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Petition to George Formaro

Offer vegan shakes at Zombie Burger

Over the past years, Des Moines, Iowa has become a Midwestern hot spot for creative, delicious, culinary endeavors. Among these hit restaurants is Zombie Burger- a post-apocalyptic cheeseburger and shake lab themed around a zombie outbreak. Zombie Burger has contributed creativity, open-mindedness, and inclusivity to our town. One example for how they have done this is by catering to the Des Moines vegan community. By offering vegan patties on their cheeseburgers, Zombie Burger has allowed so many more people to enjoy their amazing food. Vegans sometimes have a very difficult time choosing a restaurant to eat at, and it usually takes extensive menu modification to put together a full meal- to be able to go to a restaurant and know that you will be offered a real, delicious meal is a breath of fresh air for so many. However, cheeseburgers are only half of the equation at Zombie Burger- their milkshakes are just as much in the spotlight, so much so that half of their restaurant is dubbed the Shake Lab. From cereal shakes, spiked shakes, and cake shakes, the chefs at Zombie Burger have created a delicious dairy treat that is sure to please anyone- except those who can't consume dairy products. For those who can't consume dairy, not being able to partake in any of the restaurant's dessert offerings often lead to us feeling left out during our meal. There are very few vegan dessert options in Des Moines. The Des Moines vegan community greatly appreciates the available food at Zombie Burger, but many people would love to experience an authentic, dairy-free shake. Offering vegan shakes at Zombie Burger would only benefit the restaurant. This new addition to the menu would be easy to add, affordable for the business, it would create positive exposure, and draw in many more customers. Adding vegan shakes to the menu would be very easy. By using the already vegan shake additions that the restaurant currently offers (cereal, oreos, peanut butter, fruit, etc.), the only additional ingredient needed would be dairy free ice cream. Adding more vegan options to restaurant menus has been proven time and again to draw in exponentially more customers. Just in the year 2017, the demand for vegan food spiked by 140% according to food manufacturer Nellson. By 2027, the vegan ice cream market is on track to reach $1 billion (LiveKindly). If Zombie Burger were to add vegan shakes to their menu, so many more people would be able to enjoy a delicious dessert with their meal. Zombie Burger would stand as a role model for other businesses, promoting inclusivity and creativity for all.  

Catie Mackey
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Petition to Customers

Restaurants on Washington strip with single occupant bathrooms should be gender neutral!

The following restaurants, which are restaurants on or near Washington Avenue in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities' area: Bona Vietnamese Restaurant, Brueggers, Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers, Hong Kong Noodle, Jimmy John's, Lao Sze Chuan, Little Sze Chuan, Naf Naf Grill, Noodles & Company, Sidewalk Kitchen, and Sprout Salad Company, have two single occupant bathrooms; one is for men and the other is for women. I propose that these bathrooms become gender neutral bathrooms for the following reasons: Not everyone identifies as a man nor a woman. By having gender neutral bathrooms, it relinquishes the gender binary in place. This specific location has/has had quite a few queer workers. They, including myself, specially request the bathrooms be changed.  Customers, who are unwilling to use the opposite gendered bathroom, have to wait for the person in front of them to be finished. Having two gender neutral bathrooms eliminates this issue. Parents, who have children of a different gender, would be able to bring their child with them to the bathroom without disturbing the gender-based rule. People with caregivers or personal attendants that are of a different gender will be able to go to the bathroom together without disturbing the gender-based rule. The only difference between the two bathrooms is that the women's bathroom has a disposal for feminine products. If the bathrooms are changed to being gender neutral, they would have to install the same disposal for the other bathroom. The following restaurants, which are restaurants on or near Washington Avenue in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities' area: Applebee's Grill & Bar, Bambu Desserts & Drinks, Blaze Pizza, Caribou Coffee, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Korea Restaurant, Kung Fu Tea, Sencha Tea Bar, Starbucks Coffee Company, and Punch Neapolitan Pizza, have gender neutral single occupant bathrooms. Some of these restaurants may have one bathroom, two bathrooms, or two gender neutral bathrooms and other gendered single occupant bathrooms. There are many businesses that have gender neutral single occupant bathrooms, and are not affected by this. Having gender neutrality for these single occupant bathrooms at these specific locations only betters the livelihood of the customers and the workers of the restaurant as a whole. We all use the same toilet paper, water, soap, and paper towel/dryer, and implementing gender neutral bathrooms will create a more efficient and mindful space for all. Goal Signatures: 500

Jonathan Roberts
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