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Petition to University of Virginia

Stop UVA From Hiring Trump Official Marc Short!

U.Va. recently hired Marc Short, Donald Drumpf legislative affairs director, to positions at the Miller Center and Darden. Short has worked closely with the President to pursue and defend the Drumpf administration’s toxic and vile pro-America agenda. Here is a list of things that the Drumpf administration has done, partially thanks to Marc Short:  Black unemployment hit a 50-year low He got "Nazi" judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, and "fascist Kavanuahgy" will be on there soon The stock market is at an all-time high. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high. He created more than a million jobs by undoing Obama’s regulations. Mortgage applications for new homes is at a 7 year high. Unemployment rate is at a 16 year low (because people work multiple jobs, according to Ocazio-Cortez: Signed the promoting women in entrepreneurship act Gutted 800 Obama era regulations thus freeing up companies to hire again and get the economy moving once again. Ended the war on coal and caused a new mine for coal mining to open that will mine clean coal. He also put the miners back to work. Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations. Promotes buying and hiring American. Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford ,Toyota, Intel and others will build here now. Reduced illegal immigration by over 70%. Border wall STARTED He’s fighting back against sanctuary cities. Changed the rules of engagement against ISIS. Drafted a plan to defeat ISIS. Imposed a five year lobbying plan. Sanctioned Iran over its missile program. Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Cut taxes, which will KILL people (according to Nancy Pelosi: He withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership thus keeping jobs here. He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords thus saving us millions of dollars every year. The DOJ is targeting dangerous gangs like MS-13. Signed independence and economic growth law. Signed an executive order to protect police officers and target drug cartels. Signed an executive order for religious freedom. His administration is working on sending education back to the states. He’s fixing the dept. of Veterans affairs so now vets can choose their own doctors and be covered. This also protects whistle blowers and allows VA to terminate bad employees.. Authorized construction of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. The Dakota pipeline is up and running without harming the environment. Crushed Democrat chances at a Blue Wave for the 2018 Midterms, now going to be a Blue Flush Created commissions on election fraud and opioid addiction. Food stamp use is the lowest level in seven years.Reduced the White House payroll saving taxpayers millions of dollars. People are fleeing our Democrat party with the hashtag #walkaway He’s donating his salary to various causes  SIGN THIS PETITION to tell UVA to hire Marc Short. Wait what?

Wendy Sherwood
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Petition to United States Supreme Court, U.S. Senate, US House of Representatives, Alex Mohajer

TRUMP WATCH: Demand Accountability and Action

The 2017 Trump TAPE: Take Action; Demand Accountability; Protect Democracy; and Ensure Elections Integrity Concerned Americans, both Clinton supporters and otherwise, have been left with legitimate concerns about the integrity of the 2016 presidential election. Free and fair elections are one of the cornerstones on which America was founded, and we should all protect the integrity of those elections regardless of party loyalty or candidate. If we do not hold accountable the various interventionist forces that meddled with the 2016 presidential election, we are contributing to a broader erosion of American principles, regardless of our party loyalties or affiliations. Americans seeing past party loyalty must wholly reject fake news, election tampering, foreign intervention via Wikileaks and Russian hacking, voter suppression, and obstructionist behavior by FBI Director James Comey. Moreover, we must stand together to ensure that an increasingly belligerent Donald Trump is held accountable through all legal avenues possible, to ensure the presidency does not become a place for profiteering, ethics and constitutional violations, conflicts of interest, and/or influence by hostile foreign nations. Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote with nearly 3 million votes, or 2.1%.  She has earned more votes than any other presidential nominee in history, second only to President Obama (whose 2012 total she virtually tied). This is unprecedented and demonstrates need for electoral college reform. About Us: Alex Mohajer (@alexmohajer) is a political writer and commentator for The Huffington Post and Co-Founder of Bros4America, a volunteer advocacy organization that has been leading a charge for a national effort to protect free and fair elections.  Media inquiries:

Alex Mohajer
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Petition to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, Santa Rosa City Council, Sebastopol City Council, Cotati City Council, Rohnert Park City Council, Windsor City Council, Healdsburg City Council, Sonoma City Council, Cloverdale City Council, Petaluma City Council, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch, Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas

