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Petition to help Simon Edwards become the next CEO of Sears Holdings

I remember when I was a young boy being part of the local San Diego, California Sears helping my mom and dad transport product from our vehicle to our deli. Our family were one of the first to incorporate a deli into the Sears retail establishment offering high quality food & drink to the consumers of the retailer. I studied and watched day in and day out the processes and procedures involved in operating a business, driving foot traffic and promoting an experience that provides value and has the capability for growth. As my career path evolved I went on to start working with H&R Block as a field technical engineer covering our implementation inside of Sears & Kmart. My career with H&R Block lasted for 10 years turning to Business Operations and acting as a Corporate Liaison in many of the initiatives that the Company set forth to ensure a sustainable and profitable practice in the Tax & Financial market. I was exposed to Corporate meetings that led to the removal of H&R Block from Sears retailers and expressed my thoughts on how I believe the decision could have been avoided. From a very young age my family and I have been involved with Sears & Kmart in many ways and people that truly know me know I'm the right person to lead Sears Holdings to a point of profitability and beyond. I have many valuable connections in the retail industry as well as many valuable connections with companies and individuals from other industries that directly impact retail. Together we will help solve the decline in retail. There is value in Sears Holdings and I believe I'm the right person to help drive growth in the industry for the Company. We will embrace and engage in value driven based initiatives that promote a stronger confidence metric for stakeholders and shareholders across the board.  Please petition to help me Simon Edwards become the next President & Chief Executive Officer of Sears Holdings We will be doing good for our local Communities, the Nation and the Globe.

Simon Edwards
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Petition to Chris Beutler, Cyndi Lamm, Jon Camp, Carl Eskridge, Leirion Gaylor Baird, Trent Fellers

Yes to Lincoln NE Costco at 14th & Pine Lake Road

The Lincoln, NE city council will vote on whether to approve the 14th and Pine Lake Costco on Jan 9. A vocal minority has expressed disapproval of the Costco. However, the majority of Lincoln residents who approve of the Costco have been silent thus far. This is our chance to voice support for the Costco. Due to financial conflicts of interest, only 5 of the 7 city council members will be allowed to vote. In order for Costco to be approved, 4 of the 5 city council members must vote in favor. In addition to signing the petition, please email all of your city council members. I did so this morning, and here's the response I received from one of them: Brian,Thank you for your input. 2 council members have conflicts of interest, leaving 5 to vote. It takes 4 to pass it. I am leaning in support. Your email helps me to balance the negative testimony from neighbors at the meeting last night. Here are the relevant email addresses:,,,,, (not allowed to vote b/c of conflict of interest), (not allowed to vote b/c of conflict of interest)  Links to recent news articles on the topic: Conflicts of interest surface in Costco vote Planners OK south Lincoln Costco plans first Lincoln location

Brian Baugh
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