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Petition to Matty Collector

Revise Selling Method and Offer Missed Early Access Figures to Matty Collector Subscribers

For years, has offered subscription plans to customers to give them early access to figures on their site, as well as access to exclusive figures only available to subscription holders. The incentive is a good one, but rarely follows through. They almost immediately sell out and loyal subscribers miss out on the opportunity to add these highly sought after figures to their collection. The Problem The most recent example of such a figure was Anti-Eternia He-Man. Time and time again, the figures sell out within minutes, sometimes even seconds, and show up on scalpers auctions. Somehow, the system is manipulated into selling primarily to this crowd, and leaves loyal subscribers behind, having to force them to pay sometimes 10x the price for a figure they were rightfully entitled to at a subscription cost. People can even buy multiples of the same figure, making them sell faster. This is unfair to loyal customers, and deceitful as these figures are used to lure subscribers into paying for a full year of figures, and then they don't even get several of the figures they think they will be able to acquire. The Solution The answer is simple. The "first to buy" method needs to be abolished. For the exclusive figures that aren't part of the subscription, there should be one figure locked for every loyal paying subscriber. Give the subscriber a window of time to decide if they want the figure or not. They can accept or decline, and are limited to one per account. The decision should be made prior to the online sale date. This way subscribers ACTUALLY get their exclusives without having to go on eBay and pay scalpers exorbitant prices. Apologize This is a problem that could have changed years ago, and hasn't. Matty Collector should in addition to changing this process, provide a chance to own each exclusive figure it has "promised" to every subscriber as a way to make up for they way they have been treating their customer base. They can look at the order history and make an order list of exclusive figures that were missed, and offer them indefinitely to their loyal customer base. Why I Care I have been a loyal customer since they started many years ago. I love Masters of the Universe, and feel I should be rewarded for subscribing, and not punished, as the case has been the past several years. I am asking for accountability, and positive customer service to right  an issue that should have been corrected years ago.

Bill Freitag
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