support for the best path forward for our community with regard to middle school rezoning.

Jessica Warden
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