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Petition to Rep. Ken Calvert, Army Corps Of Engineers (Army Corps Of Engineers Senior Public Affairs Specialist)

Save The Largest Patriotic Mural In America

At nearly 100,000 sq feet, the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural can be seen by some 300,000 cars that pass by it daily along the 91 freeway in Corona California.  The mural is actually six times the size of Mt. Rushmore! 

How the mural got there is as impressive as It's message, in 1976 it was designed and painted by Corona High School students to be part of the U.S. Bicentennial Celebration, which became the most massive volunteer movement in peacetime history. Over the years the Mural has been damaged, but even though groups like the Boy Scouts have volunteered to repair the 40 year old Icon, the Army Corps of Engineers has turned down all requests solely on the premise of lead paint in the mural.  It's on that claim alone, the Corps has now resolved to strip off the mural in the next few months.  With the Corps failure to put a vintage restoration plan in place, the Mural could be lost forever or even replaced by a different design.

The 10,000 Inspirational comments left here by petitioners along with the resolutions that were passed in support by the five cities that surround the mural, leave no doubt that the public wants the mural preserved as a living part of our communities life, development and to benefit that of present and future generations. This is why, original Mural Artist and creator Ron Kammeyer has teamedup with the Mural Conservancy of L.A. to stop the destruction.  Since 2012, the Mural Conservancy has been restoring the famed 1984 Olympic Freeway Murals in downtown Los Angeles.  Those Murals were covered in heavy graffiti, but are now almost fully restored.  The group believes that compared to other projects, the Bicentennial Mural is child's play .  Both Kammeyer and the Mural Conservancy are being represented by Eric Bjorgum of Karish & Bjorgum PC in Pasadena, California.  Please sign the petition below to show your support for the restoration of the current Bicentennial mural.

Prado Dam
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Petition to City Leaders

Save The Ritz - Sign this petition if you want to see The Ritz Theatre restored

We have big plans for The Ritz but we need the community's help. We need to show city leaders that the community wants The Ritz restored. What will happen in The Ritz once it's restored? The Ritz will boost the economy and tourism through the following programming:• Music, Comedy, Film, Festivals and more for our community to enjoy!• Artist Nurturing Program - Subsidizing costs and helping with education and development of professional artists to keep them here, living and thriving in Corpus Christi• Artist Collective - supporting smaller groups like CC Songwriters and Chica's Rock and other grassroots programs developing talent• Broadcast Show - Live weekly show with studio audience to attract visitors and professional artists to Corpus Christi• Educational Programming through internships and school partnerships, helping our youth learn the business that goes in to creating professional artists and a sustainable venue PATCH (the non-profit behind The Ritz Revival) has the professionals lined up to complete the restoration and we are working diligently to secure funding. The problem is belief. Some people don't believe The Ritz will come back to life. We believe it will, and it will be a shining beacon (literally with the marquee) representing hope, life and rebirth of our downtown. Please join us in signing your support indicating your desire for The Ritz to be restored for the good of the community.  

Corpus Christi PATCH, Inc.
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