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Petition to Richmondshire District Council

Call for the resignation of Councillor Jane Parlour.

We are calling for the resignation of Councillor Jane Parlour. Richmondshire District Councillor Jane Parlour has been found guilty, at York’s Magistrate Court, of assault and threatening behaviour after attacking her neighbour Elizabeth Kearney in front of young children. Two weeks after the assault Ms Parlour then submitted a planning application for a huge barn to be erected less than 7ft from the Kearney’s property. The Kearney’s opposed the plan knowing this would tower over their garden, and believing it to be a blatant act of malice. Ms Parlour is Chairman of the Richmondshire Council’s Planning Committee, and her colleagues on the committee ignored official advice from the Planning Officer, who said that the ‘significant harmful impact’ upon the Kearney’s and their property would be too great, and instead granted the application. The court case result outlined that Ms Parlour used: threatening/abusive/insulting words and behaviour with intent to cause fear and provoke unlawful violence. This assault by beating led to a two year restraining order, fines and compensation for Mrs Kearney. The two-year restraining order forbids Ms Parlour to make any contact with the Kearney’s after months of continued intimidation and harassment. Ms Parlour has used her position in the council to ensure she is listened to with no regard to the impact upon other people’s lives. For example she has had her planning application for a barn approved, despite the Planning officer, Beverly Booth, recommending refusal because of the significant detrimental impact that it would have upon the Kearney’s amenity and lives, and despite reasonable alternative sites being suggested. Ms Parlour has been proved a liar in court, and been found guilty of a serious crime. She should therefore not continue to be in a position of authority. Here find quoted sections from the Richmondshire District Constitution that we feel apply to Ms Parlour considering she is in fact a Richmondshire District Councillor: 7.4 Additional Employment: As referred to in para 2, your off duty hours are your own personal concern and the council have no wish to interfere with your private life, however, PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN THE CONDUCT OF THE COUNCILS BUSINESS MUST BE UPHELD AT ALL TIMES AND ANY CONDUCT WHICH HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BRING THE COUNCILS NAME INTO DISREPUTE WILL BE DEALT WITH THROUGH THE DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE. x. Duty of Trust An employee must at all times act in accordance with the trust that the public is entitled to place in him/her. 2.5 CONDUCT COUNCILLORS WILL AT ALL TIMES OBSERVE THE MEMBERS CODE OF CONDUCT AND THE PROTOCOL ON MEMBER/OFFICER RELATIONS SET OUT IN PART 5 OF THIS CONSTITUTION AND ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COUNCILS EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AND DIVERSITY STATEMENT. Further: 2.0 GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF CONDUCT IN PUBLIC LIFE ALL EMPLOYEES SHOULD BEAR THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLES IN MIND WHEN UNDERTAKING THEIR PUBLIC DUTIES:- HONESTY, INTEGRITY, IMPARTIALITY AND OBJECTIVITY This councillor was not honest, did not show integrity, and was not impartial or objective. The same applies to the majority of the other councillors on the planning committee as they voted blindly on the word of Ms Parlour’s objections rather than on sensible reasoning. We therefore call for Ms Parlour’s resignation, active immediately. [Image: Ms Parlour, courtesy of Bruce Adams, Daily Mail.]

Victoria McAfee
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