It Won't Happen Here - Sonoma County Resistance to the Trump Agenda

This is a call for people living in Sonoma County, California (PLEASE DO NOT SIGN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN SONOMA COUNTY, but create a similar statement for your elected representatives.) to endorse the following It Won't Happen Here Statement.  Email us at for a hard copy of the petition. English followed by Spanish followed by explanation: WHEREAS, to safeguard the equal and inalienable rights and inherent dignity of all people that is the foundation of the relationship between a government and the people; AND whereas, we recognize that the rights and dignity of all people are under threat; WE, the undersigned individuals residing in Sonoma County, CA, call upon all Sonoma County governing authorities and law enforcement agencies to pledge in writing to protect all of the County's community members; FURTHERMORE, we call upon these authorities and agencies to proclaim publicly that they will refuse to cooperate with any demands from the federal government to institute detentions, deportations, registries, conversion therapies, imprisonment or any other acts that target or discriminate based on immigration status, race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, ability, political affiliation, economic status, age, gender-identity or sexual orientation; FURTHERMORE, we, the undersigned individuals, in obedience to our consciences, pledge to protect, to the best of our ability, all community members and will support our local governments as they move to resist these undemocratic and un-American practices in order to reaffirm their commitment to inclusivity, respect and dignity. ESTO NO SUCEDERA AQUI - Resistencia del Condado de Sonoma a la Agenda de Trump CONSIDERANDO que, para proteger los derechos iguales e inalienables y la dignidad inherente de todas las personas, que es el fundamento de la relación entre un gobierno y el pueblo; Y CONSIDERANDO que reconocemos que los derechos y la dignidad de todas las personas están amenazados; NOSOTROS, los abajo firmantes que residen en el condado de Sonoma, CA, pedimos a todas las autoridades gubernamentales del condado de Sonoma y las agencias de aplicación de la ley que se comprometan por escrito a proteger a todos los miembros de la comunidad del condado; ADEMÁS, exhortamos a estas autoridades y agencias a proclamar públicamente que se negarán a cooperar con cualquier demanda del gobierno federal para instituir detenciones, deportaciones, registros, terapias de conversión, encarcelamiento o cualquier otro acto que apunte o discrimine basado en el estatus migratorio, Raza, origen étnico, religión, país de origen, capacidad, afiliación política, condición económica, edad, identidad de género u orientación sexual;ADEMÁS, los abajo firmantes, en obediencia a nuestras conciencias, nos comprometemos a proteger, en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, a todos los miembros de la comunidad y apoyaremos a nuestros gobiernos locales en su intento de resistir estas prácticas antidemocráticas y antiamericanas para reafirmar su compromiso con la inclusión, el respeto y la dignidad. *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.     *.   *.    *.     *.      After the 2016 presidential election, so many people were talking about what might happen under a Trump presidency that a group of people came together to create a statement that would go to Sonoma County's city councils, the Board of Supervisors, the D.A., the Sheriff and the school boards letting them know that we expect them to protect all the people of Sonoma County (CA) from laws, executive orders and department regulations which would violate their civil rights. Through a Facebook announcement initiated by local activist, Susan Lamont, we ended up with more than 70 people from many communities working on the statement over the course of six meetings. We are currently involved in getting as many groups (95 groups have endorsed as of 1/9/17) and individuals as possible to endorse it before we take it to those elected bodies. This petition is the vehicle for support by individuals. We believe that these are not normal times and that people will make extraordinary efforts to be on the right side of history. We would like to make Sonoma County a county of resistance to all forms of discrimination. For those of us born in the years immediately following the end of WWII, we have heard people of all political persuasions say "Never again!" and "How did the German people allow that to happen?" We're essentially asking people to show that those reactions really meant something. We do not know exactly what the Trump administration will bring forth by law or executive order or department policies. But we should know what we will not allow or accept. The rhetoric of Trump and his appointees cannot be met with halfway measures or a wait-and-see attitude. We must be clear in our resistance and refusal from the start. Elected officials around the country are speaking up. The Mayor of New York City has been particularly strong in saying he will break the law to resist. Governor Jerry Brown has spoken out strongly, as well. We want the same from our elected representatives in Sonoma County. We can and should resist here. We can and should say “It won't happen here.” (This group is a loose affiliation of many people from many walks of life. We've been so busy promoting the statement that we haven't had time to create a formal organization - but we'll get to it! We do have a phone # -707-595-0153 - and an email address -    

It Won't Happen Here - Sonoma County Resistance
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump, Cardi B

Make "Bodak Yellow" the U.S. National Anthem

Fuck a Star Spangled Banner. This country was built on the black and blue blood of those bound to their masters. Our current anthem glorifies this history.  By now, you've seen the tweets and heard the controversies. We're tired of this back and forth, so let's cut the crap. It's time we rally behind a song that exudes determination rather than destruction.  I'm no fan of American exceptionalism, but I do stan for multiculturalism. One clear icon comes to mind: Cardi B. Born to a Trinidadian mother and Dominican father in the South Bronx, this trailblazing rapper encapsulates the essence of our society. She's come from humble beginnings, but has captivated hearts and minds across the country with one song in particular. Cardi B is a manifestation of the American Dream. As such, let's slap her song of the summer loud and proud for many more seasons to come. Who's with me? Powerhouse lyrics include: "Said little bitch, you can't fuck with meIf you wanted to" --> respect for the individual: the right to bodily autonomy, which manifests in our current society in debates over reproductive rights and draconian drug laws. don't tread on me, bitch!"If I see you and I don't speakThat means I don't fuck with you" --> non interventionist foreign policy would further deescalate rising tensions and circumvent world war. imperalism was so last season, honey! "And I pay my mama billsI ain't got no time to chill" --> a commitment to lowering the debt ceiling signals responsibility with taxpayer dollars, which originate from coercive practices. boy better back tf off this bank account! We need to let the people elected to represent us know: it's time to REALLY make American Great "Again." Congress: it's time to embrace "Bodak Yellow" once and for all. 

Danya Adib-Azpeitia
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